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Usually we only make trips to the Netherlands in the deepest winter so the roadtrip turns into an adventure. But this year we squeezed a summer roadtrip into our busy schedule. We were hoping for lotsa sunshine during the 9 hour trip but all we got was gray clouds and lotsa rain.

This year’s first stop was Heemskerk. A little town our navigation system did not know and therefore, it took us quite a while until we actually found the right way to that magic place where the sun was actually shining. My favorite Dutchie, Fleur, already welcomed us and we decided to go to the beach to enjoy the nice weather after dinner.

Fleur and my new furry buddy Max

we enjoyed the sunset and a few drinks

Jess, Fleur and Max(under the table) at the beach bar

The next day we were off to Zaanse Schans, a collection of windmills. It was a pretty fun and very Dutch day.

having a seat in a gigantic (and pretty wet) wooden shoe

showing off my new dancing shoes 😉

the girls in the wooden shoe souvenir shop

the windmills

We went into a “sawmill” where windpower is used in order to saw wood.Pretty cool but also pretty dusty.

Jess, Fleur and me on the “terrace” of the sawmill

in the Netherlands shoes are not only made for walking 😉

On the way back to Heemskerk we saw one of the coolest buildings ever. It is a hotel and if it would not be in the middle of nowhere, I would definitely spend a night or two in there.

coolest building ever!

The next day we drove to Amsterdam where I was off for a wedding (blog about this summer’s weddings will follow shortly) and Jess spent too much money during a successful shopping trip. We also visited our famous Aunt Mary in Den Haag. It was her last day in town and of course we did not wanna miss that 😉

Mary Poppins

One of our friends got us tickets for the show and we could enjoy Mary Poppins from amazing seats! It was kinda sad that it was the last show but the atmosphere in the theater was awesome! We had lotsa fun especially during scenes where lotsa (hot) sweeping was going on. (Sorry, that is an inside joke 😉 )

the view from our seats

the final curtain call

When we left the theater we noticed something quite weird: They changed the theater decorations during the show. They took down Mary Poppins and put up the posters for the new show so once you left the theater, the Mary Poppins feeling was taken away and replaced by a green witch who we actually did not plan on seeing before the winter.

Wicked is next

After the show we only had a quick reunion with Erwin and then we quickly checked out the beach and pier before it started raining again.

it was a bit windy though

The next day, we met some friends and we finally made something happen that I have planned on doing four Amsterdam trips ago: visiting the Anne Frank House. I loved Anne Frank’s diary and it was a weird feeling to finally be in the place where she and her family were hiding from the Nazis for such a long time. Kinda creepy feeling but still very fascinating. At the end we got to see the real Oscar the Anne Frank movie won in 1959. Actually, it belonged to Shelley Winters who won it for her role in the Anne Frank movie.

a very shiny and very real Academy Award.

The rest of the day was pretty relaxed. We enjoyed (too much) yummy food, went to the Kaaskelder and tasted (and bought) lotsa cheese, went to the flower market, played tourist, had more  food and once it stopped raining we could actually enjoy a few minutes of sunshine.



posing at the I amsterdam sign

having one of the biggest (and yummiest) pancakes ever…the stomach ache afterwards was totally worth it!

We ate so much that we decided to walk to our hotel and lose a few of those 17639284 calories we consumed that day. On the way we passed a few funny stores…this one below was my favorite. I love moustaches but only if you can take them off again at the end of the day. If you are not retarded or don’t work in porn, don’t even consider growing a moustache or I will make fun of you!

I totally dig the Sunday style!

The Carré theater. Looking forward to the day when I finally get to sit in there!

This trip was actually the Dutchest one of all of our trips to the Netherlands even though I did not get the chance to eat my beloved Bitterballen and Kaasstangels. But that’s gonna be on my menu this winter…together with a freshly baked stroopwafel. Oh I can already feel upcoming stomach ache… 🙂


Easter Moments

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Here we go…again:

I kinda dragged some of my friends to that awesome sushi place I’ve been posting about in my last 2 blogs. It was actually perfect timing because our waitress seemed to be a bit hungover and gave us starters for free so we would not be so mad at her for bad service.She also forgot to charge us for our bottle of wine. Don’t care if it was rude or not…we just paid our bill without asking if she has forgotten about the wine. Tough luck 😉

We enjoyed some laughs (and cider) outside

went out for dinner & celebrated Jesse’s bday

view from the club

on the roof top of the club

shot time 🙂

I seriously don’t know why I am so red in this picture…I guess the shots made the devil in me come out for a wild swirl 😉

can you see the (dirty) snow in the background?

Can’t believe Easter is over already. Having 4 days off in a row has never felt so great. I’m back to saving the world again tomorrow. 😉

I had a birthday on Thursday. This usually happens to me once a year. But this year I could enjoy fame that lasted for full three days. There was a little surprise party for me at work on Wednesday already. A colleague tricked me into going into the office kitchen to get something but when I entered the kitchen I saw all of my colleagues standing there, smiling, yelling…”surpriiiiiiiiiiiiiiise!!!!!!!!” I was a bit confused. At first, I actually thought I missed my own birthday. They decided to celebrate my Highness a day early as a lot of colleagues would not be in the office on “the real day”. It was pretty cute actually. I got a nice card and we had some cookies and traditional finnish bakeries and pastries. Yum!

