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Best of 2o12

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I admit. I have not been very good at keeping up with my blog last year. One of my resolutions for 2013 is to blog a bit more often. I am sure I will have enough to tell 😉

The previous year has probably been one of the most challenging years so far so I will start my 2013 blog by listing my favorite things of 2012. So here it goes:

March…Having a great time at the English Theatre in Frankfurt watching “The Who’s Tommy” and enjoying some sparkly “refreshments” 😉



My colorful birthday party. I do remember lots of booze and even more laughter. Great times!



Having a fun night out with the girls. We went to an after-work party in Frankfurt and partied among important business people cuz that’s how we roll 😉


My favorite Dutchie Fleur came to visit in May and we enjoyed some hangovers, lotsa laughter and the first sunbeams 🙂



Another reunion! I went to Munich. For the first time in my life. Yes, I am that kinda German 😉 I visited my friend Marian and she convinced me that Munich is an awesome place. And now, I am even willing to go back there.





My two lovely Finns Isa and Kata came to visit me in May as well. I haven’t seen the girls since I moved back to Germany last August so it felt really good to see them again as I have missed my Finnish entourage 😉


I love my house mates in Gießen! We decided to stop traffic and do our own version of Abbey Road. Fun moments.

Die beste WG


We had quite  big house party in June. About 100 people and the police came to party with us. The police must have liked it as they came back after a while 😉



My inner teenager was so happy in June! I flew to Dublin to see Westlife in concert. It was their farewell tour and I met a few friends and we all went to see it together. It was in Croke Park, the big stadium in Dublin and it was packed!


We sang, danced, laughed and cried. Awesome concert. Awesome time. Farewell, Westlife ♥



Made a quick trip to Hamburg in July to reunite with these two lovely ladies! ♥



Oh summer how I loved you and how I loved the bbq/wig parties on our roof terrace with my house mates.


Another summer night. Another roof terrace. Another bbq party.



Even though I do not really follow soccer, it was great to experience the atmosphere in the stadium. As I was working there I could catch everything for free. I liked. But I am still not a big soccer fan 😉

I loved the wine and musical evenings with my friend Kathi. We made ourselves comfy on my bed, drank wine and watched musicals…until we fell asleep.


In October I got to see my little Prince again. I love my nephew. A lot.



Another highlight in 2012 was my trip to Portugal. My friend Isa was on exchange in Lisbon and we decided on a little reunion over there. Best of all: My friend Henna (who I have not seen for over a year) flew in from England and we all spent a lovely, crazy and fantastic extended weekend in this beautiful city. I seriously cannot wait for the next reunion!

Nov 1


My friend Jess, who I don’t get to see very often, came to visit me in November. Besides shopping, sightseeing, eating out and seeing the Musical “Sweet Charity”, we were in tears laughing…as always. 🙂




Another trip to Hamburg in Decemeber where I tried to see as many friends as possible. Simone is always one of my fave person to meet there! We were known as “Team Awesome” back in Helsinki…and are probably remembered as “Team Retard” in Hamburg 😉novv

The main reason for my Hamburg trip was a big themed birthday party. The theme: Musicals! What else did you expect? 😉 I decided to dress up as Charleston girl from the musical “Chicago” pretty last minute and had a great time…according to the pictures. Haha!


Playing Laser Tag with my house mates was another highlight! To regain our energy we had some hot wine at the Christmas market in Frankfurt afterwards.It was the last fun night out before I moved and I really enjoyed it.


Last reunion with my crazy work colleagues who surprised me that night!


I will never forget the day I could submit one of my worst nightmares ever….116 pages of sweat, tears and pain.


Christmas with the family…and a very happy nephew 😉


In late December, I got to spend a fun day out with my sister. Haven’t done this for years as both of us are usually very busy. We went to Rostock for some shoppping and then we had “Dinner in the Dark” where you are served food in the dark. You do not know what the blind waitors are serving you….you just need to use your remaining senses. It was such a weird but also great experience. Best of all: I did not spill any food…onto my clothes at least 😉


Cannot wait to see what 2013 brings along! I am hoping for a lot of laughter, fun times and glitter! 😉


…I have my life back. At least for a few weeks.

I admit it.I might have worked a bit too much during the last few months considering the fact that my studies should be my first priority. Oh well, I guess money does rule the world. But besides working and studying I’ve managed to have a little fun as well.

