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Just like every year, I do my very own review of the Eurovision Songcontest, which was held in Baku, Azerbaijan, this year.

Also, I did something very special this year. I went to a public viewing of the show. I had some friends visiting from Finland and we all went to that Eurovision party together which was hosted by a lovely and pretty funny drag queen. I took notes during the show and as I just found them again, I decided to finally share my (belated) opinions of the performances(click on the name of country to open the songs on YouTube).

Let’s get the party/euphoria started 😉

01. England: Last year, Blue represented England. This year they sent their grandfather. It was kinda like Tom Jones meets Johnny Cash. In a bad way.

02. Hungary: The song was called “Sound of Our Hearts”. My heart burped during this performance.

03. Albania: Kinda reminded me of MirandaSings and the evil Queen of Snow White 😉 Thank God there were no fancy glasses on our table. She would have shattered them with her voice!

04. Lithuania: I surprisingly liked the song after he took off his bling-bling scarf.

05. Bosnia Herzogovina: I was desperately waiting for a “Lady Gaga moment” to happen. I am still waiting.

06. Russia: Awesomeness! Those grandmas were sooo cute! I was hoping they all took their medications! One of my faves of the night!

07. Iceland: Nightwish gone Iceland and blonde.

08. Cyprus: ♫♪♫ Lalalalala ♫♪♫ That’s also a good to work out to.

09. France: 10 points for the topless dancer. 3 points for the singer.

10. Italy: This is what Amy WInehouse would have looked like when she used a comb and Posh Spice was her best friend.

11. Estonia: Reminded me of the last song they always play to get rid of the last people in the club.

12. Norway: Adam Lambert meets Abercrombie & Fitch model.

13. Azerbaijan: Very nice voice and I loved the dress and all of the effects.

14. Romania: The moonwalking bagpipe player is awesome!

15. Denmark: Avril Lavigne meets Sheryl Crow. This is a good song to listen to when you are road-tripping.

16. Greece: Apparently, this wannabe Shakira was in a hurry and forgot to put on a skirt, huh?

17. Sweden: Another one of my faves! I expected some awesome dance moves but they only sent a ninja up on stage.

18. Turkey: Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. The dancers in the background looked like bats trying to fly.

19. Spain: She can sing but that does not change the fact that I yawned like 7 times during this song. True story.

20. Germany: I loved it! We were literally dancing on the tables and cheering! Besides, I think the guy is cute(ish)

21. Malta: This song puts me in a good mood. We were still dancing on tables from the song before.

22. F.Y.R. Macedonia: Well…That is all. The only thing that excited me was the electric violin in the back.

23. Ireland: Jedward, here we go again. I think last year’s drugs were still working 😉 Last year’s song was better as well.

24. Serbia: ZzzzZzzz…This is when I ordered more wine.

25. Ukraine: The outfit of the dancers distracted me from the actual song. Not in a good way.

26. Moldova: This song makes me wanna dance….a very stupid dance though.

I am glad that one of my top three won this year’s contest: Sweden!! I really like the song and I am happy that next year’s Eurovision will be in Stockholm, Sweden! Let’s see, maybe I’ll even report live from the arena next time 😉



It was time again for the long awaited Eurovision Song Contest 2011.Since Germany won last year (wohoo!!), the competition was held in Düsseldorf, Germany this year. And what did Germany do? They sent the same girl to perform for Germany again this year.Totally against my liking.Totally ridiculous.Totally stupid. Just like last year, click on the names of the countries to listen to the songs and see the performances.

However, here is my review from last nights Eurovision.

01. Finland: Happy Finland got to perform this year. The guy was a chubby version of James Blunt on sleeping pills and trying to flirt with the camera guy.

02. Bosnia Herzogovina: Since when are pensioners allowed to perform at the Eurovision?Don’t know what was funnier….watching the old guy die onstage or watching his background dancers doing the chicken dance.

