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I actually thought I would never make it to the airport in time as we were stuck in traffic for over an hour. I was getting slightly nervous but I made it to check in very last minute. I said goodbye to my Mom and Grandpa and then I was off to my new adventure: Scotland.

I met my friend Sophie at London Heathrow. We were on the same flight to Edinburgh and she is also one of my flatmates. Once we arrived in Edinburgh’s city center we decided to get a taxi to our new place and were greeted by our Italian flatmate who offered to carry our luggage all the way up to the top floor. What a gent 😉


this is our new place from outside 🙂


wine and our fave TV show “I am a celeb – get me out of here”

As I am a theatre addict I was obliged to go out check out one of my new fave theatres in Edinburgh on our first day in the city. I already ordered tickets to go see a show there last year. My fave show of all times is touring the UK and will stop in Edinburgh in March. It is all about fun songs, awesomeness and bling bling…of course I had to get tickets in advance 😉


Left: posing with my fave musical actor(who will be singing and dancing in heels and garter belts in Edinburgh soon!) Right: posing with my fave musical Priscilla. 


Edinburgh Old Town in the back

We noticed quite early that Scottish people have a slight tendency to pronounce their words a bit..let’s call it “different”. So communicating with real Scotsman is always a pleasure haha!


view from the Scott Monument


view from Scott Monument


Sophie and me with our first Scottish friend 😉

Talking about friends…I will be studying with 6 of my other crazy friends from Germany in Edinburgh. We are all doing a double degree at the Edinburgh Napier University.


free donuts for all of us 🙂

2013-01-22 16.17.53

more Edinburgh

2013-01-22 20.31.01

Sophie and me in the theatre

We went to see our first theatre show last night. It was called New Jersey Nights and was all about the music of the Four Seasons which I absolutely love! It was a great show and we laughed so much! We were all dancing, singing and clapping in the end!

2013-01-22 21.19.50

the boys singing “who loves you”

Our friend Kathi arrived last night so we met up today and went up Calton Hill. We had a beautiful view!


up on Calton Hill

I can’t wait to explore more of the city! Uni starts tomorrow and once we get our schedule I can start planning trips. So excited! 🙂


Wowzers! These last few months have been super busy: work, study, work, study, presentations, work, study, sleep,work,work,work,study.

Few pictures that capture this month and a short story aboout a nice encounter with somebody awesome…

another fair in Frankfurt…kaching! 😉

The company I was working for at the fair this month was pretty cool. They even invited us for a fancy dinner and a nice party afterwards. Next day at work was no fun but who cares. You only live once 😉

sipping champagne in the VIP lounge

“Skinny Jeans” performing

Once the fair was over, I switched clothes and started mixing smoothies again 😉

working at the smoothie bar

Another job: being a test passenger for the new terminal at Frankfurt airport.

working at the airport

When I’m not working I spend my time in the library trying to write my thesis…86 days to go!!

master thesis

Back from the library: getting ready for a birthday party.

hipster bags

One of our friends had a birthday. She is a little hipster with lotsa hipster friends. We decided to “dress up” a little to fit in and took 10 minutes of our precious time to design some nice hipster bags 😉

♥ friends ♥

hangover cure!!!!

We found this new drink that promises to erase your hangover. I really have to say it worked!!!

obligatory pizza in bed on the “day after”

Just came back from the doctor’s as I had to get my blood checked. I’m not a big fan of needles but guess who took samples of my blood today? BARNEY STINSON!!! Ok, not the real one but his brunette doppelgänger. I seriously had trouble “concentrating” and I had to smile the entire time even though there was a needle in my arm! I almost high-fived him when I said goodbye. Awkward!! Can’t wait to go on a second “date” with him 😉

thesis writing at home

Now I changed into my pjs to make thesis writing a bit more “comfortable” before I have to go to work in a few hours. Working at the soccer stadium today as there is some big game and they need somebody to spread some awesomeness throughout the arena.True story!

A few questions that popped up while I was flying back to Helsinki, Finland today…

  • Why do people aways want to be the first ones entering the plane? It’s not like the first person on the plane gets a free flight…(or am I missing out on something??)
  • Why do the most annoying , smelly and fattest people always have to sit next to ME on planes? And why are those people always incapable of reading the correct seat number on their boarding pass and blaming me for sitting on a wrong seat??
  • Why do people sitting in front of me, always have to test if their seat really leans back…like 100 times…within 20 minutes?
  • Why do (most) Finnish passengers always buy and drink alcohol on planes? I am not talking about just one beer or glass of wine…
  • Why are most Russian girls so rude and think they are the prettiest creatures on earth? Just to let them know:  slutty ≠ pretty!!
  • Why do crying and crabby children always have to sit either behind or in front of me?
  • Why do people still clap after the pilot has landed the plane? Does a cleaner get applause after s/he swiped the floor or vacuum cleaned?

Last but not least – the most important question:

  • Why haven’t I won the lottery yet??

