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I am in beautiful Berlin since yesterday. I love that city! Today was a very special day because I got to see 2 good friends from Hamburg again!!! In addition to that I’ve won a competition a few weeks ago (true awesomeness I’m telling you!). I’ve won a musical ticket for the show “der Schuh des Manitu“.(and the big day was today) It’s a remake of a famous German movie of the same name. I’ve already seen the show twice but even the third time was brilliant! A bit different but surely entertaining. 😉

the winner and her ticket

Afterwards I got the chance to take a look behind the scenes and touch the requisites. I like touching things!…Ok this sounds naughty but people who know me better should know how to take it.(if not,whatever!)  And guys, please be proud of me because I did not break anything (it was kinda close though but nobody needs to find out so shhhhhhhh!!!!!). I deeply appologize for the almost-heart-attacks I’ve given to people 😉

me and the person who made it all possible 🙂

It was very interesting and I am very glad that I finally got to see Thomas as Winnetouch(one of the few muscial actors whose work I actually admire). It was hilarious and cute at the same time. Big thanks to Annika and Beate as well! It was AWESOME to see you again. Should do that way more often!!(but as u know “arbeit nervt…bämdebämbäm” lol)

And what would that day have been without those mandatory and awesome pictures I tend to take? 😉

“Olgas” reunited 😉

the amazing 3 “Ayses” stopped by as well 🙂

Thank God it’s over! Don’t get me wrong I really love Christmas.I love spending time with my family and all that. I also like food (which can’t be overseen) but the food and the eating culture during Christmas time is too much…even for me! 3 or more meals a day is at least 2 meals too many!I am so thankful for the invention of leggings – or in my case…SHINY PANTS (thank you ginatricot! I’m addicted to those!!!) – as they are so stretchy and comfy…even if you ate 3 pigs!

I actually wanted to show you our Christmas roast but I forgot to take a picture…so I googled it and this is what came up as one of the results:

very interesting Christmas food 😉

This is not the traditional German Christmas roast but definately yummy 😉 hehe.

I hope all of you had a great Christmas! Can’t believe that there’s just a few days left of that awesome year! Enjoy those days and speak soon!

my sister and I. I don’t get to see her as often as I would like to…

I wanna wish all of you brave people and stalkers who read my blog a very merry Christmas!!May your day be filled with lots of love, happiness,laughter and good food!!

I have a little something for those who were still not hit by the Christmas spirit(and for those who just wanna have a good laugh) 😉 :

Unfortunately wordpress does not support this video format (or I am just too stupid to add it) so you need to click on the link if you wanna see 4 little Jules dancing for you 🙂

Ho Ho Ho!

Pheewww!What a day! It took us 9 hours to drive back to Germany. 2 hours longer than expected…stupid snow/construction sites! To be honest I had a hard time not to fall asleep behind the steering wheel…but I had a great entertainer next to me who made me listen to Lady Gaga’s new album…A LOT 😉

Of course we confirmed the stereotype that women don’t know anything about the inside of a car. We ran our of frost protection on the way back (you know that stuff that gets sprayed on ur windshield that cleans your window at the same time)…yeah we ran out of that liquid(and we really needed some!) so we went into car supply store and bought some and then we asked for help cuz we didnt know where to put it. I felt so embarrassed when the woman who sold us that stuff yelled through the store for her colleague to help ” 2 ladies with the frost protection because they don’t know where to put it”. That got us some extra attention we didnt even ask for. Thank you!Merry Christmas to you too!

Anyways, I had a great time during those 4 days!Thanks to everybody!I love the Netherlands and Amsterdam is just truly beautiful(and crazy!) and I advise everybody to go there at least once!(most likely with me  if you want it to be legendary 😉 ).

We took a lot of (stupid)videos which will all be taken and turned into another glorious video. Might take a while though as my secretary is on Christmas vacation and now I have to do it myself 😉 But I still want to show you you something:

Here’s a compilation of the show we’ve been to on Saturday. (Oudejaarsshow). It’s a bit long but I love it…especially the part from 2:53-3:41 WATCH IT!

Oudejaarsshow 2009 in Westervoort

Now you’re up to date with my life again and I can finally go to bed and sleep. So please do not disturb!


The day started early-ish and with a hashish smell in our room. It was not us!I swear…I guess our neighbors must have had a little hash party the night before as you could smell it everywhere the next morning.

