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Posted: October 13, 2010 in family, fun, me, Travel
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Just submitted my last assignments…and now I can finally start packing because tomorrow I’m leaving for…

Chicago Baby!

It’s going to be so weird to be back…haven’t been there in over 4 years! Some old memories:

view from Sears Tower 2005


my Spice Girls and I at North Avenue Beach 2006


my babies and I, 2006

Best of all: the kids don’t know anything…Guess it’s gonna be a little surprising when suddenly I show up at softball practice 😉

I probably won’t be able to blog during my stay there. Might  upload some pictures to FB though…see y’all once I’m back…if I ever come back 😉


Good Times.

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Party
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I kinda feel ashamed to post these pictures now as the previous post was all about how busy I am writing my thesis.

Well, but everyone deserves a break, right? I planned on just showing up at a friends birthday party on Saturday and leaving early again but then an army of jello shots joined the club and messed up all of my plans. So here it goes…


party people.

rock ‘n’ roll…i guess.

statement of the night.

The morning after was not very appreciated. But eventually I managed to work on my thesis again.

I was a bit more efficient today though. I went to my old workplace to say “hi” and have lunch with some former colleagues. Was very nice to see everybody again and I got to talk to my former boss and I am happy to announce that I am gonna join the Lufthansa family again in March!! Will probably work there during the whole summer but at least I got something nice to do until I (hopefully) start my master studies next fall. Wahoo!

Organisation is the last refuge of a tired mind.

After having lotsa reunions last week and partying (a bit too much) it was time to get back to thesis writing this week. Trying to get back into the topic is harder than expected but I can already see some light at the end of the tunnel – just hoping it’s not the train. I’m a bit under pressure at the moment though as I’m having a little writer’s block but really have to get a certain part done before next week.

On the other hand, I wisely used the time of my writer’s block by booking hotel and tickets for the upcoming roadtrip to the Netherlands and I also made some last arrangements for next week’s trip to one of my old beloved hometowns: Chicago.

Oh oh, I think some awesomeness is about to happen in my brain…better get back to business then.

Feels so good to finally have it in my hands…

my precious

We got tickets in the “over 18” section…so I’m hoping for lotsa booze to help me ignore all the freaking out and screaming of the underaged girls(and guys) at the concert. I can’t let anything distract me from spying on my bling competition…except a few ciders maybe 😉

absolutely love this song

So many surprises are happening since I’m back in Helsinki. I was welcomed by 2 friends at the airport and after a fancy dinner at Hesburger we proceeded to my place where I found out that I got 2 new housemates (which are pretty nice by the way).

The weather has been very nice as well.It’s pretty cold outside but all that does not really matter because the sun is shining!

Another surprise was waiting for me at Helsinki’s Senate Square: Berlin’s Buddy Bears are touring the world and made a stop in Helsinki. I absolutely love those Bears!

United Buddy Bears

And of course I had to hug my favorite:

giving Miss Liberty a hug!

Tomorrow I’m gonna meet some more of my Finnish fans. 😉 Can’t wait!