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Got the first major snow in Helsinki last week. I was kinda shocked when I woke up to a white Helsinki one morning. Wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry…the last winter was so harsh and now it’s back already*boohooo*! But then, when I looked out of my kitchen window on Sunday I forgot all about the frequently wet feet, frozen limbs, frozen eyelashes and frozen hair…meeehh let’s be honest…that is so last season 😉

Even though it is flippin’ cold, I do have to admit that I kinda like this weather…nature looks sooo pretty!!

The snow combined with all of the pretty and sparkly Christmas decorations in the city center is just sooo beautiful*bling bling*. I don’t have a picture from the outdoor decorations but only from indoors (it’s a bit more tempting to shop in a warm mall then in a snowstorm outside lol) but I’ll make sure to take a few pictures of the beautifully decorated Helsinki. I love this city! (the city, not the language…never mix up those two things!)

Also, I might have some good news for you at the end of this week…so stay tuned and wish me luck 😉

And because I’m in the spirit of things…

always loved that one!




This is proof that there actually are competent marketers out there. I absolutely LOVE this ad! It’s probably one of the best I have ever seen! It is so different from what is already out there…so real, honest and emotional!

Maybe I like it so much because I can totally relate to what is going on there as I spend lotsa time at airports myself…so ATTENTION my dear enemies, friends, family & fans: next time I come to one of my 3 homes, I wanna be greeted at the airport like that 😉


I don’t know how often I’ve already showered but I still have glitter on my body. Or maybe it is just my awesomeness shining through…who knows. All I know is that I’ve seen him, the King of Glam, the Glamfather: Mr. Adam Lambert. True Story

one very happy Jule

The concert was sold out. The show was supposed to start at 9pm(not knowing that the diva himself would be 15 min late) and doors opened at 6pm. We arrived at 5.30pm and our eyes spied way too many teenagers who had been camping out there for 11 hours and longer(and it was fricking cold that day!!!). As I have German genes and a teensy bit of awesomeness in my blood, we lined up at the front while drinking a bottle of wine. It seemed that nobody really cared that we cut the line but they looked at us like we were aliens because we were drinking alcohol (come on we’re in Finland!). But maybe they were just irritated because I did not have cheesy things like “Adam I love you” written all over my arms and face with a permanent marker…I guess I will never find out.

As soon as we finished our wine bottles, the doors opened.I am so glad we had tickets in the “over 18 section” of the venue: no tormenting teenagers, no pushing and shoving. But a nice bar and great view.

The show was awesome but way too short! I wanted to get something from the merchandise stands after the show but those tools only accepted cash…and no debit cards(come on, we’re in Finland!!!!!)…so I could not get a beloved and way overpriced t-shirt. I was feeling grumpy as I did not get the t-shirt and started joking “either Adam shows up at the club later or I will be pissed for the rest of my life”…

Guess who really showed up at the club that night with his glamily?? At first I thought I was seeing a ghost but then the ghost turned out to be a tall and sparkly man with lotsa eye make up aka Mr. Lambert. My eyes almost popped out of my head!!! Awesome feeling, really!

Adam with clubowner Cristal Snow

That night was seriously one of the best in my life and the hangover was definitely worth it. I might even be glambertized for the rest of my life…so watch out friends, I might exchange the wine bottles with permanent markers next time 😉

Chicago:old home, sweet home

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After being back in Helsinki for almost 1 week, I think it is about time to blog about my trip.

We arrived a bit later than expected…planes are never on time these days and after being awake for almost 30 hours one would think that the human body craves for sleep – not mine though! I was way too excited to be back and Jenni and I decided to stroll through the city. October is known as breast cancer month, hence they call it Pinktober and use lotsa pink lights and decorations which made me even happier 🙂

Buckingham Fountain

Eventually we decided to go to sleep and to continue our “check up on the city” after sunrise. We were no tourists but simply observers. We had to observe if everything was still on the same spot and looked the same after we moved back to Europe in 2006. 😉

the legendary Chicago Theater

…one of my dreams is to see a show or concert in that theater…really wanna make that happen next time I’m there!


The Bean in Millennium Park

in the Bean

J. Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park

Millennium Park

up on the John Hancock Center

I also got to meet an “old” friend who I’ve known for over 10 years already. Last time I’ve seen her was 5 years ago so it was very nice to see her again and check out Chicago’s nightlife.

Jenni, Katie & I

The next day started kind of slow as we did not get as much sleep as planned and our feet still hurt from the day/night before…if the feet would have known what lay ahead of them that day, they would have gone on strike…or fallen off right away

thank God for sunglasses!

Buckingham Fountain at day time

Navy Pier Park

view from Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier

seconds before the freezing cold water got me

North Avenue Beach. Apparently my phone didn’t want me to be in the picture…

That day we ended up walking more than 20 miles. Don’t remember the last time my feet hurt that bad. We went out to some open roof club/bar (Benchmark) with Katie at night. I loved that place!

The next day we spent walking along Rout 66, the Magnificent Mile for some shopping, and running some last minute errands before it was time to hit the suburbs to celebrate some more reunions. Jenni went to Highland Park and I went to beloved Deerfield.

Route 66

happy Jule! 🙂

When Debbie and I saw each other at the train station, we ran into each other’s arms crying. And it got even worse when I saw the kids. I don’t think I have ever hugged people that long before 🙂

family dinner…how I have missed that bunch of crazy people.


at Ed Debevic’s…one of the most fun restaurants ever!

when the waiters are not busy being rude to you, they dance on the counter

The Bean at night

a part of the Crown Fountain

picking up Bradley from school…Happy Halloween

And then it was time for Rosie’s Bat Mitzvah. The celebrations lasted 2 days. We spent lotsa time sitting in Jewish temples, trying not to fall asleep during service which was all in Hebrew, eating and dancing ;-)…and maybe some of us (esp. me) shed quite some tears because we were so proud of our “little” girl. It also felt very good to see even more people who I haven’t seen in years…

Zachary(the best MirandaSings imitator to date), Emily and Jule


🙂 🙂 🙂

The next day was an ugly day as we all had to say goodbye again. Debbie, Jeff and Bradley took Anna and me to the airport and after a tearful goodbye, we had to face reality again and a security check which went better than expected: no beeping or criminal treatments at all. Can’t remember the last time that happened.

Anna,Jule and Jenni with big fake smiles

Jenni and my flight was so delayed that we missed our connection flight in London and had the pleasure to hang out at Heathrow airport for additional hours(as if the 7 hours on our flight to Chicago would not have been enough)…and when we finally arrived in Helsinki I had to wait for another 26 hours to get my luggage. Oh, the joys of traveling…but I can’t wait for the next trip 🙂