Anyways, we went to Utrecht again in the morning in order to get some tickets for the show. What we didnt know was that it snowed a lot during the night/early morning. Driving was horrible! And I think the Dutch are not used to that much snow as they drove super slow. Sometimes it even felt like you were faster if you were walking. Eventually we made it to Utrecht…a little later than planned but we got tickets for 50% off in row 17. But we spent the entire show in row 1 because we are truly awesome! 😉 It was a great show! The guy who played “Joseph” was much better than the one on Friday.In general the cast was amazing! I don’t know what they took but they were even funnier than last time!

There was quite some snow chaos in Utrecht. Well, actually in whole Holland. it was a pleasure to get all of the snow off the car.

it took us about 30 minutes

The way back to Amsterdam was a bit scary as the highway was very icy and slippery and it took us over 1 hour longer than usual. The night we spent strolling through the city,eating,buying some last souvenirs(again lol) and giving out email addresses to weird Brazilian people. Back in the hotel we enjoyed some drinks(maybe a some more than planned lol)and Vla and listened to some nice music. Tomorrow it’s time to say goodbye…Let’s see for how long! 🙂

bling bling building

beautiful isnt it?

Today we went to the Amsterdam Dungeon. I’ve been to the London Dungeon 3 times already but I somehow must have forgotten how scary this whole experience is…I think I was the loudest one(maybe even the only one when it comes to the screaming part…lalala)

before we entered

right after we entered…the spirit got me 😉

After surviving that experience we went shopping for a bit and then we drove to Westervoort somewhere in the middle of nowhere to see the Oudejaarsshow.

We found out about it on Friday and it sounded very interesting….so we got tickets from somebody and enjoyed the beautiful and very entertaining show for free. Life’s good!Pictures and videos will come soon!

As the weather was quite nice today we decided to do a canal cruise. it was so beautiful! Afterwards we went to Dam Square for some shopping and headed back to our hotel room.(we got another one now btw!). Later on we left for Utrecht and got a bit lost on the highway. Dutch highways are too complicated for Jule(especially when there’s construction)!

Anyways, we made it! We saw the show and it was great!Well, the guy who played “Joseph” could have been a bit better in his acting though. But all the others were great! Don’t know what we’re up to tomorrow. Probably the Dungeon or sth like that.




Beatrix Theater in Utrecht

Guess they knew I was coming  😉

Barely back in Germany and already in Amsterdam. I’m on a roadtrip with Jess and it took us looooooong 8 hours to get here. There were like 50 construction sites which slowed down traffic and then the snow camw.Booo! Anyways, we made it. And we were lost only once on those 8 hours!This is like another world record! 😉

Our hotel is very different from what we’re used to…the location is amazing but the room is…well, see yourself:

Tonight,we checked out a few things already…more to come tomorrow!

Bling Bling!!

one day this baby is MINE!!!

Tomorrow afternoon we’re gonna go to Utrecht to go see “Joseph” again. But this time: front row!Wahoo. A bit scary but I bet it’s gonna be fun!Stay tuned!

I am DONE!

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I am glad to announce that I am done with semester 5!Survived the very last presentation and the after-party and now I just finished writingthe last things for my learning diary for my communications course. Pretty crappy but considering the fact that I am still kinda tipsy I am proud of it…somehow 🙂

Team Awesome with their certificates and present they got from the Disney Institute.

I am off to Germany in like 10 hours. So everybody please have a very merry xmas, a happy new year and a nice break from me…not virtually though…i might keep bugging you through this wonderful invention called wordpress… 🙂

P.S. those were actually my last courses! Now ther is just my internship waitint for me and the thesis…Not telling you where I am gonna do my internship yet…some of you know already so you can feel special now! the rest of you need to wait a bit longer until I announce it. Muahaha…

good night! This German is off to bed now 🙂

As my parents finally found the way to Finland (after 2,5 years of me living up here!) I thought I would do something special and take them to Tallinn, Estonia. I’ve never been there before either and thought it would be a great opportunity.

It only takes about 2 hours with the ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn. The ferry we took was called “Superstar”…what a coincidence 😉

a bit blurry but i hope u can see it

nice hat ‘eh?

Aleksander Nevski Cathedral in Tallinn…kinda reminded me of the great time in Russia

brrr it was cold!

me at my best!drinking Glögi

my mom and I

christmas market

Santa looking all weird ( i think he even was drunk!)

Tallinn is such a beautiful small city. Even though it was kinda cold it was great!!! Would like to go back there in the summer time!