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Especially if it involves too much stuff, too many too heavy suitcases, too long train rides and too many train connections. Let’s see if I get to do productive things during those 7 hours. Like having a Two and a Half Men marathon. Or annoying the other people on the train by singing Kumba-Ya with my angel’s voice.

Chicks on Tour

Posted: December 12, 2010 in Bling Bling, friends, fun, Travel
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Tomorrow’s the day: two awesome chicks on the road – aaaall the way to beautiful Amsterdam. Looking forward to reunions, good food, new shows, great shopping and lotsa bling. ‘Nuff said 🙂

watch out!

I don’t know how often I’ve already showered but I still have glitter on my body. Or maybe it is just my awesomeness shining through…who knows. All I know is that I’ve seen him, the King of Glam, the Glamfather: Mr. Adam Lambert. True Story

one very happy Jule

The concert was sold out. The show was supposed to start at 9pm(not knowing that the diva himself would be 15 min late) and doors opened at 6pm. We arrived at 5.30pm and our eyes spied way too many teenagers who had been camping out there for 11 hours and longer(and it was fricking cold that day!!!). As I have German genes and a teensy bit of awesomeness in my blood, we lined up at the front while drinking a bottle of wine. It seemed that nobody really cared that we cut the line but they looked at us like we were aliens because we were drinking alcohol (come on we’re in Finland!). But maybe they were just irritated because I did not have cheesy things like “Adam I love you” written all over my arms and face with a permanent marker…I guess I will never find out.

As soon as we finished our wine bottles, the doors opened.I am so glad we had tickets in the “over 18 section” of the venue: no tormenting teenagers, no pushing and shoving. But a nice bar and great view.

The show was awesome but way too short! I wanted to get something from the merchandise stands after the show but those tools only accepted cash…and no debit cards(come on, we’re in Finland!!!!!)…so I could not get a beloved and way overpriced t-shirt. I was feeling grumpy as I did not get the t-shirt and started joking “either Adam shows up at the club later or I will be pissed for the rest of my life”…

Guess who really showed up at the club that night with his glamily?? At first I thought I was seeing a ghost but then the ghost turned out to be a tall and sparkly man with lotsa eye make up aka Mr. Lambert. My eyes almost popped out of my head!!! Awesome feeling, really!

Adam with clubowner Cristal Snow

That night was seriously one of the best in my life and the hangover was definitely worth it. I might even be glambertized for the rest of my life…so watch out friends, I might exchange the wine bottles with permanent markers next time 😉

Sun, Fun, Bling and Glitter…what else do I need on a Saturday???

being a little touristy on our way to pick up the tickets for the show

Brandenburg Gate

being myself

Friedrichstadtpalast…Europe’s biggest and most modern show palace and the biggest theater stage of the world!!!

foyer of the Friedrichstadpalast

on our seats

it was sold out!And we even saw the German designer Wolfgang Joop in the audience!

curtain call

late night impressions of the TV Tower

Had a great time yesterday. Did not really understand the story of the show though…but I didn’t really care because it included naked guys, bling, awesome costumes, breath-taking acrobatics and unbelievable choreographies!!!

Also thanks to Jess for not hurting me during my retarded moments.


is this awesome Mercedes:

the inside is as blingy as the outside (

I know Christmas is still 6 months away but I just wanted to announce my wish as early as possible cuz I’ve been an especially good girl this year!!! It just costs about 625.000-895.000€. Any volunteers?


I just went into the store because I wanted to say “hi” to a friend, who is working there. But then I saw this necklace and immediately fell in love!

Best of all?? I did not have to pay…my friend gave it to me as a late birthday present. Love Love Love her!!!!!!!!

It is quite heavy though so whenever I wear it, I will not only bling but have a neck work-out at the same time 😉

Bling it on!

Birthday Bling

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On April 17th the House of Bling (also known as my apartment) finally opened its doors for my Birthday Bling.

I wish we didn’t do those Vodka shots…cuz from there everything got …very Finnish 😉

As already announced in the previous blog I went to the Casino on Friday night. Had a great time and I am happy to announce that I did not spend any money for gambling! But let the pictures tell more:

Cheek performing


After the shows we walked around the casino a bit and then suddenly a guy came up and gave us free gamble tickets which we used for the slot machines first.

of course I chose a machine that matched my style:Kitty Glitter 😉

and that Kitty Glitter ate my ticket.

I had absolutely no idea how those machnes work and after consulting the guy next to me I was not any smarter. He basically said that you just push the buttons and hope you’re lucky and win something. Well isn’t that awesome? And I always thought there would be some logic behind those things…

Ok next we went to play roulette…and did not win anything either and the same luck for the Fortune Wheel. It was a nice experience though!Might go there again with the hope of gambling with free gambling tickets again 😉

Although St.Paddy’s day is only today I already had a little party on Saturday. One of my friends turned his apartment into a miniature version of Ireland and peppered it with original Irish tunes, nice booze and good company.

with a green bling bling mask!!

Fat Frog shots

a part of the crowd

in da club

It was a very nice and very green night. There should be more days where you dress up in certain colors. I think I might invent a Bling Bling day…or week…or maybe even year!Perfect! That’s all.

The day started early-ish and with a hashish smell in our room. It was not us!I swear…I guess our neighbors must have had a little hash party the night before as you could smell it everywhere the next morning.

Anyways, we went to Utrecht again in the morning in order to get some tickets for the show. What we didnt know was that it snowed a lot during the night/early morning. Driving was horrible! And I think the Dutch are not used to that much snow as they drove super slow. Sometimes it even felt like you were faster if you were walking. Eventually we made it to Utrecht…a little later than planned but we got tickets for 50% off in row 17. But we spent the entire show in row 1 because we are truly awesome! 😉 It was a great show! The guy who played “Joseph” was much better than the one on Friday.In general the cast was amazing! I don’t know what they took but they were even funnier than last time!

There was quite some snow chaos in Utrecht. Well, actually in whole Holland. it was a pleasure to get all of the snow off the car.

it took us about 30 minutes

The way back to Amsterdam was a bit scary as the highway was very icy and slippery and it took us over 1 hour longer than usual. The night we spent strolling through the city,eating,buying some last souvenirs(again lol) and giving out email addresses to weird Brazilian people. Back in the hotel we enjoyed some drinks(maybe a some more than planned lol)and Vla and listened to some nice music. Tomorrow it’s time to say goodbye…Let’s see for how long! 🙂

bling bling building

beautiful isnt it?