USA motto party

yo momma motto party

We’ve also gone on a few trips. We went to check out Kassel, the hometown of one of my friends, during Christmas time. We had so much fun even though it was freezing cold and very slippery especially on the mountain. But there is nothing hot wine can’t fix 😉

Hercules monument in Kassel

view down from Hercules

Christmas market in Kassel

I also became an aunt. My nephew and little prince Matti was born 10 days before Christmas. I was so happy when I finally could drive up north to see my family and Matti for Christmas.

the little prince

I could have cuddled this smelly angel forever but duty called and I had to leave and go back to Gießen shortly after the new year had started. In January I started a second job. Not the smartest idea considering the fact that the exams and final presentations were coming closer. But hey, money!


My other job is in Frankfurt so I have to use the trains to get there. And while doing that I also found out that the warning “mind the gap between platform and train” makes perfect sense and should be taken seriously. To my defense I have to say that it was very slippery (and I was in a hurry) so I slipped right into the gap with my entire right leg. I do not recommend that. It is scary and very hurtful. And time-consuming. And I am certainly not one of those people who have lotsa spare time to see doctors. Thankfully the train did not move until I was out of there but I smashed my leg and was not allowed to stress and use it so I could not work any of my jobs: bye bye money. And thanks to the pain: bye bye sleep.

I needed surgery but luckily my puppy eyes worked and I could convince the doctors to wait until after my exams. The pain faded a bit and I could attend the “it’s all over” party. Unfortunately I could not drink alcohol but I still had a good time.

celebrating the end of the exams

our knowledge on the floor 😉

Oh yeah, in between all of the above I also had to move apartments as my contract ended. But the painting and building the furniture had to wait until after the exams.

I finished everything just in time for my long-awaited surgery. I admit I was freaked out, scared and horrified and could not sleep for days. Doctors, needles and hospitals are not really my cup of tea. But the “chill pill” I had to take right before my surgery made the world pretty awesome and sparkly again and I was a bit more relaxed until they totally drugged me with the anesthesia.

time for surgery

First thing I did after I woke up again was to check if they took the right leg. They did but they bandadged the entire leg so the only thing I could see was a disgusting blood-filled tube coming out of my leg. And this is when I fell asleep again. Don’t remember the other stuff that happened that day. Except for the burning injection. Even though I have already been getting those for over a month now it still hurts and stings like a bitch.

Some of my friends came to visit me in hospital the next day. It felt so good to see someone I knew especially since my family could not be there. My friends got me a cute care package which made my eyes all teary. But after a few hours of happiness it was time for boredom, nurses and injections again.

I love my friends

Luckily, I only had to stay in hospital for a few days. Now I’m at home trying to relax and enjoying some time off-work. And next week I’m off to see my family and friends up north for a few days. Life is good…until it’s time for that stupid injection again.

This past weekend was full of family reunions and I absolutely loved it! On Friday, most of the family got together to celebrate my grandma’s 89th birthday. On Saturday, I invited my other grandma and grandpa for lunch along with my sister and spent the evening watching the finale of the German version of  “I’m a celebrity…get me out of here” with my cousin.

the birthday girl 🙂

me and my new best friend 😉


I took my grandparents out to lunch and we were greeted by this funny parrot in the restaurant


big family dinner

happy that my favorite contestant won the show

I went to Rostock with my mom and sister yesterday for some Christmas shopping and to check out Rostock’s beautiful Christmas market, which is the biggest in northern Germany. Can’t remember the last time I have been there. I just love the smell of roasted almonds, chestnuts, glogg and gingerbread cookies…yummm!

welcome to the Christmas Market




Glühwein (glogg)


my faves: roasted almonds and candied apples


traditional Christmas stars

traditional Christmas pyramid

I love the pre-Christmas season, even though the shopping for the right Christmas presents gets more annoying each year.True story.

Chicago:old home, sweet home

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After being back in Helsinki for almost 1 week, I think it is about time to blog about my trip.

We arrived a bit later than expected…planes are never on time these days and after being awake for almost 30 hours one would think that the human body craves for sleep – not mine though! I was way too excited to be back and Jenni and I decided to stroll through the city. October is known as breast cancer month, hence they call it Pinktober and use lotsa pink lights and decorations which made me even happier 🙂

Buckingham Fountain

Eventually we decided to go to sleep and to continue our “check up on the city” after sunrise. We were no tourists but simply observers. We had to observe if everything was still on the same spot and looked the same after we moved back to Europe in 2006. 😉

the legendary Chicago Theater

…one of my dreams is to see a show or concert in that theater…really wanna make that happen next time I’m there!


