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I’m sorry I have let you down a bit with my blogging but I am just way too busy to do anything at the moment. Anything except going to work and uni and sometimes I even sleep  😉 In fact, the entire last week I kept myself alive with energy drinks which kinda worked but made me look and sometimes even feel like a ghost.

As I did not have to work today, I took the chance and went Xmas shopping with Jenni which actually ended up in buying more stuff for ourselves than presents for anybody else but to be honest that is nothing new.

Anyways, as we were strolling through the streets I was suddenly blinded by something shiny…

Me like!

Of course I had to go into the store but I was too tired to try them on(scandalous!).But there’s gonna be a next time, trust me! I can’t wait for the next X-mas-shopping-trip cuz I have the feeling that there’s a 90% chance of me ending up with a christmas present…for MYSELF! *bling bling* 😉

P.S. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of my lovely American friends and family!

Although I’m already back in Helsinki I still wanna give u an overview of the last days in Russia. On Saturday we woke up early-ish to do some more sightseeing. It was very cold outside but we walked the entire time.

First stop was the “eternal flame” at the “Field of Mars”. We already passed the flame with the bus on day 1 but as it was kinda far away we felt like going there and check it out properly. We spent some time there warming up our hands(and asses lol).

warming up

And then we proceeded to the Peter and Paul Fortress. It was far away but we got to see a lot of St.Petersburg. We checked out the cathedral which was very pretty(and very gold).


I don’t know why but there where 2 TV teams with cameras that filmed and interviewed people. Unfortunately they must have missed our awesomeness as they did not interview us 😉

By the time we were done we could not feel our toes anymore. It felt horrible but we were strong and walked back all the way and had some hot chocolate and tea and relaxed at the bakery next to our hotel.

At 3.30pm most of us left for “Catherine’s Palace” which is in Pushkin. It was the summer residence of the Russian tsars in the 18th century.

Catherine’s Palace in Pushkin

It was so beautiful! I could definitely live there! The rooms were amazing and I even liked(most) of the paintings. The guide we had was the same we’ve had in the Hermitage. But I think this time she did not hate me that much. Maybe because I was very quiet(i felt horrible and sick that day). Before we could all enter the holy rooms we had to put on special “slippers” so we would not ruin the floors.

fancy slippers

We all looked very fahsionable. We were all allowed to take pictures (without flash only) except of the famous Amber Room. It looked amazing and I can’t believe that it took them almost 30 years to reconstruct it. I know it wasn’t allowed but I might have taken a few pictures of the room 😉 (was not the only one though lol).


After the tour through the palace we had a little walk in the garden. People have told me that it looks prettier in the summer with all the flowers etc but we had lotsa snow which made it look like a winter wonderland. As I mentioned earlier I could totally live there!!

grass??? lol

I don’t remember what time we were back at the hotel but we(aka the girls) did not have a lot of time to get ready. Most of us changed and put on some make up for the limousine tour which was after our dinner at the yummy sushi place. This time our waitor did not speak good English but he and his waitor friend laughed at us(or maybe even with us? lol) all the time. We had a good time. After dinner we rushed back to the hotel and then there was that little white shiny car waiting for us outside. We were all very excited and could not wait for the tour to start. The driver did not speak English but he got us 4 bottles of champagne which def. helped us to understand him better or maybe vice versa lol. The more I drank the better I felt…I think the alcohol kinda desinfected the germs and bacteria in my body lol.


some of us


whad up?

We stopped a few times so people could smoke,take pictures and pee. Of course girls had a harder time to go pee as the public toilets were closed and we did not really feel like peeing on a tree. So we just kept it inside and almost died(but thats another story). We had 2 minor tragedies as 1 of us had to throw up cuz he had stomach problems(not because of the alcohol but food i guess) and another one just fainted twice. I have no idea why but it looked very scary. We dropped them off at the hotel and then we continued our last night. We went to some club(forgot the name) and the minute they noticed we were foreigners they tried to get money out of us. They wanted to have 2000 rubles deposit from each so we could get in. They told us we would get it back later…jajaja right come on we’re not THAT stupid! Then they just wanted 1000 rubles and after telling them that we’re gonna leave again they let us in for free.

