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yes I am alive…again 😉

As I told you earlier  i went to the Back 2 Business party. I went to Jenni’s place to get ready and to do some pre-drinking which worked out pretty well lol. Actually I wanted to be there really early as it started at 9pm and I knoew lotsa my friends would go early as they are tutors. Well, that did not work out ;). I am not sure when we arrived at the club but I think it was sometime between 11:30 and 12. Most of my friends were gone already so I was exceptionally happy when I saw familiar faces. Had a great time!! The band that played was pretty cool too and made us sing along and dance and go wild 😉

you might wanna turn down the volume in case u watch that 😉

I don’t remember what time we left but we took a cab to a friend’s place and had a little after party there.I’m not sure whose idea it was(not mine though lol) but we stormed into Cody’s roommate’s(who was sleeping) room, jumped on his bed and made weird noises…that was so mean but funny haha! He hated us for the rest of the night(or actually morning) but i can live with that 😉

I’m not sure what time I went to bed…but I made it to school the next morning(well I had class at 12 so it wasn’t thaaaaaat bad…I’ve done much worse lol). I kinda felt horrible that day and worst of all we had to give an unexpected presentation…nice, thank you! Could not have chosen a better day…!! So I went just up there with an unbeatable  “kiss-my-ass” attitude” and just did what had to be done 😉

And I was sure that I will NEVER drink again…and guess how long that lasted? 😉


Tonight’s the legendary “Back 2 Business Party”! I can’t wait! As I’m not going home after my course ends today I had to take all of my “party gear” with me to uni this morning so I can head straight to Jenni’s place and get ready for the big event. So my school bag is so packed and fucking heavy today!(It’s just not easy to decide what to wear so I had to take a “few” more options with me haha)

spot the wodka ;)

You can’t see it on the picture but that purse is actually HUGE…

If you didn’t know what’s inside the bag you would actually think I’m a good school girl/geek haha

I think that bottle would come in quite handy in my next class which I really don’t feel like attending…*yaaawn*

Today was the day.The new semester started.And for me it started pretty early…my alarm clock rang at 6am sharp and I did not really feel like getting up (especially not after 3 hours of sleep lol). I don’t know how I managed it but I was in school on time and very happy when I saw Isa and Alina again…after 3 months! The time flew and the course was over…and then I had 7 hours until my next course would start. 😉

I tried to be very effective during those hours(I think the nice weather kinda influenced me ;)) and went food shopping(finally!),cooked sth nice (yum!)and then in the afternoon Jenni came over and we started our FFS campaign. FFS? Fit For Summer 2010! We planned that campaign like a year ago but never started it so I was so impressed we actually started it ;)! We went into the woods behind my apartment and checked out some places/tracks we could use for jogging or similar healthy stuff lol.

I was amazed how pretty it is behind my apartment! I’ve been living here for 2 years already but never really managed to check out the nice nature around it.


pretty motivated…lets see how long that’s gonna last 😉

So now we agreed that we gonna meet for walks or jogging trips several times a week so we are gonna lose some of those pounds we gained from too much partying and hangover-food ;). How mch time do you give me before I quit?

My mom and grandpa took me to the airport on Friday. My stomach felt a bit better than the day before but that changed as soon as we arrived at the airport. I checked in my suitcase which was way too heavy as always(why do girl clothes always have to be so heavy?!?!??? lol) and then I had a little while until I had to go through security. I was talking with my mom and grandpa and we kinda forgot the time I should have gone through security at 1:40pm the latest…but it was already 13:50…so I kinda had to “hurry up” saying goodbye. I think that was not that bad because otherwise it would have been too emotional again.

