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I had my very first business dinner last night. It was a casual one though but still very interesting and exciting. Two colleagues from Estonia came to Helsinki and after having a few drinks at their hotel bar we went to Maya, a very nice South American restaurant right in the center of Helsinki.

Afterwards we all went to the Finnish National Gallery and checked out the masterpieces from the National Picasso Museum in Paris.  It is a uniquely extensive exhibition presenting all periods of Pablo Picasso’s work.

To be honest, I am not such a big fan of art. Maybe it is because I don’t understand art. Who knows. But the exhibition was actually very interesting and amusing although I only liked approx. 10% of the paintings that were shown there.

He painted a lot of naked people and called them women. They surely looked weird but I guess that was his style.

woman or man? Either way not very pretty and he was very bad at drawing boobs as well!

Anyways, I really don’t understand how people would pay millions of Euros for a picture a 5 year old could have painted better.

2% of his pictures are actually very very pretty…so he could actually paint well.Just wondering if he was either stoned or completely drunk when he painted the remaining 98% of his works. Unfortunately I cannot ask him anymore. There are a lot of other things I would ask him because I think I made up a completely new theory about him, his sexuality and his life. True story.

Even though I have been living up here in cold Finland for 2,5 years now the winter has never been this cold and we’ve never gotten that much snow. When I’m not freezing and complaining about the temperatures I am actually able to see the the pretty side of the winter:

pictures taken at work today

a look out of the office window

Yep yep I’m finally back in Suomi aka Funland.  When I was at the airport my carry on luggage was only checked once…usually they check it at least 3 times because I always have so much stuff in my bags that apparently look very dangerous. I was kinda happy though…never been through security this fast. I actually had a good feeling about this flight for once. But then it was delayed and I had to spend more time at the boring aiport. Didn’t know the reason for the delay until we were on the plane. We actually had to change gates so I kinda got an idea what could have happened…and I was right: The original plane was broken. So glad the pilot noticed the disfunction BEFORE we took off! So we had to go onto another plane and all of the luggage had to be taken from the broken plane to the new one. Of course this took a while. But as I had a window seat I could check if they lost my suitcase already or not and I was relieved when I saw my (way too heavy) suitcase on the trolley.

well,hello luggage! Glad you’re coming with me.

I was relieved when I landed in Helsinki. It felt kinda good to be “home” again.

Saturday was party and reunion day. It felt so good to see my friends again! Should have drank a bit less but well, you can’t have everything can you? 😉

my lovely girls: Tiina, me, Sille and Isa

Some of you know that already but I started my internship on Monday. I will be working at Lufthansa Cargo. I was so excited and nervous when i arrived there on Monday. I got kinda scared because they immediately sent me into some meeting and i just sat there…trying to look somewhat smart and pretending to understand all the stuff they were talking about. I think I understood ilke 7% of the things they talked about and I’m very proud of those 7% haha.

After that I went to lunch with some colleagues who turn out to be really cool and nice. And then I was sent to the city center to get some headshots taken for my airport ID. So quite an easy and short day 🙂

Today was a little different…I met the intern who I’m gonna replace later. She’s so nice and we talked so much that we got kinda disctracted from the tasks we planned to do…ahh whatever…I still learnt a lot today.Mostly about planes (even though I won’t get in touch with them that often.)

I’m scared of flying and have huge respect for planes and stuff but I still think they are impressive! And then…guess who parked right in front of our office window without any warning??

We waved but I guess Finnair is not friendly to its competitor…although they like parking right in front of their office…how rude ;)… The plane looks further away than it actually was. Felt kinda weird to have a plane parking outside your office…should get used to that though…especially when there’s a hot pilot sitting in there teehee 🙂

I just tried to shower for the first time after the surgery. I had to wrap a garbage bag around my foot to protect the wound.The view kinda reminded me of a horror movie….just add some blood and there you go 😉

I might have done something wrong during the construction of my “don’t-get-wet-suit” (suit up!) because the foot still got a bit wet…even though it felt like I cut off the blood circulation in my foot.

I got my swine flu vaccination today so now my arm hurts like hell and I cant really move it a lot. So limping and not being able to use the left arm officially makes me a cripple now. I wish I could see myself moving around…must look hilarious.

Today was the big day: surgery! I was so scared and nervous that I could hardly sleep last night. When I stepped into the surgery room I felt so weird and kind of helpless. Everything in there scared me. I don’t like surgeries. I haven’t had many in my life yet(thank god!) and the only one I can remember 100% was a tooth surgery…a very bad one…actually 2 very bad ones. Geez, I do have a hard life 😉

Ok, let’s get back on track now:

So I was in the room and was told to lay down but then I saw 2 (huge) syringes. And I was asking the nurse if they would use those evil needles on me…and she said yes!!! I was so shocked. Then the nurse left the room and I seriously had tears in my eyes. I HATE needles! I started to feel dizzy and finally laid down on the operating table because I felt like passing out. Fortunately I didn’t….or maybe unfortunately!

