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The long-awaited Eurovision Song Contest was on again last night. It was held in Oslo,Norway, this year as Norway won last year’s show. Oslo did an amazing job and produced an amazing show!

After 2 semi-finals, a total of 25 countries qualified for the big final. In case you missed it, here are the basics you have to know(click on the country to open the song on youtube):

1. Azerbaijan: nice song….but the choreography??wtf?!!If I got it right, they hired Beyoncé’s choreographer for that…but I think they got ripped off 😉

2. Spain: the background dancers distracted from the song…but maybe that was a good thing.Also, a fan joined and jumped on stage and wanted to be part of the show 😉

3. Norway: nice ballad!WOW!(but the voice could have been stronger…was kinda pitchy in the beginning)

4. Moldova: first up-tempo song.nothing special.the costume of the girl reminded me of a cockatoo 😉

5. Cyprus: ballad again…was ok but nothing special

6. Bosnia & Herzegovina: some “rocky” song about thunder and lightning…blah.

7. Belgium: LOVED IT!…just a guy and his guitar but incredible voice.AWESOME!

8. Serbia: OMG that dude or girl or whatever he/she/it was?Seriously???No words.

9. Belarus: absolutely LOVED the dresses of the girls(minus the fact that they turned into butterflies in the end)…BLING BLING!!But the song?…blah.

10. Ireland: LAME!The girl looked liked Shrek’s wife…and do not mix red hair and a purple dress…no one has ever won wearing purple!

11. Greece: half-naked dudes singing a terrible song.sorry i just had to laugh all the was funny to look at but terrible to listen to.NEXT!

12. UK: nice staging…but that’s all.Guy has a nice voice..but they should have given him a different song.

13. Georgia: another ballad.nothing special…they overdid it a little with the dancers.

14. Turkey: sounded very “non-turkish”…a rock-performance

15. Albania: catchy but nothing special

16. Iceland: first they give us a banking crisis, then volcanic ash and now they sent another big red volcano singing “je ne sais quoi”(eng:i dont know a thing)…i bet she did not know a thing of why she sang in French?!?!

17. Ukraine: holy shit.some parts sounded off tune…but I think the girl wanted it to sound like that. the song was called “sweet people”…but it sounded kinda sour to me…awful.

18. France: Allez Olla Olé! LOVED IT!!! I think it is also the French World Cup song. Good party song and was one of my personal faves…but what was that dance??

19. Romania: an up-tempo song. nice beat but the voice of the woman was just she was wearing some shiny suit…but it could have been shinier…so no points for you Romania!

20. Russia: Sorry if I’m rude but: Booooooooo! That’s all.

21. Armenia: pretty girl, liked the beat…but singing about apricots? Really?I dont think so.

22. Germany: LEGENDARY…even though her movements on stage looked like she really had to pee. But I guess that was her style…and Europe must have liked it ;)…one of my fave performances!

23. Portugal: not my taste.loved the dress though…I think the girl was trying to seduce the camera guy.

24. Israel: well… good looks and a nice ring on your finger do not help making an awful song sound nice. Sorry dude.

25. Denmark: well, lotsa my friends liked it but i didnt. The guy scared me.And what was wrong with his hair?So 80s!

They had an amazing flashmob during the voting…All of the people in the arena danced. They also showed people all over Europe dancing the choreography.AWESOME!!!

might be a bit long but def. worth it!

I was sooo excited when they announced the results…i was basically dying at some points(“points” really is the right word!)

Aaaand the winner is:

GERMANY with unbelievable 246 points!!!

So next years Eurovision will be held in Germany!! So so happy! Germany’s Lena was a bit(or a bit more) confused about the fact she won. And from today, entire Europe is singing this song:

The final performance of Lena “satellite”

What a day! There were some happenings going on in Helsinki today. The “Olivia” magazine had a big tent where people could get some free goodies.

So after we were done eating free cake, joghurt, drinking some new Schweppes and getting the Beckhams new fragnances, we watched a fashion show. It was a show for handbags and nice to look at.I didnt like the purses that much though. There was way too much Bling missing for my taste 😉

handbag fashion show

Fintelligens was next on our plan. The radio station YleX had their summer concert and Fintelligens were one of the performers. I just love their song “mikä boogie“.


Because getting free stuff,walking around and seeing a concert in heels is exhausting, we decided to go to a terrace and have some wine. Was a good idea!! Even the sun came out later on.

enjoying some sun before it disappeared again

As already announced in my last blog, the temperatures dropped again…and it is COLD!!! The one week of summer was nice while it lasted ;)…and maybe (if everybody is nice) it will come out again next week 🙂

Next on plan is watching the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST!! Soo excited for it! Definately gonna blog about it tomorrow!

