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sooo much has happened(again). After working for one week, I packed my bags again for my last trips. This time it was time to practice my mother tongue and visit some friends in Germany…

The first stop was in Frankfurt(Oder) where I visited Jess and enjoyed a late bday cake (my diet’s going very well btw)

midnight snack

reunion picture…

Frankfurt and behind the river in the back you can already see Poland

The next day it was time for a hare and hounds game with the Thomas Klotz FC in Berlin…fun but exhausting!

the entire group(minus me) after we found our “surprise”

I went to Frankfurt again in the evening and had some cocktails with Jess. The next day, Jess showed me her new “city” and we walked to Poland (true story!!!)

still in Germany in that picture…

…and already in Poland in that one. The bridge behind me leads to Germany(Frankfurt) again.

Later that day, I went to Berlin again and drove to Hamburg with Annika and Beate. In the evening, it was time to party hardy…it was so much fun to party again, even though I felt horrible the next day and lost my voice now….

Beate, Licio and I

Once we all recovered, we checked out the zoo in Hamburg which is famous for keeping its animals free…no cages! So there were times where the animals ran right across your feet. (damgerous animals were held in seperate areas where they cannot escape…but still…no cages!)

Annika, Beate and I

Jule feeding an elephant 🙂

In the evening I met Simone and we all enjoyed the so-called “water games” in one of Hamburg’s parks…

Simone and I..

I had an awesome time and it felt really good to see all those people again! Unfortunately, real life starts again now. So it’s just working and writing my thesis….but I cant wait for the next adventure 🙂

Jule in Copenhagen.

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Copenhagen was prettier and more fun than expected! I really enjoyed my time there…despite the bad sunburn I caught during a boat trip…

on the rooftops of Copenhagen

Rosenborg Castle and change of guards

biking through the city


Marble Church, fountain and the Amalienborg Palace, where the royal family is living

boat trip

a funny house in the Christiania district


Morton, Susi and I on my last evening

Long overdue but finally available…the summary of my London trip, which almost never happened as I was stuck on the train for over 5 hours thanks to suicide, vandalism and theft of train contact wire on my way to the airport. Thank God my flight was delayed otherwise i would not have made it to the airport in time. The flight had a total delay of 2,5 hours but thankfully Jess decided to entertain me via phone. Was actually nice to catch up again 😉

Susi was so nice to wait for me at the airport in London and we proceeded to our hotel together in the middle of the night. Funnily, the tubes close at a bit after midnight (on a FRIDAY!!!!) so we had to take a nightbus to our hotel which took longer than expected. I think we went to bed around 4 am or something.

Here are some pictures that summarize the quite legendary and very muscial trip.

the 2 princesses in front of Buckingham Palace

Susi and I on the bus

view from the Tate Modern balcony

on Tower Bridge

Thriller Live! An amazing show and homage to the King of Pop.

(At that point I thought this would be the only show we’re gonna see as I always thought Susi was not that into musicals/shows. But boy was I wrong 😉 )

The second after I saw the movie, I wanted to see the West-End production. I was so surprised or maybe even shocked that Susi agreed to go see it with me. There were 2 drag queens with leaflets running around on Leicester Square. Once you got a leaflet you automatically got a discount for the tickets to the show.

not knowing that this lovely “queen” was a member of the Priscilla West End cast

So our leaflet got us 2 premium seats for a third of the original price. I was so happy about that (and the fact that I was finally gonna see the show) that Susi decided to give me the ticket as a late bday gift. I was thrilled!!

happy Jule 🙂

Here’s the Trailer to the show:

Could see it again and again. Love the story, songs, characters, costumes and glitter!!!

Susi had a date with Harry Potter…but we missed the Hogwarts Express 😦

weird dude in the back wanted to be part of the group…

Tower bridge at night

And then the impossible happened….Susi was up to see a third show!!! She choose Wicked. And because awesome people only deserve awesome seats, we lined up for 2 of the 25-30 day seats the theater sells each morning on the day of the show. We were there a little after 8 am (the theater box office opened at 10!) and there were already a few people in front of us.

Never expected the line to be thaaaaaat long. Unfortunately not everybody was as lucky as we were and got front row seats for £25

After the show: jazzhand-high-five!!!

defying gravity…and preparing myself for the trip to Copenhagen

Bling-a-Ling and big thanks to Susi for that thrilling, priscilling and wicked time in London!

London calling

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I’m off to London now for a few days to celebrate a little reunion with Susi. So excited! Talk to you in a few days!

I am in Germany since yesterday. The entire country is suffering from the worldcup fever. I love it! There were so many people dressed in Germany soccer jerseys and with the german flag across their faces running around everywhere yesterday. (Germany played and lost against Spain last night…boo Spain lol).

It is just so amazing to see how proudly people carry the German flag here. I have never seen so many Germany flags. I missed the entire spirit when the world cup was held in Germany in 2006 as I was living in the States.(Boo me, i know lol)

So I was surely suprised that even the people in Waren (my hometown in Germany) hauled up their flags. There are flags on cars,shops, buildings…everywhere…just unbelievable! I am proud to be German!

Been on a little cruise to Stockholm over the weekend. I absolutely love that city!!! It takes about 17 hours to get to Stockholm from Helsinki (by boat). We left at 5pm on Friday and arrived Stockholm at 9.30 am Swedish time. You have a few hours to explore Stockholm until you leave for Helsinki again in the evening.

I have been to Stockholm several times already…but never in the summer….and never without a hangover. So this time was very special… 😉

Here are a few pictures…

still in Helsinki

somewhere on the Baltic Sea on the way to Sweden

Stockholm…a bit inclined

the Globe

did the SkyView on top of the Globe

the crew up on the Globe

refreshing Smothies @ TGI Friday’s

dinner on the cruise ship

one of the very cool shows of Up Leon on the cruise ship.

the Promenade of our ship

Suomenlinna…one of the countless islands of Helsinki