Then the doctor came and started some small talk. I don’t even remember what she said I was so busy not to start crying and panicking. And then I saw her reaching out for one of those syringes.

And she seriously put those two gigantic things into Jule’s teeny tiny little foot with a SMILE!!. It hurt  and burnt LIKE HELL. And then those 2 evil persons started talking about scalpels and sawbs*faint alert!!*…I don’t remember how long my trip to hell lasted but I was surely glad when it was over!

I had to stay at the doctor’s for a while after the surgery and they gave me painkillers.(probably the nicest thing they’ve done to me today!).

I felt a bit weird when I left the doctor’s (the meds might have started working) but I had to pull it together as I still had to drive back home again. But that was easier said than done. (We’ve had quite some snow chaos and storms here during the last few days and it is not easy to get around especially in a car. But I had to use it today to get to my lovely appointment in hell)

Anyways, on the way back I got stuck in the snow. Of course it had to happen to me TODAY! It was not easy to drive with the pain in my foot and then I had to use my feet to get the fricking snow out of the way. My joy was priceless!

Thank God I parked next to the train station and there was some worker from the “Deutsche Bahn”(German Railways) coming my way after 10 minutes of hard work. He helped me out of there and I was good to go again after another 10 minutes.

I was glad when I was home and could relax…and go to sleep because the meds made me very tired. For this reason…

the holy foot

some annoying snow on our patio

looks nice though doesn’t it?

I’ve been to the doctor’s this week to examine my skin for cancer. My family has quite a cancer history so I thought it would be a good idea to go to that examination.  If you are under 35 you need to pay for that procedure which is ridiculous as also people under 35 might get skin cancer! So I paid 35€ in total and waited for like 40 minutes until it was my turn. While I was waiting in the examination room I was forced to look at all of those terrible pictures and information posters about skin cancer. Dudes, I almost threw up and I was so scared that I even thought of leaving the doctor’s office.

on toe

skin cancer on forehead

These pictures are harmless compared to the ones I had to stare at for 40 minutes. Eventually the doctor came and of course she found something on my skin which needs to get removed soon. AAAAHHHH!!

So I’m gonna have surgery on my foot on monday morning. AAHHHH again!! I did not sign up for this when I came to Germany! I am scared as hell but I know it’s a good thing they found something that early on my skin.

As the doctor said “Cancer proceeds fast,especially if it is on the foot so we should remove it very soon.” So they are gonna remove a mole and some skin around it on my left foot. And because I’m leaving for Finland again a few days after the surgery I can’t get stitches but they will have to close the wound with some strips or whatever which is gonna open up easily and cause more pain. I wish the doctor would have just shut up! I’m gonna survive I know that. I’m just gonna be very grumpy and will need lotsa attention! 😉

Anyways, I advise everybody to go and get their skin checked for cancer…especially people that have 50000000 moles like me. It is by far the most common cancer in the world, accounting for 75% of all cancer diagnoses which is creepy! So please go get your skin checked because the sooner something is found the greater the possibility to heal it!

First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you!  I hope you had a great and safe start into 2010.

I can’t believe year 2009 is gone. That was so quick. I remember exactly one year ago I was worried what 2009 would bring and I was convinced that it would suck…BIG time! And to be honest it was quite the contrary!

I travelled a lot…to 7 different countries to be exact (and I’m wondering how I did that because I actually didn’t have money…guess that’s the point where my beloved awesomeness comes into play 😉 ).

I saw old friends again and had the worst hangover(followed by the most horrible flight) in my entire life. I met so many new and amazing people,attended lotsa great parties and even won a world record. What else can you wish for (except for that 1.000.000€ most of us want)?

what a great year

I’ve already made up new year resolutions for 2010 and I am really hoping that I am gonna keep at least some until the end of the year…or even longer(ok…let’s be realistic ;)).

Jule’s new year resolutions 2010

  1. be healthier (less fast food,less drinking,more exercise…yeah right lol)
  2. to cut down on that heavy partying (I might postpone that one until the end of January though lol)
  3. not to ruin that many songs when singing karaoke (read:stop singing karaoke!!)
  4. not to drop my camera that often anymore
  5. study more Finnish  (mitä vittua!?)
  6. to finish that book I started reading 3 years ago
  7. to read more in general (…like smart stuff lol)
  8. spend less time on facebook

To be honest I have already broken resolution number 3 during our NYE party. And number 5  and 7 are just there to make me feel better about myself…anyways…let’s see how many I can actually keep. I might turn into a  grumpy person and turn my awesomeness into boringness though…so is it really worth keeping those resolutions??!?