Sooooo I lined up for security…and there was that big Chinese family with 3 little kids(and 1 baby) in front of me. They were so loud and SLoooW…i was in a HURRY goddammit lol. But there was one thing that made me kinda happy: I was sure that this family won’t be on my plane but on a plane heading back to China or somewhere else…

So finally it was my turn at the security…I had 1 carry on suitcase and 1 purse which i wanted to take into the plane…as always. It took them forever to go through my bags(ok I had a lot of stuff in there but still!).They scanned my purse like 3 times and then when I thought i was done one of the security guys was like “well yeah I need to look into the suitcase”…so I opened it and I had lotsa colorful and bling bling stuff in there(what else?! lol)…oh and Pumpernickel(I loooove that bread and I cannot find it in Helsinki so I always take some with me when I go back). After making a joke about my bling bling he was like “Pumpernickel?!?! You are that healthy?”…Well,thank you! I know I don’t look like a healthy person but sometimes I really do eat healthy stuff…sounds weird I know! So after explaining him  that I really do eat that vouluntarily his colleague mentioned that they have to check my laptop and I have to come with them. So I got all of my stuff and they walked me to that high-tech room which was like 20 m away from the security scanners. I was so pissed cuz I was sad and tired and LATE! Don’t ask me why but one of the security guys suddenly started a conversation about the different kind of Pumpernickel…   …   …   ….ehhh ya…that’s exactly what I thought too!

So they double-checked my laptop and after some more annoying small talk I could leave the security area and rushed to my gate. The people were already standing in line for boarding but there were so many so I ran into the magazine store to buy the new Cosmo.  When I was done i could board the plane…and guess who sat 3 rows in front of me??? That Chinese family and their very annoying and loud kids!!! How lucky can one be?!


When I arrived in Helsinki I took the bus downtown…and it was so packed…there was hardly room for the luggage and the air in the bus was not very good either…well at least the sun was shining lol. When I was downtown I had to change busses and I was so glad when I finally entered the bus that would take me “home”…after 10 minutes in the bus the driver told us to leave the bus as it was broken so I had to wait for another one (and I was in a hurry…AGAIN!!!) After waiting for 15 minutes the replacement bus came and that one really took me home! So after getting rid of my way too heavy suitcases I freshened up and left again to meet 2 friends for Helsinki’s “Night of the Living Arts”. I have never been there before and i think the last time I’ve seen Helsinki City that crowded was Vappu lol.

CIMG2818pretty huh?

Sorry that was a very long post…i hope it makes up for the time I was away 😉

Sorry I haven’t been very active here on wordpress during the last few weeks but I have been so busy. I was working a lot (mostly nightshifts) and during the day I met lotsa friends/family. Every time I’m in Germany I tell myself not to leave everything til the very last minute but somehow it never works out and I find myself being busy and hectic as I need to get so many things done before I leave the country.

Anyways the day has come…the end of my summer! I was leaving for Helsinki again on Friday. And this time my stomach was very nice to me…instead of giving me a hard time on the day I enter the plane(like it usually happens) I already started having problems the day before so I could hardly eat and enjoy myself…THANK YOU STOMACH!

Anyways I went to see the Horst Schlämmer movie “Isch kandidiere” with my sister on Thursday night and could forget my worries and the pain for a while. Great movie even if you don’t have a clue about politics! I laughed so much…weisse Bescheid Schätzelein!!

I love Horst Schlämmer and I also think Hape Kerkeling is a genius!

1. It’s Showtime

Some of you might know that I love musicals, shows and theater so I was quite excited to see some shows again this summer. Finland is not a big musical country so I always have to wait until I’m back in Germany again to enjoy some shows…

This summer I got to see:

Ganz oder gar nicht/The Fully Monty & Non(n)sense

Der Schuh des Manitu & The Producers

and Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


I love getting to know new places and the feeling I have when I’m stepping out of a plane, train or car in another country is just incredible. I know that probably sounds weird but I enjoy discovering the highlights and secrets of a new city.


Rotterdam was the final destination of my summer 2009

3.Friends & Family

I always love it when I see my friends and family outside of Finland again. I remember last summer I was travelling through Germany almost the entire summer to visit my friends…unfortunately this year I don’ have the time to do that 😦 So I did not get to see as many friends as I wanted to…Hamburg,Berlin, Düsseldorf…I miss you!!


4.Barbecues in the garden

I loooove “barbecue-ing”! What’s better than grilled chicken, potato salad, ice cold drinks and great company on a hot summer night?


5.Back to the roots

Although I love (living in) big cities I also enjoy going back to my roots: the life in a small town with lots of nature…Waren/Müritz… This summer I got it all 🙂