The Bean in Millennium Park

in the Bean

J. Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park

Millennium Park

up on the John Hancock Center

I also got to meet an “old” friend who I’ve known for over 10 years already. Last time I’ve seen her was 5 years ago so it was very nice to see her again and check out Chicago’s nightlife.

Jenni, Katie & I

The next day started kind of slow as we did not get as much sleep as planned and our feet still hurt from the day/night before…if the feet would have known what lay ahead of them that day, they would have gone on strike…or fallen off right away

thank God for sunglasses!

Buckingham Fountain at day time

Navy Pier Park

view from Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier

seconds before the freezing cold water got me

North Avenue Beach. Apparently my phone didn’t want me to be in the picture…

That day we ended up walking more than 20 miles. Don’t remember the last time my feet hurt that bad. We went out to some open roof club/bar (Benchmark) with Katie at night. I loved that place!

The next day we spent walking along Rout 66, the Magnificent Mile for some shopping, and running some last minute errands before it was time to hit the suburbs to celebrate some more reunions. Jenni went to Highland Park and I went to beloved Deerfield.

Route 66

happy Jule! 🙂

When Debbie and I saw each other at the train station, we ran into each other’s arms crying. And it got even worse when I saw the kids. I don’t think I have ever hugged people that long before 🙂

family dinner…how I have missed that bunch of crazy people.


at Ed Debevic’s…one of the most fun restaurants ever!

when the waiters are not busy being rude to you, they dance on the counter

The Bean at night

a part of the Crown Fountain

picking up Bradley from school…Happy Halloween

And then it was time for Rosie’s Bat Mitzvah. The celebrations lasted 2 days. We spent lotsa time sitting in Jewish temples, trying not to fall asleep during service which was all in Hebrew, eating and dancing ;-)…and maybe some of us (esp. me) shed quite some tears because we were so proud of our “little” girl. It also felt very good to see even more people who I haven’t seen in years…

Zachary(the best MirandaSings imitator to date), Emily and Jule


🙂 🙂 🙂

The next day was an ugly day as we all had to say goodbye again. Debbie, Jeff and Bradley took Anna and me to the airport and after a tearful goodbye, we had to face reality again and a security check which went better than expected: no beeping or criminal treatments at all. Can’t remember the last time that happened.

Anna,Jule and Jenni with big fake smiles

Jenni and my flight was so delayed that we missed our connection flight in London and had the pleasure to hang out at Heathrow airport for additional hours(as if the 7 hours on our flight to Chicago would not have been enough)…and when we finally arrived in Helsinki I had to wait for another 26 hours to get my luggage. Oh, the joys of traveling…but I can’t wait for the next trip 🙂


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Just submitted my last assignments…and now I can finally start packing because tomorrow I’m leaving for…

Chicago Baby!

It’s going to be so weird to be back…haven’t been there in over 4 years! Some old memories:

view from Sears Tower 2005


my Spice Girls and I at North Avenue Beach 2006


my babies and I, 2006

Best of all: the kids don’t know anything…Guess it’s gonna be a little surprising when suddenly I show up at softball practice 😉

I probably won’t be able to blog during my stay there. Might  upload some pictures to FB though…see y’all once I’m back…if I ever come back 😉


Thank God it’s over! Don’t get me wrong I really love Christmas.I love spending time with my family and all that. I also like food (which can’t be overseen) but the food and the eating culture during Christmas time is too much…even for me! 3 or more meals a day is at least 2 meals too many!I am so thankful for the invention of leggings – or in my case…SHINY PANTS (thank you ginatricot! I’m addicted to those!!!) – as they are so stretchy and comfy…even if you ate 3 pigs!

I actually wanted to show you our Christmas roast but I forgot to take a picture…so I googled it and this is what came up as one of the results:

very interesting Christmas food 😉

This is not the traditional German Christmas roast but definately yummy 😉 hehe.

I hope all of you had a great Christmas! Can’t believe that there’s just a few days left of that awesome year! Enjoy those days and speak soon!

my sister and I. I don’t get to see her as often as I would like to…

As my parents finally found the way to Finland (after 2,5 years of me living up here!) I thought I would do something special and take them to Tallinn, Estonia. I’ve never been there before either and thought it would be a great opportunity.