03. Denmark: I absolutely ♥ that song! Just makes me happy 🙂 Sounded pretty familiar though.

04. Lithuania: What was wrong with that dress??Holy Moly!You should never wear such a dress and sing a song that could be featured by Walt Disney.And if you do sign language, do NOT do it while you are singing. First of all, that looks totally ridiculous and second of all, that is just plain rude.Boo!

05. Hungary: The first thing one of my friends asked: “Is that a girl or a boy?” Well, it was a girl.Awful dress but catchy song.(and I loved the ring she was wearing!)

06. Ireland: Where do I start? Those twins just looked like they stole Lady Gaga’s costumes (and drugs).And then they sing about “Lipstick” while giving an aerobics class. Awful, but very catchy…”She’s got her lipstick on, here I come da da dum” ♫♪♫. Dammit!

07. Sweden: So Swedish.So gay.So hot….the song would have been way better if the guys just would have gotten naked.

08. Estonia: I have liked the song since the semi-finals. Mary Poppins meets Eliza Doolittle….”1273 down the Rockefeller Street”♫♪♫

09. Greece: WTF?? The dance?No words. Listening to that song made me feel like eating souvlaki and tzatziki.

10. Russia: The guy looked way too hot to be Russian.But not hot enough to be hot.You know what I’m trying to say here?

11. France: I would like to quote one of my friends again: “oh, look at the background! It looks so nice!!” And she was right.The background was actually pretty nice. But it was not nice enough to distract from that terrible opera song.

12. Italy: where were the jazz hands??

13. Switzerland: I loved the bling on her dress. The song was ok too.

14. England: I’ve always loved Blue. But I still cannot forgive them for wearing those outifts.

15. Moldova: How could I describe them? How about: Garden gnomes on LSD?! They also had a lovely fairy-gnomette on a bicycle…I know!! I told you…LSD!!!

16. Germany: Lena just made me wanna drink my wine even faster. Her background dancers looked like Irish dancers wearing latex suits. Thank God we had lotsa Fisu(disgusting Finnish shots) during that performance.Made it more bearable

17. Romania: Nobody was really listening to that performace…The Fisu was still lasting.But still….jazz hands would have made the performance way more interesting 😉

18. Austria: Nice Ballad.I went to the bathroom and had more Fisu though.The girl reminded me of Whitney Houston in glitter.

19. Azerbaijan: Song was ok…I kinda liked the glitter/firework rain in the end.

20. Slovenia: Hooker alert!The outfit did not go with the song AT ALL. And there was too much yelling going on there!

21. Iceland: Sounded pretty good.But then i actually looked at them and suddenly i did not like the song that much anymore.

22. Spain: What a funny, happy and colorful song. I liked the pink outfit of the singer…and her shoes!

23. Ukraine: sandpainting…really?? And her dress looked like she sat down on a dead bird.

24. Serbia: Welcome to the 60’s…scooby dooby dooo!

25. Georgia: the Wicked Witch of the West meets Prodigy/System of a Down/Nightwish. (Thank you for the inspiration Tomi!)

Soo, who did win? Of course none of my favorites (Denmark, Estonia or UK) but…*lame drumroll* Azerbaijan! So it seems like next year’s Eurovision is gonna be in Baku, Azerbaijan.

I’m not gonna post the winning song again but rather the opening of the show cuz I actually liked it. They kinda remixed last years winning song and added a jazz band.(seriously what’s with the jazz this year?). I actually would have LOVED the opening performance if Lena (and about 42 look-alikes) would not have appeared on stage. Well, can’t have everything.

I don’t know how often I’ve already showered but I still have glitter on my body. Or maybe it is just my awesomeness shining through…who knows. All I know is that I’ve seen him, the King of Glam, the Glamfather: Mr. Adam Lambert. True Story

one very happy Jule

The concert was sold out. The show was supposed to start at 9pm(not knowing that the diva himself would be 15 min late) and doors opened at 6pm. We arrived at 5.30pm and our eyes spied way too many teenagers who had been camping out there for 11 hours and longer(and it was fricking cold that day!!!). As I have German genes and a teensy bit of awesomeness in my blood, we lined up at the front while drinking a bottle of wine. It seemed that nobody really cared that we cut the line but they looked at us like we were aliens because we were drinking alcohol (come on we’re in Finland!). But maybe they were just irritated because I did not have cheesy things like “Adam I love you” written all over my arms and face with a permanent marker…I guess I will never find out.

