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Birthday Bling

Posted: April 24, 2010 in Bling Bling, friends, fun, me, Party

On April 17th the House of Bling (also known as my apartment) finally opened its doors for my Birthday Bling.

I wish we didn’t do those Vodka shots…cuz from there everything got …very Finnish 😉

I took a week off from work so I have enough time to work on my thesis and this is what I found in one of my books the other day:

It was good timing as,once again, I was freaking out again that I won’t finish my work on time and go off topic and yadayadayadayaaa

It is a postcard and on the back it says how King George VI of the UK tried to motivate his people to carry on during WW II by distributing posters of the exact same layout.

Even though it was meant to motivate soldiers, it kinda motivated me to carry on reading my endless amount of books,journals and articles and keep on typing,typing,typing. I also think it is a great marketing strategy to put those postcards into academic books and then referring to the web page(which has actually kinda cool stuff):

As already announced in the previous blog I went to the Casino on Friday night. Had a great time and I am happy to announce that I did not spend any money for gambling! But let the pictures tell more:

Cheek performing


After the shows we walked around the casino a bit and then suddenly a guy came up and gave us free gamble tickets which we used for the slot machines first.

of course I chose a machine that matched my style:Kitty Glitter 😉

and that Kitty Glitter ate my ticket.

I had absolutely no idea how those machnes work and after consulting the guy next to me I was not any smarter. He basically said that you just push the buttons and hope you’re lucky and win something. Well isn’t that awesome? And I always thought there would be some logic behind those things…

Ok next we went to play roulette…and did not win anything either and the same luck for the Fortune Wheel. It was a nice experience though!Might go there again with the hope of gambling with free gambling tickets again 😉

That’s where I’m gonna go tomorrow:

…not to gamble though (I hope!) but to see a concert and hang out with some friends(I think Al Cohol is coming as well). Just hope it’s not gonna get too intense as I need a clear head and continue working on my thesis this weekend.Wish me luck!

Ta ta for now.

Going out drinking during the week might not be a good idea anymore. I felt horrible this morning. I don’t remember the last time I’ve been that tired. Even though I love my job,work was no fun today!

Besides that, my Academic Writing course started today. It is supposed to help me write my thesis. We just talked about stuff I already knew so it was exceptionally boring. Or maybe i am just too smart 😉  Apparently, this girl(it is not me!seriously!) enjoyed class as well today:

SPOTTED! Somebody is fully enjoying the class.

So glad that Easter is coming and I get to have a few days off. But no time for parties. I’m gonna spend the lovely holidays reading marketing books and writing my thesis. Awesome. That’s all.