It only takes about 2 hours with the ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn. The ferry we took was called “Superstar”…what a coincidence 😉

a bit blurry but i hope u can see it

nice hat ‘eh?

Aleksander Nevski Cathedral in Tallinn…kinda reminded me of the great time in Russia

brrr it was cold!

me at my best!drinking Glögi

my mom and I

christmas market

Santa looking all weird ( i think he even was drunk!)

Tallinn is such a beautiful small city. Even though it was kinda cold it was great!!! Would like to go back there in the summer time!

My mom and grandpa took me to the airport on Friday. My stomach felt a bit better than the day before but that changed as soon as we arrived at the airport. I checked in my suitcase which was way too heavy as always(why do girl clothes always have to be so heavy?!?!??? lol) and then I had a little while until I had to go through security. I was talking with my mom and grandpa and we kinda forgot the time I should have gone through security at 1:40pm the latest…but it was already 13:50…so I kinda had to “hurry up” saying goodbye. I think that was not that bad because otherwise it would have been too emotional again.

Sooooo I lined up for security…and there was that big Chinese family with 3 little kids(and 1 baby) in front of me. They were so loud and SLoooW…i was in a HURRY goddammit lol. But there was one thing that made me kinda happy: I was sure that this family won’t be on my plane but on a plane heading back to China or somewhere else…

So finally it was my turn at the security…I had 1 carry on suitcase and 1 purse which i wanted to take into the plane…as always. It took them forever to go through my bags(ok I had a lot of stuff in there but still!).They scanned my purse like 3 times and then when I thought i was done one of the security guys was like “well yeah I need to look into the suitcase”…so I opened it and I had lotsa colorful and bling bling stuff in there(what else?! lol)…oh and Pumpernickel(I loooove that bread and I cannot find it in Helsinki so I always take some with me when I go back). After making a joke about my bling bling he was like “Pumpernickel?!?! You are that healthy?”…Well,thank you! I know I don’t look like a healthy person but sometimes I really do eat healthy stuff…sounds weird I know! So after explaining him  that I really do eat that vouluntarily his colleague mentioned that they have to check my laptop and I have to come with them. So I got all of my stuff and they walked me to that high-tech room which was like 20 m away from the security scanners. I was so pissed cuz I was sad and tired and LATE! Don’t ask me why but one of the security guys suddenly started a conversation about the different kind of Pumpernickel…   …   …   ….ehhh ya…that’s exactly what I thought too!

So they double-checked my laptop and after some more annoying small talk I could leave the security area and rushed to my gate. The people were already standing in line for boarding but there were so many so I ran into the magazine store to buy the new Cosmo.  When I was done i could board the plane…and guess who sat 3 rows in front of me??? That Chinese family and their very annoying and loud kids!!! How lucky can one be?!


When I arrived in Helsinki I took the bus downtown…and it was so packed…there was hardly room for the luggage and the air in the bus was not very good either…well at least the sun was shining lol. When I was downtown I had to change busses and I was so glad when I finally entered the bus that would take me “home”…after 10 minutes in the bus the driver told us to leave the bus as it was broken so I had to wait for another one (and I was in a hurry…AGAIN!!!) After waiting for 15 minutes the replacement bus came and that one really took me home! So after getting rid of my way too heavy suitcases I freshened up and left again to meet 2 friends for Helsinki’s “Night of the Living Arts”. I have never been there before and i think the last time I’ve seen Helsinki City that crowded was Vappu lol.

CIMG2818pretty huh?

Sorry that was a very long post…i hope it makes up for the time I was away 😉

Sorry I haven’t been very active here on wordpress during the last few weeks but I have been so busy. I was working a lot (mostly nightshifts) and during the day I met lotsa friends/family. Every time I’m in Germany I tell myself not to leave everything til the very last minute but somehow it never works out and I find myself being busy and hectic as I need to get so many things done before I leave the country.

Anyways the day has come…the end of my summer! I was leaving for Helsinki again on Friday. And this time my stomach was very nice to me…instead of giving me a hard time on the day I enter the plane(like it usually happens) I already started having problems the day before so I could hardly eat and enjoy myself…THANK YOU STOMACH!

Anyways I went to see the Horst Schlämmer movie “Isch kandidiere” with my sister on Thursday night and could forget my worries and the pain for a while. Great movie even if you don’t have a clue about politics! I laughed so much…weisse Bescheid Schätzelein!!

I love Horst Schlämmer and I also think Hape Kerkeling is a genius!