The club was so much fun! There even was a pole in the middle of the dance floor where all those Russian girls tried to impress us with their prostitute-dance.

here we go

next time she gets dressed she should turn on the lights

Later that night we kinda took over the pole and used it for our fun dances and I think those Russians where mad at us. I could not have cared less. I am not sure what time we left that club but I remember that I fell asleep there.Not because I was drunk but because I was so tired(loooooooooong day). Thank god Jacque joined me and napped as well lol.

Back at the hotel we went to the hotel bar and had a little snack. Don’t remember what time we left the bar either as I fell asleep AGAIN lol. When I was in my room I was so tired that I did not even take off my make up but fell right into bed which I regretted when I woke up the next morning lol.

Nothing spectacular happened on Sunday. Just some packing and then we checked out the church right across our hotel. I liked this one better than the “colorful church” because people actually went there to pray and there were priests. Very interesting but still a bit scary as those old Russians in there gave us evil looks even though we behaved like professionals 😉

The train ride back was blaaaaaaaah. Whenever I fell asleep I was woken up by customs, the people who check out your passport and visa like 10 times or the annoying sports team which consisted of loud 12 year old Finnish girls who steppped on my feet everytime they passed my seat. Life is hard!

We arrived in Helsinki at 10pm on Sunday and I was so glad when I was home and could fall into my precious bed before going back to class Monday morning and falling sleep in class.

All in all I can say that I had an amazing time in Russia even though the people kinda scared me (a lot). Thank you to all my ladies and my lords for making me drink vodka shots like a Russian 😉

I started the day by waking up early-ish to have breakfast with some friends and then we went to the “colorful church” because we wanted to go inside. It was snowing again and the snow melted right away so there was a lot of water on the streets. By the time we arrived at the church I had a lake in my boots. I had so much water in there that you could already hear it moving in there…sounds funny but it was fucking cold. Anyways, it was very pretty inside the church but I expected it to be more spectacular. It was just one big room.

church from inside

We had to hurry a bit as we had to be back at the hotel in time for the visit at the brewery. We took the metro to some weird place in St. Petersburg with lotsa snow and from there we were picked up by a bus. It was actually the first time this week where we were on time but of course the bs was not there so we had outside for like 30 minutes. That does not sound a lot but it feels like eternity when it is fucking cold. The guys used the opportunity to have another one of their famous snowball fights where they accidentally hit some cars which caused their alarm to go on. Nice sound…really! Eventually the bus came and it took us to the “baltica” brewery…Russia’s most famous brewery. It was actually kinda interesting…just the smell was bad! The best part was the “tasting”. All of us got to taste over 12 different beers.(I stopped counting after that one) Oh boy that was fun. I don’t even like beer but it was for free and I thought I’d use that opportunity 😉

beer number 5 was actually pretty good!the Asian one(blue bottle)tasted like detergent and made me wanna throw up

back in the metro station…with the present we got from the brewery

After that we had our fancy 4 course Russian dinner in some mansion. We experienced some more of that amazing Russian “service” all the foreigners get here.

1st course

1st course: weird salad

2nd course: soup called Borscht or sth like that

3rd course: Stroganoff

4th course: Blini(pancake)

The food was not that good. Not for that price at least. And I am not sure if it is supposed to be like that or if Russian food is supposed to be almost cold in general…cuz that was not the first time we had that…whatever. At least we had fun.

Back in the hotel some of us chilled out in the Hotel Bar and then finally we (aka me and 2 friends) ordered the limousine for tomorrow. It’s actually gonna be the biggest limousine in St.Petersburg: a Hummer. We’re gonna be 18 people and the limo is gonna take us through the city for 2 hours. Unfortunately we had to pay right away so it was lotsa fun(aka NOT) to knock on everybody’s door at 1 am to collect the money(650 rubles…which is like 15€…pretty cheap i think).

