Posted: May 29, 2010 in concert, fun, me
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What a day! There were some happenings going on in Helsinki today. The “Olivia” magazine had a big tent where people could get some free goodies.

So after we were done eating free cake, joghurt, drinking some new Schweppes and getting the Beckhams new fragnances, we watched a fashion show. It was a show for handbags and nice to look at.I didnt like the purses that much though. There was way too much Bling missing for my taste 😉

handbag fashion show

Fintelligens was next on our plan. The radio station YleX had their summer concert and Fintelligens were one of the performers. I just love their song “mikä boogie“.


Because getting free stuff,walking around and seeing a concert in heels is exhausting, we decided to go to a terrace and have some wine. Was a good idea!! Even the sun came out later on.

enjoying some sun before it disappeared again

As already announced in my last blog, the temperatures dropped again…and it is COLD!!! The one week of summer was nice while it lasted ;)…and maybe (if everybody is nice) it will come out again next week 🙂

Next on plan is watching the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST!! Soo excited for it! Definately gonna blog about it tomorrow!

Bling on! xoxo


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