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Posted: September 25, 2010 in me, thoughts of the moment

Several reasons why I feel like celebrating…

reason no.1: I got to meet up with a friend I haven’t seen in almost 2 years!

reason no.2: I finally had time to get my hair done!

reason no.3: I figured out how to do panorama shots and took this picture of my hometown. Friends keep telling me I should turn it into a postcards and sell it…(tempting idea lol)

reason no.4: I got tickets to see Adam Lambert perform live in Helsinki in Novemeber. I’m thrilled! Especially because the tickets were sold out in less than 5 minutes.

But let’s come to the actual reason of celebration:

This is my 111th post on wordpress!!!

Can you believe it?! Never thought I would get that far when I started this blog in June 2009. I’m a bit proud of myself even though most of the posts are ridiculous. But it’s always funny to go back and read about the silly things I’ve done during a fairytale wedding in Dallas or what happened on those epic trips to the Netherlands etc. Already wondering what I will get myself into in Chicago next month or in Amsterdam later this year…

I went to check out a new coffee shop in my hometown yesterday. Met up with a friend and we hung out at the place for hours. It was so nice!

so comfy and calm



the view

on our seats…i love this picture. Maybe my cell phone is abetter camera than my regular one 😉

After all the chilling-out, we went to the movies to see Vampires Suck , which was quite ok and is this kind of movie you wanna see when you’re hungover because it is so stupid lol. Anyways, I wanted to see the movie because I’m sick of all the Twilight-Shit. I mean sparkling vampires?Really?? I love sparkly things but THAT is even too much for me! And the hype everybody makes about the actors is just annoying and driving me crazy. I am not on team Jacob, and no, especially not on team Edward. I’m on team Awesome, which is so awesome that it does not even need a justification! True Story.


Sun, Fun, Bling and Glitter…what else do I need on a Saturday???

being a little touristy on our way to pick up the tickets for the show

Brandenburg Gate

being myself

Friedrichstadtpalast…Europe’s biggest and most modern show palace and the biggest theater stage of the world!!!

foyer of the Friedrichstadpalast

on our seats

it was sold out!And we even saw the German designer Wolfgang Joop in the audience!

curtain call

late night impressions of the TV Tower

Had a great time yesterday. Did not really understand the story of the show though…but I didn’t really care because it included naked guys, bling, awesome costumes, breath-taking acrobatics and unbelievable choreographies!!!

Also thanks to Jess for not hurting me during my retarded moments.


My sister invited me to go climbing as a late birthday present. I’ve never done that before so I did not really know what was expecting me…

my sister and I…still smiling before the horror started

just hanging around 😉

not quite comfortable up there…

We had to survive several parkours…which was not easy as I was bumping into almost everything…and we used the parkours for beginners. I gave up after 2 hours because everything started to hurt: hands, legs, ass…bumping into logs surely left its marks…and a tip for all of you: landing on your butt is NOT a good idea….trust me…I know!!! Don’t even want to tell you how I felt the next day…

Even though I was scared as hell and will never forget the fear and pain I had to go through, I have to admit that I enjoyed my time in the woods as a monkey.

I’m off work for a week and decided to use the time and visit Jess in Frankfurt again since our last reunion was rather short.

Jess, Jule and the amazing technicolor dream-outfit…might be a trend soon 😉

We’re going to Berlin tomorrow for some shopping and to see YMA…the new revue/show of the Friedrichstadt Palast – a theater I’ve always wanted to sit in! I am sooo excited! Awesome dancers, good songs, lotsa bling and show couture design by Michael Michalsky….and I’m gonna be right in between all the awesomeness: It is going to be legendary!!!!

Bling-a-ling & stay tuned!