Anyways…I’m going to Russian dreamland now as I have to wake up again in not 6, not 5 but 4 hours again for our self-made sightseeing tour. And it better not snow otherwise there’s gonna be at least 1 mad German with wet feet in town!

Today was actually a very exciting day. We all visited a laundry chain today…in a very poor area of St.Petersburg. It was very weird to see all those old and ugly houses. I think this is the image everybody has of Russia, though.  A former student of my university opened a laundry service a few years ago which boomed in the St.Petersburg area. It was very exciting to listen to him and his stories but still I managed to fall asleep while sitting in front row. That’s just pure awesomeness!

After that we went back to the center(by metro…always an adventure and actually very dangerous but nobody got robbed or something…thank god!) and checked out the “Church of the Savior on Blood” (colorful church) again and the souvenir market. Matrioshkas are the most Russian thing you can get as a souvenir and they even had one of Michael Jackson. That was so funny.

me in front of the “colorful church”

MJ matrioshka

They also had some of Obama, Angela Merkel and even Osama bin Laden…exactly! Those Russiansare weird! As already mentioned in yesterday’s blog we went to the Hermitage. It was very beautiful! A lot of great and boring paintings. Some were actually quite nice but I think I was more attracted to the nice decorations and styles of the rooms. One was almost completely golden. It almost felt like home there lol. I’m not sure how much time we spent there but I guess it was almost like 3 hours. We had a guide…and I think she hated me because I think she noticed I was taking pictures without a permit…but seriously who is so dumb and buys a stupid permit for 200 rubles just to be able to take pictures? Cool and smart people just take pictures without a permit and if somebody asks then you just pretend you don’t understand them and/or didn’t know you needed a permit. Easy as that! 😉

Fleur & I in front of the Hermitage

view from inside

Hermitage from outside

Afterwards we went to eat at that great Sushi place we found yesterday. So yummy!!!!!!! I think we might go there again very soon lol.

Scandinavian Rolls

my yummy dessert!

Oh and guess what?? I think I saw the only kinda good-looking guy in Russia at the Sushi place tonight! He was not my type but he was kinda cute. Congratulations Russia! He was our waiter and even spoke English. What are the odds?

By the way, we did not do the limousine tour today as we did not have time. We will probably do it on Saturday night. We just hung out at a friend’s hotel room today and got 2 warnings by hotel security for being too loud again. Oopsie! And that security guy looked very scary!

Tomorrow I’ll get up early (or at least I’ll try to) and go inside the “Church of the Savior on Blood” before we all leave for a visit at a brewery. Of course there’s gonna be some free beer…and it better taste good! And after that all of us will have a typical Russian dinner. There’s gonna be 4 courses and I hope it will be very yummy lol. Let’s see if I get the chance to tell you about it tomorrow…just found out that the internet in the café downstairs (or hotel is kinda inside a shopping mall…that’s cool!)is free. But I am not sure if I will have time to go there. You’ll see. Oh and also we heard some gun shots today. We were just hanging out in our rooms and suddenly we heard shots…that was scary!

Jule in Russia:Day 3

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After an amazing amount of 1 hour of sleep and a little talk with Jacqueline we decided that we will postpone our early sightseeing session, go back to bed for another hour and meet up for breakfast. I still did not feel too good after the additional hour so I went back to sleep for 2 more after breakfast before we all had to meet up and went to the American Chamber of Commerce for 2 lectures. It was so funny to observe all the other people during the lecture. Everybody who had participated in our little party the night before was just dead. One of us even fell asleep during the lecture!(and it was not me!)


After the lectures we wanted to go to the Ballet to see “Romeo & Juliet” but it was sold out…too bad. As we could not find the metro back to our hotel we decided to walk back. It was a long and cold walk but it was so nice to see the city at night. Some parts were a bit scary but mostly it was just beautiful despite those grumpy Russians 😉

that’s one of my fave pix from today!

