Five hours late…

Posted: December 2, 2009 in Finland, shocking, work
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Do you know those days where you think somebody’s playing a prank on you and then you start looking for the hidden camera and as you don’t find it you realize that THIS is real life?

If not: what’s your damn secret?

If yes: welcome to today’s cover story:

When I woke up this morning I was sure I had like 10 more minutes until it’s time to get up…but then suddenly the blurry numbers on my phone became clear and it was 11am…5(!!!!!)hours later than expected. I overslept 5 hours…that’s a new personal record!

So i called work and let them know how sorry I am for being (a little) late and got ready. I was such a mess and even took the wrong purse today (I think only girls will understand me here but whatever! 😉 ).

When I was outside I noticed that it was raining and of course I had no umbrella(ela-ela-aye-aye-aye) with me. Great! I was approaching the bus stop and when I was 20 seconds away I saw the bus leaving the bus stop already! The bus was too early!! (I think lol) Ok so the next bus was 15 minutes away and I decided to start walking to the next bus stop.

There was a lady standing there and suddenly she started talking to me(in Finnish of course which made it even worse!). People that know me know that you don’t really wanna talk to Jule in the morning (ok it was after 11 but I have just woken up so it was basically still night time for me lol). She wanted to know some directions to some place. Apparently I looked like somebody who knows a lot. And then she kept on talking about the weather and bla bla bla…even the fact that I put my headphones into my ears didn’t give her a clue that I was not interested in that conversation.

The next bus was late, of course! And that made me miss my train to the center so i had to wait at the train station for another 10 minutes. Eventually I was on my way to the center. From there I had to walk to work. It is a 15 minute walk and not too bad. Anyways, in those 15 miutes 2 people stopped me and asked for some directions. God dammit Finland, DO I LOOK LIKE THE HELSINKI CITY INFORMATION???Even the fact that I was almost running to work did not give them the slightest clue that I might have no time.

Ok then I was at work. I was trying to be super productive cuz I wanted to make up for those “few”hours I was late….(and got a little distracted by facebook chat but that might be another stoy 😉 )…anyways what I actually wanted to tell u is that when I looked out of the window 2 Santa’s were passing by looking all weird.

Does anybody know why? I mean Xmas is still a few weeks away right? RIGHT??? or did I overlseep again and its December 24th?

Ok, next thing that happened: I spilled(hot!) tea over my desk! Good job Jule!

Ok then nothing happened for like 2 hours which was kinda creepy lol. But I know that I was not done for today yet.

As today’s 1st of december I wanted to get a Christmas calendar…you know those ones where you open a door each day and  get a piece of candy until it’s Christmas. I have always had one! ALWAYS…but today…after 23 years…I did not get one 😦 They were all sold out!!! (Ok I just checked one store but still!!!) Unbelievable! So today is the first time in 23 years where i am not get to open a little door in my calendar *sniff*. I went to the bus all depressed and of course i sat down next to the smelliest person on the whole bus. I noticed that after 10 seconds and I thought it was rude to change seats again. This girl looked nice but she smelled like she had 20 beers in a row.YUCK!!! And of course she stayed on the bus for 90% of my trip! Thank you!

There are still 2 minutes left of this day and I am still hoping that there’s gonna be a camera that pops out and people laughing and yelling “you’ve been PRANKED!”…keep your fingers crossed for me please!

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