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Some friends and I decided to make a little roadtrip for Juhannus.So we took a car and drove over 600 km up north to the lovely Oulu, where they are originally from. We left Helsinki at 08:30 pm on Thursday night and arrived in Oulu at 3am Friday morning.

our route: Helsinki – Oulu

It was an exhausting ride but the landscape and the fact that it did not get dark (at all!!) made up for it. We even saw 2 mooses on the side of the street when we came closer to Oulu. Little scary but cool.

beautiful colors

the closer we came up  north, the foggier it got on the meadows

Day 1: Henna and I were sun-bathing in her Mom’s backyard and I think I caught a little too much sun. It was unbelievably hot that day! We drove to Mathias’ parents house in the late afternoon for some typical Finnish barbecue, sauna, drinks and mölkky.

me, Henna and Matias’ mom

Day 2: Biking tour through Oulu. Henna showed me the prettiest places of Oulu. The weather was nice and we even went into the (still very cold) sea!!! In the evening we went to Henna’s Dad’s place for sauna, yummy Mexican food, drinks and some games.

“market police”

got surprised by some rain

in Finland people go into the sauna naked. But we thought we’d take some towels for the picture 😉

I turned into a cool biker chick 😉

Matias and I took the Polo a bit too far 😉

Day 3: We did not really do a lot except eating and sauna 😉 And then it was time to hit the road again….

we stopped at a nice lake on our way back

watch out!

is this awesome Mercedes:

the inside is as blingy as the outside (

I know Christmas is still 6 months away but I just wanted to announce my wish as early as possible cuz I’ve been an especially good girl this year!!! It just costs about 625.000-895.000€. Any volunteers?


a sad goodbye

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One of my best friends left Finland on Tuesday 😦 He went back to Mexico to become a doctor. He is the most intense party animal I know and therefore, I cannot really picture him saving lifes but rather destroying them by making people drink.

Anyhow, we all went out together last Saturday for one last time and it was so intense. Luckily, he trained my liver so well that even though I drank(read: was forced to drink) the most disgusting shots ever, I felt completely fine and was hardly tipsy.

Thank you for making my liver so strong!!

So now he is gone and it is awfully quiet and drama-less in Helsinki. The only good thing about it is that now I might have time to actually do other things like partying again………………………………………………………hmm after the summer 😉