We went to eat at a great Sushi place. Of course nobody spoke English there but we just used our awesome body language and ate like pigs because it was just too yummy.

pure awesomeness: Holland & Germany

yummy sushi

and dessert!!!

unfortunately we had to pay as well 😉

We’ll gonna go back with some more friends there tomorrow because it was awesome! And at the end our waitor even said “bye” to us. That was the only word he said at all that night (at least to us lol).

I am so proud of myself for not going out tonight! I think 85% of us went to some famous club here and I am feeling kinda bad for not going but I think my liver feels happy. I also feel a little sick (I had no voice this morning)and I think it’s good that I had a quiet night with some friends.

Tomorrow we’re gonna do some social and charity work and afterwards we’re going to the Hermitage. I’m kinda excited. Actually I am not that much into art but it’s the biggest art collection in the world and it’s cool to see that! In the evening some of us planned to book a limousine and cruise through the city. I hope it works out!!

Oh yeah, I still have not seen one hot Russian guy. What’s wrong with that city/country???I’ll try to take a picture of some very bad cases here. Just have to make sure they don’t notice as I’m scared they are gonna throw me into prison. And the girls are all so skinny…that’s depressive! But at least they are not as awesome as I am…and they never will be…eat this! 😉

Big hello (or maybe even good night/good morning) from Russia. I am in St.Petersburg now. I am on a study trip with my marketing course until Sunday night. It’s 3:51 am and I am kinda tired but I still wanna tell you a few things about my first impressions. Monday morning we took a train at 7am from Helsinki to St.Petersburg. The train ride was actually fun but quite exhausting. We arrived at 2:15pm Russian time. We had the rest of the day to ourselves. To be honest I don’t really remember what we did. We checked into our hotel and I think we tried to find some store to buy food/water. You can’t really drink tab water in Russia and brushing your teeth with that water might not be a good idea either.

looks pretty healthy though doesn’t it?

I think after we figured out that our hotel is actually located in a shopping mall we were kinda ok lol. We went to eat at some “pizza&Pasta” place which promised an English menu. It is really hard to find anything in English here. The restaurant sucked…but what do I know? lol. We spent the night at some friend’s hotel room…having a little party….pretty quiet one for Finnish standards but hotel security came at some point and let us know that we should better shut up. As all of us were(and still are) kinda scared of the Russians we kinda obeyed lol.

Today we went to some fancy university to have some lecture about Russian Business culture and we got to meet some nice Russian students. In general I can say that Russians are so damn unfriendly and they don’t (or they don’t want to) speak English. Their impoliteness really pisses me off. They don’t even look you in the eye and kinda treat you like shit. If I would not be so scared of them (they look really grumpy though!) I would actually go up to them and give them one of my awesome lectures and evil eyes!

We went to eat at some Russian place which I didn’t like. There are 2 reasons for that: 1st The food was crap, 2nd They treat you like shit. After that some of us went to the famous “colorful cathedral” as we like to say. It was so pretty. But as it was snowing the entire day, some of us thought it would be fun to have a little snow ball fight there. And they were right…it was fun…but cold! At some point I was convinced I had some kind of a swimming pool in my boots.

We spent the night at some other friend’s hotel room and played some drinking game which fucked up some of us pretty badly.(not me…seriously! Although there would have been enough reasons for that!I’m sure there’s gonna be some material on facebook pretty soon…)

Tomorrow or better said later we have to meet at 1pm to go to the American chamber of commerce and then the Ford company here…I think. But some of us(incl. me) thought it would be cool to meet p at 7.20 am, have breakfast and do some sightseeing before we have the meetings. At the moment I don’t feel very comfortable doing that. I just came back from the aforementioned party and I should get p again in 3 hours the latest…let’s see how it works out! I’ll try to keep you up to date. !