Thursday came. I did not feel like having a birthday at all. To be honest, I actually forgot it was my birthday but was reminded again by a colleague once I was back in the office. Priceless moment. It was quite a weird day though as I was so busy at work and did not really have time for any birthday thoughts…


I got a lot of fan mail that day…>>><<<…I sincerely love my friends…fans…I mean my fans!!! 😉

Friday came. Went out for some delicious sushi and wine with some friends. The place is the best in Helsinki and we were pretty lucky we got seats as they do not take reservations.

cheers to me and my awesome friends!! 😉

alaska maki

We spent quite an amount of money at the restaurant but awesome people need awesome food that costs an awesome amount of money 😉

I’m gonna spend the rest of my birthday weekend in bed. I am sick. I have tried to deny it during the last few days but I guess being a quarter of a century old now leaves its marks…slowly but surely 😉

Have a great weekend everybody!

As we are expecting visitors today, I baked one of my favorite cakes this morning: CHEESECAKE.

awesomeness in the making 😉

I am still wondering if I should try a little piece or not. I am only on day 6 of that stupid diet, which is increasingly driving me crazy!!

I noticed how living a non-carb life is changing me psychologically…not in a good way. I have so much stress going on because of the stupid job(which I HATE) and my annoying bachelor thesis. I am getting sick and I even had a nervous breakdown the other day because I feel I’m under too much pressure. This has never happened before and I’ve been under a lot of pressure in my life!!! I also miss my Finnish life and friends a lot. For this reason, I decided that maybe it is not good that I am so strict on myself at the moment. I am not completely giving up on the diet though! Just taking it a bit easier.

I also signed up for one (online) course this semester even though I already have enough credits. But I am very interested in that topic (principles of leadership) and I actually miss studying. I know. Nerd-Alert! Just got the schedule the other day:looks like I’m gonna be very busy during the next weeks.

Today I’m gonna give myself a little break! Going to Berlin with the family to see the (German) great-grandfather of comedy tonight. Booked the tickets over 6 months ago and I am so excited! Will tell you more about it tomorrow, I guess.


….and I’m still going on strong!

I noticed how much easier it is to control the hunger if you eat regularly. I have to eat 6 times a day now: Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, dessert. That’s hard work! Sometimes I do skip meals because I am just too full…or disgusted by the food…like my dessert for example: sugar-free jello.

The last time I ate sugar-free jello was when I was living in the States. You could buy it in the stores and it was yummy. Unfortunately, I haven’t found stuff like that over here. For this reason, I bought this do-it-yourself-pack and just left the sugar out when I cooked it. I was soooo excited to eat it once it was done. I almost threw up though because it was so disgusting. I’m sure I’ll get used to it one day.(hopefully that day’s gonna come soon!!)

I had tuna salad for lunch today. I love it! Lettuce, broccoli, bell peppers, tuna & home-grown tomatoes. never knew eating healthy (and carb-free) can be that yummy!!

carb free tuna salad

The bad thing is that I still have a longing for sweet stuff sometimes and it is very hard to resist!!! I really hope those 2 weeks are over soon!! Because then I can at least eat fruit again…mmhhhmmmmm

A new chapter…day 1

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I decided to change a few things in my life.

First off: I’m too fat and wanna lose weight. I’ve been planning that for years but somehow, it never really worked out. A few weeks ago, I read about the South Beach Diet. I tested it for a few days to find out if I could do it or not.

Phase one is so hard (no carbs at all for 2 full weeks)…but I think I can do it. So today was the official day 1 of my diet. I’m still in a good mood. Let’s see how long that’s gonna last…because I just love bread and rice and pasta and chocolate…and…( i better stop now before I start crying lol)

P.S. It’s gonna be a really awesome working at Mc Donalds seeing all those yummy things and stay strong. Oh man, what did I get myself into!?!?!?!

I had my very first business dinner last night. It was a casual one though but still very interesting and exciting. Two colleagues from Estonia came to Helsinki and after having a few drinks at their hotel bar we went to Maya, a very nice South American restaurant right in the center of Helsinki.

Afterwards we all went to the Finnish National Gallery and checked out the masterpieces from the National Picasso Museum in Paris.  It is a uniquely extensive exhibition presenting all periods of Pablo Picasso’s work.

To be honest, I am not such a big fan of art. Maybe it is because I don’t understand art. Who knows. But the exhibition was actually very interesting and amusing although I only liked approx. 10% of the paintings that were shown there.

He painted a lot of naked people and called them women. They surely looked weird but I guess that was his style.

woman or man? Either way not very pretty and he was very bad at drawing boobs as well!

Anyways, I really don’t understand how people would pay millions of Euros for a picture a 5 year old could have painted better.

2% of his pictures are actually very very pretty…so he could actually paint well.Just wondering if he was either stoned or completely drunk when he painted the remaining 98% of his works. Unfortunately I cannot ask him anymore. There are a lot of other things I would ask him because I think I made up a completely new theory about him, his sexuality and his life. True story.