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Posted: March 20, 2010 in movie
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What a great movie! Usually I don’t watch that kinda movies but I am glad I did this time. What a masterpiece! It was quite heavy though and some scenes even shot tears into my eyes.It just left me breathless!

I highly recommend this movie! Just seeing Mariah Carey without make-up is worth it! 🙂

And knowing that there are people out there who have to go through similar things than “Precious” just makes me so angry and sad.

Life is hard. Life is short. Life is painful. Life is rich. Life is….Precious.

I finally saw it: the remake of the 1980s movie “Fame” and I’ve been looking forward to see the new version for quite some time. I think the original is amazing!



Note to myself: never go see a movie when jetlagged!!!

I don’t know how long I slept but I think I missed quite a bit. This has never happened to me before! The movie was NOT boring so please go see it cuz it’s great, especially those who are into musical films! And for those who are not into musical films go see it as well because it’s a classic and a part of general education 😉


Oh man…that was one rough weekend! Actually I planned on having a nice chilled and relaxing weekend as it was the last one before my trip but that did not work out quite well. I was sick (again) but this time it was worse. I felt horrible and sleepy and like staying in bed. But then I pumped myself with antibiotica and made a quick and spontanous visit to IKEA with Jenni and Enrico and bought stuff I did not really need…except for the new bright orange slippers ;).  This was followed by a little movie night. I thought I could just sit there and pass out. But noooooo of course Enrico and Jenni chose a movie which would cheer everybody up: MAMMA MIA! (which I’m gonna see again in a few days with Lizzie!!!)…so instead of falling asleep we sang…well Enrico did, I was just laughing!

The next day(which was actually Sunday already) was followed by some more antibiotica, hot tea and studying. I finally had to start my home exam for my “promotion” class.

school workActually I planned on having the entire exam done by the end of the weekend but that did not really happen. And I’m still not done as it is very complex. The deadline is Oct.30th but I want to have it done before I leave for Texas as I won’t have time and energy to do anything while I’m there.

Then Monday came and my voice was gone. Nice trade huh? Didn’t go to my morning class as I felt horrible but eventually I left the house to run some errands and because I was so depressed that I could not speak I cheered myself up and went shopping 😉 and it worked!!

It was like destiny…I went in there and I could see it from a galaxy far,far away…blinging and looking all amazing…my new treasure:

bling blingI look like a glitter ball wearing it but Christmas is just 2 months away and in between I’ll just wear it to some party (combined with black leggings and boots or heels?) or whenever I feel like being awesome 😉

Ok back home I worked on my exam again and kinda skipped my last evening class. And then I thought with me having been very poductive all day I could go to bed early tonight so I’m well-rested to start working on a presentation with my IMEA(International Marketing Analysis Programme) team mates tomorrow morning. Well I guess I have to do that without being well-rested…but that’s ok. I can do that because I’m awesome – at least that’s what people keep on telling me 😉

P.S. we had the first snow this season today!!! Don’t know why that sounds so exciting cuz I’m not ready for that yet 🙂

Sorry I haven’t been very active here on wordpress during the last few weeks but I have been so busy. I was working a lot (mostly nightshifts) and during the day I met lotsa friends/family. Every time I’m in Germany I tell myself not to leave everything til the very last minute but somehow it never works out and I find myself being busy and hectic as I need to get so many things done before I leave the country.

Anyways the day has come…the end of my summer! I was leaving for Helsinki again on Friday. And this time my stomach was very nice to me…instead of giving me a hard time on the day I enter the plane(like it usually happens) I already started having problems the day before so I could hardly eat and enjoy myself…THANK YOU STOMACH!

Anyways I went to see the Horst Schlämmer movie “Isch kandidiere” with my sister on Thursday night and could forget my worries and the pain for a while. Great movie even if you don’t have a clue about politics! I laughed so much…weisse Bescheid Schätzelein!!

I love Horst Schlämmer and I also think Hape Kerkeling is a genius!