I could not think of any better song to end this blog entry…“tell me whyyyyy???…”


This is proof that there actually are competent marketers out there. I absolutely LOVE this ad! It’s probably one of the best I have ever seen! It is so different from what is already out there…so real, honest and emotional!

Maybe I like it so much because I can totally relate to what is going on there as I spend lotsa time at airports myself…so ATTENTION my dear enemies, friends, family & fans: next time I come to one of my 3 homes, I wanna be greeted at the airport like that 😉


I took the bus to work like everyday. When I got off the bus I had to walk a little to get to the office. When I was walking today I passed 2 policemen and a car. Nothing special….you think??!?! Suddenly one of the policemen started talking(in Finnish) and he did not stop anymore…I turned around and noticed that he was actually talking to me(and Monique who I bumped into on the way). I looked at Monique…she had the same question mark in her face like me. So we were just like “what?!?!!” and then the policemen noticed that his 5 minute speech in Finnish was useless and he repeated everything in English:”you need to hurry now.There is a car coming this way soon. Hurry.Run.RUN!!FAST!!!”

Duuuuuuuuuuuude!!Don’t do that to Jule in the morning!!! So we ran…but the closer we got to the office building the more policemen we saw. And then they all shouted “run!out of the way!run!” and gave us hand signals to run even faster.  At that point we were just wondering if a) we were starring in a new episode of 24 or b) Obama was coming.

As soon as we were in the office we found out that the huge amount of policemen and cars was due to the Baltic Sea Action Summit which was held in Helsinki today. So a lot of important politicians came.  The Lufthansa Cargo office is right next to the VIP terminal so whenever there are important people coming to Finland I’m at the right spot. But politicians?! Please!!! Do politicians really need that much attention? I vote for NO!

Russia sent its prime minister Wladimir Putin. I don’t know why but the Russians actually came on 3 different planes!!! And one of them was HUGE!!!

save the environment?! Fuck that I’m Russian!

welcome beloved carbon footprint!

When I left the office I could see a lot of police already…again.But this time I was not yelled at. But when I was in the center I saw the mess those politicians had caused…streets were just blocked and traffic lights were turned off so they would not be bothered when they would leave for the airport under convoy again…

Why do they need a convoy?Why do they need 20 cars to follow them?Why do they all need private jets? They all came to Helsinki in order to make commitments to save the Baltic Sea but do they know that they are making everything even worse with their 100 private jets and 200 cars which VIPs apparently need??!Think about it!

Even though I have been living up here in cold Finland for 2,5 years now the winter has never been this cold and we’ve never gotten that much snow. When I’m not freezing and complaining about the temperatures I am actually able to see the the pretty side of the winter:

pictures taken at work today

a look out of the office window

Yep yep I’m finally back in Suomi aka Funland.  When I was at the airport my carry on luggage was only checked once…usually they check it at least 3 times because I always have so much stuff in my bags that apparently look very dangerous. I was kinda happy though…never been through security this fast. I actually had a good feeling about this flight for once. But then it was delayed and I had to spend more time at the boring aiport. Didn’t know the reason for the delay until we were on the plane. We actually had to change gates so I kinda got an idea what could have happened…and I was right: The original plane was broken. So glad the pilot noticed the disfunction BEFORE we took off! So we had to go onto another plane and all of the luggage had to be taken from the broken plane to the new one. Of course this took a while. But as I had a window seat I could check if they lost my suitcase already or not and I was relieved when I saw my (way too heavy) suitcase on the trolley.

well,hello luggage! Glad you’re coming with me.

I was relieved when I landed in Helsinki. It felt kinda good to be “home” again.

Saturday was party and reunion day. It felt so good to see my friends again! Should have drank a bit less but well, you can’t have everything can you? 😉

my lovely girls: Tiina, me, Sille and Isa

Some of you know that already but I started my internship on Monday. I will be working at Lufthansa Cargo. I was so excited and nervous when i arrived there on Monday. I got kinda scared because they immediately sent me into some meeting and i just sat there…trying to look somewhat smart and pretending to understand all the stuff they were talking about. I think I understood ilke 7% of the things they talked about and I’m very proud of those 7% haha.

After that I went to lunch with some colleagues who turn out to be really cool and nice. And then I was sent to the city center to get some headshots taken for my airport ID. So quite an easy and short day 🙂

Today was a little different…I met the intern who I’m gonna replace later. She’s so nice and we talked so much that we got kinda disctracted from the tasks we planned to do…ahh whatever…I still learnt a lot today.Mostly about planes (even though I won’t get in touch with them that often.)

I’m scared of flying and have huge respect for planes and stuff but I still think they are impressive! And then…guess who parked right in front of our office window without any warning??

We waved but I guess Finnair is not friendly to its competitor…although they like parking right in front of their office…how rude ;)… The plane looks further away than it actually was. Felt kinda weird to have a plane parking outside your office…should get used to that though…especially when there’s a hot pilot sitting in there teehee 🙂