P.S people here are weird.girls look like prostitutes and guys are just…ugly. 😉

I was one of the first who went to Suomenlinna as we had to put up some signs which would guide everybody(meaning the Guinness Team,the planning team, the participants, and some weird tourists) to the sauna. The sauna is a military sauna and the biggest wood-heated sauna in the world.It was very cold and at some point I was sure my hands would fall off. Anyways, we survived and thanks to Lieutenant Commander XXX XXXX (i forgot his name…but I remember it was veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long) we could go into the sauna building early and warm up. 3 hours later almost everybody was there and we started registering the people and were followed around by cameras(photo and film). It was kinda hard cuz I was helping registering,copying passports(accompanied by good looking military police) and as I was also participating in the event by playing Miss Germany I had to do some “acting” for Guinness. Some of us had to line up and go into the sauna and show our t-shirts(which showed our native country) and scream/yell the name of our country. Do you know how hard it is to “yell” your home country in a way which does not sound stupid?

participantswho can find me?(that one’s easy actually lol)

Well the real event started at 1pm. I almost missed it because I was busy doing other stuff and did not notice everybody was already on their way into the sauna…I made it though and had the honor to stand upstairs very close to the ceiling where the heat was worst. The Guinness Commitee closed the door and then our record-breaking attempt started. We all had to stay in the sauna for 5 minutes. The accordion player(who was actually just supposed to play during the registration) came in as well for some entertainment. It was very funny and cool as everybody was clapping, singing and shouting. At some point we all chanted “we want beer,we want beer!”…I don’t even like beer but ah,whatever ;). Almost at the end of those 5 minutes I noticed i left my earrings in my ears and they started to get very hot and kinda burned the skin on my neck…ouuuuuuuch!


can you see me? I am at the very top…kinda in the middle.

After the 5 minutes the Guinness team came in and announced that we had 76 different nationalities in the sauna and broke the old record of 57(losers!!! muahahah lol)! Oh boy you should have heard us…we were loud!That’s the sound of world record winners ;). 14454_169980993639_745278639_2825482_281252_n

we are the champions!

So the 5 minutes were over but the entire TV team came in now and filmed us and handing over the certificate to our teacher. I am not sure how long we stayed in there…but i was getting seriously hot up there and was very glad when I could leave the sauna. We were all so happy!!


12956_170208598789_580133789_2857357_5408471_nGerard accepting the certificate

certificatesMiss Russia & Miss Germany 😉

José,Fleur & I…all sweaty but awesome 😉

And we even won another record!! Two students of the team broke the record of the “fastest human wheelbarrow in 40 meters” another triumph!!

human wheelbarrow


I don’t remember what time we left Suomenlinna but I was one of the last as we had to clean up afterwards.We all met up in O Malley’s, Helsinkis’s oldest pub. We got some free booze and food there and had a little ceremony where I got another certificate(for planning and organizing the whole sauna shit).

O malleys

Paul,Fleur,Simone & I @ O Malley’s

I went home after that to shower,change and get ready for after-party number 2.

We all went to “Fabric” and best of all..I had free drink tickets. Actually, every participant just got one but somehow I ended up with 10 (thank you Fleur lol) so it was a very cheap night 😉

to the champions!cheers!!!

sauna in club?followed by sauna!!!

party hardy

martini timeFleur & I with some weird(=disgusting) Martini which tasted like pure wodka

I wanted to leave early and take my last bus at 1.30am but somehow I changed my mind and was home at 4 this morning. Sweet! So I slept until 2:30pm and then I noticed how much stuff I actually have to do today. And because I like to distract myself from doing chores I spent a big part of the day skyping family and friends.

Now it is 1am…and I have to get up again in 3,5 hours. I am leaving for a studytrip to Russia with my marketing course. I’m a bit scared but quite excited. I hope I’m gonna have internet there so I can keep u up to date with blogs. If not, see you in about a week! Good night!!

P.S. I’m awesome.Thank you.

Finally!! I saw it!! OH MY GOD!! This is the best movie ever! Ok it’s not a real “movie” but still…you know what I mean.


It was amazing to see the rehearsals for the concert…this concert would have been the best show ever performed by a human on this planet! The choreographies were amazing, the video sequences unbelievable, the technical and special effects just wow and the dancers hot!! ;)…They put so much sweat into the show!!! The videos they did for “Thriller” and “Smooth Criminal” which would have been shown on big screens:INCREDIBLE!!!