As soon as we finished our wine bottles, the doors opened.I am so glad we had tickets in the “over 18 section” of the venue: no tormenting teenagers, no pushing and shoving. But a nice bar and great view.

The show was awesome but way too short! I wanted to get something from the merchandise stands after the show but those tools only accepted cash…and no debit cards(come on, we’re in Finland!!!!!)…so I could not get a beloved and way overpriced t-shirt. I was feeling grumpy as I did not get the t-shirt and started joking “either Adam shows up at the club later or I will be pissed for the rest of my life”…

Guess who really showed up at the club that night with his glamily?? At first I thought I was seeing a ghost but then the ghost turned out to be a tall and sparkly man with lotsa eye make up aka Mr. Lambert. My eyes almost popped out of my head!!! Awesome feeling, really!

Adam with clubowner Cristal Snow

That night was seriously one of the best in my life and the hangover was definitely worth it. I might even be glambertized for the rest of my life…so watch out friends, I might exchange the wine bottles with permanent markers next time 😉

Feels so good to finally have it in my hands…

my precious

We got tickets in the “over 18” section…so I’m hoping for lotsa booze to help me ignore all the freaking out and screaming of the underaged girls(and guys) at the concert. I can’t let anything distract me from spying on my bling competition…except a few ciders maybe 😉

absolutely love this song

The long-awaited Eurovision Song Contest was on again last night. It was held in Oslo,Norway, this year as Norway won last year’s show. Oslo did an amazing job and produced an amazing show!

After 2 semi-finals, a total of 25 countries qualified for the big final. In case you missed it, here are the basics you have to know(click on the country to open the song on youtube):

1. Azerbaijan: nice song….but the choreography??wtf?!!If I got it right, they hired Beyoncé’s choreographer for that…but I think they got ripped off 😉

2. Spain: the background dancers distracted from the song…but maybe that was a good thing.Also, a fan joined and jumped on stage and wanted to be part of the show 😉

3. Norway: nice ballad!WOW!(but the voice could have been stronger…was kinda pitchy in the beginning)

4. Moldova: first up-tempo song.nothing special.the costume of the girl reminded me of a cockatoo 😉

5. Cyprus: ballad again…was ok but nothing special

6. Bosnia & Herzegovina: some “rocky” song about thunder and lightning…blah.

7. Belgium: LOVED IT!…just a guy and his guitar but incredible voice.AWESOME!

8. Serbia: OMG that dude or girl or whatever he/she/it was?Seriously???No words.

9. Belarus: absolutely LOVED the dresses of the girls(minus the fact that they turned into butterflies in the end)…BLING BLING!!But the song?…blah.

10. Ireland: LAME!The girl looked liked Shrek’s wife…and do not mix red hair and a purple dress…no one has ever won wearing purple!

11. Greece: half-naked dudes singing a terrible song.sorry i just had to laugh all the was funny to look at but terrible to listen to.NEXT!

12. UK: nice staging…but that’s all.Guy has a nice voice..but they should have given him a different song.

13. Georgia: another ballad.nothing special…they overdid it a little with the dancers.

14. Turkey: sounded very “non-turkish”…a rock-performance

15. Albania: catchy but nothing special

16. Iceland: first they give us a banking crisis, then volcanic ash and now they sent another big red volcano singing “je ne sais quoi”(eng:i dont know a thing)…i bet she did not know a thing of why she sang in French?!?!

17. Ukraine: holy shit.some parts sounded off tune…but I think the girl wanted it to sound like that. the song was called “sweet people”…but it sounded kinda sour to me…awful.

18. France: Allez Olla Olé! LOVED IT!!! I think it is also the French World Cup song. Good party song and was one of my personal faves…but what was that dance??

