The Royal Wedding:what really happened

Posted: May 5, 2011 in entertainment, fun
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I think it is time to finally spill the beans on what has really happened at the Royal Wedding  in London last Friday. Only a few of you know that the whole broadcast on TV was just a plain Hoax. The real wedding actually took place on Saturday where no TV cameras were allowed. Luckily, I was invited and filmed the romantic and slightly different “walk down the aisle” with my cell phone…

Impressive huh? Who would have thought that the Queen could be so off-beat? After the ceremony there was a fancy reception and dinner at Chipotle‘s in London. Delicious. The After-party was epic and the big highlight of the entire wedding. Sorry guys, I can’t post any photos from the party as nobody is supposed to know Prince Charles and Victoria Beckham hit it off during the “Macarena” and that the Queen impressed everyone with her pole dancing acrobatics. I can only reveal a picture of Prince Harry and his future bride hanging out on the balcony… 😉

Note: This is just fiction. None of it has ever happened.
  1. Stumbled across your blog quite by accident – and I am charmed by it. I especially enjoyed your exclusive filming of the “real” royal wedding – and what a great shot of the balcony afterwards! Looking forward to reading through your other posts! Well Done!

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