Bling on! xoxo

Summer’s here…

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…and I love it! More than 2 weeks ago, it was still snowing and now it is so warm here. Unfortunately, it is supposed to get a bit colder again next week *boohoo* but maybe I can find a way to persuade the weatherfairy to change her mind 😉

one of my favorite places in Helsinki

Yesterday, we went to Lauttasaari; an island and neighborhood of Western Helsinki:

Baltic Sea

had a little picnic in a park by the beach

The best of all, it has been warmer in Finland than in some other parts of Europe at the moment. HA, EAT THIS Non-Scandinavia!!! 😉

Keep on blinging this weekend! I know I will.

A little story I don’t want to keep from you…

It all happened in a club called “The Circus” in Helsinki(And I really felt like being in a circus.Or freak show.Same difference). Me and my friends were busy dancing and drinking and just having a good time.

One of our friends tried to hook up with some girl and he thought it would be a good idea to bring her into “our area”…and then she started talking to me:

Weird (Finnish) girl: “sklläädkhdöyllööölkbjdkiihbvdaöl”

Jule: “sorry I don’t speak Finnish”

Weird (Finnish) girl: “Oh, where are you from?”

Jule: “Germany”

Weird (Finnish) girl: “Oh my God really??”

Jule: “yes”

Weird (Finnish) girl: “Oh my God, do you speak German???” *all excited*

Jule: “yeah…a little” *confused*

Weird (Finnish) girl:“OMG really???!” *still excited*

Jule: “ummm…no. Actually we speak Swahili in Germany”

Weird (Finnish) girl:“Oh…” *confused*

Then, she started to talk to me in German…and wouldn’t stop. I swear, next time this happens, I’m gonna be Olga from Kazachstan again.

I just went into the store because I wanted to say “hi” to a friend, who is working there. But then I saw this necklace and immediately fell in love!

Best of all?? I did not have to pay…my friend gave it to me as a late birthday present. Love Love Love her!!!!!!!!

It is quite heavy though so whenever I wear it, I will not only bling but have a neck work-out at the same time 😉

Bling it on!

Vappu 2010

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Even though it is already over a week ago, I still wanna tell you about the famous Vappu celebrations which are held on April 30-May 1 every year in Finland.

Traditionally, Vappu is the celebration of spring but basically, everybody just gets completely drunk and parties even wilder than usual 😉

In the evening of April 30 students in Helsinki parade through town and spray the naked Havis Amanda statue near the Market Square with champagne while putting a white graduation cap on her head.

the traditional “hat ceremony”

playing cards in the fountain of Havis Amanda

enjoying some champagne 😉

The parks fill up with partiers drinking, playing music, and playing games well into the night…it is very funny to look at…especially seeing “older people” (like 50ish) getting completely trashed.

me and some friends wearing our student overalls

it got pretty colorful that night 😉

On May 1 everyone goes outside to spend time eating, drinking, and socializing. The Finns wear their white graduation hats which rather look like caps from boat captains to me…The place to be is Kaivpuisto: a park along the Baltic Sea. People start going there at 9 in the morning, setting up their tents, tables and bbq equipment and get ready for a nice picnic.

it does not look as packed as it actually was

We were sitting at my university’s tent which is considered to be the best tent in the park…and i agree…we had nice music, good entertainment and a portable sauna. And later on, even the sun decided to join the party 😉

sauna time…

a friend dancing to some good music

happy the sun finally came

those crazy French people

a friend and I giving the scenery a finishing touch 😉

group picture

It was so much fun like every year and this year it was completed by seeing the wonderful Adam Lambert the following day…slightly hungover and overtired but definately happy 🙂

yeeeeees I saw him!!!He was right there…right in front of me. I think I can still smell him when I close my eyes (he smelled good btw lol) 😉

He was wearing more make up than me and his hair was shinier than any of my shiny pants(and those ones are very shiny!). I was just so shocked and star-struck(and maybe a little bit hungover from the vappu-party weekend) and stared at him for a while…and when I came back to life and realized how completely stupid I must look he just started smiling.

Adam Lambert

My camera must have been irritated by all that glam as well because it refused to take a picture. But cute Adam kept on smiling until I got my shot done(and that took a while).

And how did Jule thank him? Normal people would just say “thank you” but apparently that was too hard to say so I went with “Dude, you’re awesome!!” a la Barney Stinson(and for once i just hoped something smart would come out of my mouth). After I said that I felt even more stupid than before. But he just made an undefinable sound (which I hope was the glam version of a regular “ha ha”) followed by “aww thanks honey”…

….and from that moment on I was Lambertified and lived happily ever after.

The End.

P.S. thanks for the eye-make-up inspiration Mr.Lambert. Definitely gonna try that for the next party 😉