19. Romania: an up-tempo song. nice beat but the voice of the woman was just she was wearing some shiny suit…but it could have been shinier…so no points for you Romania!

20. Russia: Sorry if I’m rude but: Booooooooo! That’s all.

21. Armenia: pretty girl, liked the beat…but singing about apricots? Really?I dont think so.

22. Germany: LEGENDARY…even though her movements on stage looked like she really had to pee. But I guess that was her style…and Europe must have liked it ;)…one of my fave performances!

23. Portugal: not my taste.loved the dress though…I think the girl was trying to seduce the camera guy.

24. Israel: well… good looks and a nice ring on your finger do not help making an awful song sound nice. Sorry dude.

25. Denmark: well, lotsa my friends liked it but i didnt. The guy scared me.And what was wrong with his hair?So 80s!

They had an amazing flashmob during the voting…All of the people in the arena danced. They also showed people all over Europe dancing the choreography.AWESOME!!!

might be a bit long but def. worth it!

I was sooo excited when they announced the results…i was basically dying at some points(“points” really is the right word!)

Aaaand the winner is:

GERMANY with unbelievable 246 points!!!

So next years Eurovision will be held in Germany!! So so happy! Germany’s Lena was a bit(or a bit more) confused about the fact she won. And from today, entire Europe is singing this song:

The final performance of Lena “satellite”

yeeeeees I saw him!!!He was right there…right in front of me. I think I can still smell him when I close my eyes (he smelled good btw lol) 😉

He was wearing more make up than me and his hair was shinier than any of my shiny pants(and those ones are very shiny!). I was just so shocked and star-struck(and maybe a little bit hungover from the vappu-party weekend) and stared at him for a while…and when I came back to life and realized how completely stupid I must look he just started smiling.

Adam Lambert

My camera must have been irritated by all that glam as well because it refused to take a picture. But cute Adam kept on smiling until I got my shot done(and that took a while).

And how did Jule thank him? Normal people would just say “thank you” but apparently that was too hard to say so I went with “Dude, you’re awesome!!” a la Barney Stinson(and for once i just hoped something smart would come out of my mouth). After I said that I felt even more stupid than before. But he just made an undefinable sound (which I hope was the glam version of a regular “ha ha”) followed by “aww thanks honey”…

….and from that moment on I was Lambertified and lived happily ever after.

The End.

P.S. thanks for the eye-make-up inspiration Mr.Lambert. Definitely gonna try that for the next party 😉

Pheewww!What a day! It took us 9 hours to drive back to Germany. 2 hours longer than expected…stupid snow/construction sites! To be honest I had a hard time not to fall asleep behind the steering wheel…but I had a great entertainer next to me who made me listen to Lady Gaga’s new album…A LOT 😉

Of course we confirmed the stereotype that women don’t know anything about the inside of a car. We ran our of frost protection on the way back (you know that stuff that gets sprayed on ur windshield that cleans your window at the same time)…yeah we ran out of that liquid(and we really needed some!) so we went into car supply store and bought some and then we asked for help cuz we didnt know where to put it. I felt so embarrassed when the woman who sold us that stuff yelled through the store for her colleague to help ” 2 ladies with the frost protection because they don’t know where to put it”. That got us some extra attention we didnt even ask for. Thank you!Merry Christmas to you too!

Anyways, I had a great time during those 4 days!Thanks to everybody!I love the Netherlands and Amsterdam is just truly beautiful(and crazy!) and I advise everybody to go there at least once!(most likely with me  if you want it to be legendary 😉 ).

We took a lot of (stupid)videos which will all be taken and turned into another glorious video. Might take a while though as my secretary is on Christmas vacation and now I have to do it myself 😉 But I still want to show you you something:

Here’s a compilation of the show we’ve been to on Saturday. (Oudejaarsshow). It’s a bit long but I love it…especially the part from 2:53-3:41 WATCH IT!

Oudejaarsshow 2009 in Westervoort

Now you’re up to date with my life again and I can finally go to bed and sleep. So please do not disturb!