“Smooth Criminal”

I also liked how the viewer could actually get a better picture of MJ himself. This footage was never meant to be seen by anyone as Michael just wanted to have it for his personal library. So you could actually see the real Michael.

He is funny!! And so … different from what I thought. I never thought that he would have a say in his show but man, he said what he didn’t like right away!I always thought he would be that shy guy who only talked when his management allowed him to.Boy was I wrong! I think it’s very sad that the world only got to know MJ better AFTER he died!

rehearsals “you make me feel”

After the movie a friend and I had a little debate if MJ is really dead or if he just faked it. He is somehow convinced MJ is not dead…but I don’t know. He would not do that to his children and family although is death was and still is a bit mysterious. I’ve always loved MJ and as a kid I was even in love with him (hey, that was loooooong ago…some 14 years or so or even longer)…anyways it’s so sad we lost such a great person and musican. He redefined music and dance and he was one of the few who knew what real entertainment is about!! R.I.P.

Drill “They Don’t Care About Us”

Today was actually the third time I saw that lady when I was waiting for my train.

I remember when I saw her the first time I was like “ok she’s old and she might be blind”…

When I saw her the second time i was like “ok she’s old and maybe she is not blind but some kind of a hooker”…

And when I saw her today I was like “ok she might be a 16 year old teenager trapped in the body of an 80 year-old blind and trashy hooker with a VERY bad taste in fashion”.

I mean animal print used to be very trendy, right?…like some 6 months ago. Leopard print is gradually going out of fashion but of course you can still wear it tastefully as accessories or something like that. But that 80-year old “diseaster” made my eyes bleed! And I seriously did not know if I wanted to laugh or cry…

She was wearing leopard printed overknee boots, a short skirt with a pink shirt combined with a long brown leathercoat and topped off with a lovely hat with zebra print.

Obviously, I had to take a picture of her otherwise none of you would believe me. So I took out my cell phone and tried to get snapshots without her noticing. Was not that easy to get one and I think she noticed it lol…

diseaster no.1diseaster no.2

disasterous combination…wearing a zoo is a no-go!!!

Too bad you can’t see the face and the lovely skirt…I kinda missed the snakeskin purse though but there is always a fourth time! 😉

My friend Heidi would say:

heidi klum

“Auf Wiedersehen!…you’re out!”

Ok before I go back to hibernation a little update:

I planned on having a nice cozy,alcohol- and party-free,quiet weekend at home but of course that did not work out. Some evil friends convinced me to go to Tiger with them. I love that club(and those evils knew it!) and this time they even had red carpets there…as if they knew i was coming ;).

No seriously, I was shocked cuz I was so sure I would not get in as I was wearing jeans and sneakers…but I got through face control yaay!

The actual reason for the red carpet was that Mick Jagger‘s daughter Jade hosted a Jezebel party there and also promoted her Belvedere Jagger Dagger. It was pretty fun!

Jenni and I

Now the new week has started and I am already stressed out as hell! I’ve lotsa stuff to do because I’m going to Russia next week and need to take care of things before I leave and there’s also the World Sauna Challenge this Saturday. It’s a project from my university and I am a member of the planning team.

We’ll try to break the world record this Sat.! We will try to get as many different nationalities into 1 sauna as possible. The current record is 57. We have 82 nationalities registered so let’s hope all of them are coming!! (or at least 58 😉 ). If everything goes as planned I’m gonna represent Germany in the sauna.

Some people of the Guinness World Record Commitee are coming and will film everything. They will “use” us for the GWR Day 2009 which is gonna be on Nov.12th. So stay tuned cuz u might see me on TV all sweaty and creepy looking because I am not getting enough sleep these dayzzzZZ…

P.S. thanks to Liz for that fun skype-call yesterday! Was so good to see and hear you again! hugsies to the killerdog! love and miss you!