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…I have my life back. At least for a few weeks.

I admit it.I might have worked a bit too much during the last few months considering the fact that my studies should be my first priority. Oh well, I guess money does rule the world. But besides working and studying I’ve managed to have a little fun as well.

USA motto party

yo momma motto party

We’ve also gone on a few trips. We went to check out Kassel, the hometown of one of my friends, during Christmas time. We had so much fun even though it was freezing cold and very slippery especially on the mountain. But there is nothing hot wine can’t fix 😉

Hercules monument in Kassel

view down from Hercules

Christmas market in Kassel

I also became an aunt. My nephew and little prince Matti was born 10 days before Christmas. I was so happy when I finally could drive up north to see my family and Matti for Christmas.

the little prince

I could have cuddled this smelly angel forever but duty called and I had to leave and go back to Gießen shortly after the new year had started. In January I started a second job. Not the smartest idea considering the fact that the exams and final presentations were coming closer. But hey, money!


My other job is in Frankfurt so I have to use the trains to get there. And while doing that I also found out that the warning “mind the gap between platform and train” makes perfect sense and should be taken seriously. To my defense I have to say that it was very slippery (and I was in a hurry) so I slipped right into the gap with my entire right leg. I do not recommend that. It is scary and very hurtful. And time-consuming. And I am certainly not one of those people who have lotsa spare time to see doctors. Thankfully the train did not move until I was out of there but I smashed my leg and was not allowed to stress and use it so I could not work any of my jobs: bye bye money. And thanks to the pain: bye bye sleep.

I needed surgery but luckily my puppy eyes worked and I could convince the doctors to wait until after my exams. The pain faded a bit and I could attend the “it’s all over” party. Unfortunately I could not drink alcohol but I still had a good time.

celebrating the end of the exams

our knowledge on the floor 😉

Oh yeah, in between all of the above I also had to move apartments as my contract ended. But the painting and building the furniture had to wait until after the exams.

I finished everything just in time for my long-awaited surgery. I admit I was freaked out, scared and horrified and could not sleep for days. Doctors, needles and hospitals are not really my cup of tea. But the “chill pill” I had to take right before my surgery made the world pretty awesome and sparkly again and I was a bit more relaxed until they totally drugged me with the anesthesia.

time for surgery

First thing I did after I woke up again was to check if they took the right leg. They did but they bandadged the entire leg so the only thing I could see was a disgusting blood-filled tube coming out of my leg. And this is when I fell asleep again. Don’t remember the other stuff that happened that day. Except for the burning injection. Even though I have already been getting those for over a month now it still hurts and stings like a bitch.

Some of my friends came to visit me in hospital the next day. It felt so good to see someone I knew especially since my family could not be there. My friends got me a cute care package which made my eyes all teary. But after a few hours of happiness it was time for boredom, nurses and injections again.

I love my friends

Luckily, I only had to stay in hospital for a few days. Now I’m at home trying to relax and enjoying some time off-work. And next week I’m off to see my family and friends up north for a few days. Life is good…until it’s time for that stupid injection again.


After living in Finland for 4 years, I moved back to Germany last week.It was such a weird feeling and I actually shed one or two tears on the plane. I know I am such a crybaby. I have been pretty emotional during the last few weeks as well as I had to start  saying goodbye to my beloved friends. I had a great 4 years living in the land of snow and vodka and my friends made my last Finnish summer very special…and very Finnish 😉

me and Henna (who moved away from Helsinki) got a sweet farewell t-shirt from a friend

i ❤ my friends!

On my flight to Frankfurt I even met an old friend on the plane which was kinda funny but then the turbulences started and took all the fun away…at once. The flight back to Berlin was more fun (as much fun you can get when you’re scared of flying).  I did not expect so many people to greet me at the airport. And also my mom decorated the house with a big “welcome back” banner. Very cute! But soon it’s time to move again…(more details about that later!)

unpacking all my stuff from Finland.Moving countries is no fun, I’m telling you!

a sad goodbye

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One of my best friends left Finland on Tuesday 😦 He went back to Mexico to become a doctor. He is the most intense party animal I know and therefore, I cannot really picture him saving lifes but rather destroying them by making people drink.

Anyhow, we all went out together last Saturday for one last time and it was so intense. Luckily, he trained my liver so well that even though I drank(read: was forced to drink) the most disgusting shots ever, I felt completely fine and was hardly tipsy.

Thank you for making my liver so strong!!

So now he is gone and it is awfully quiet and drama-less in Helsinki. The only good thing about it is that now I might have time to actually do other things like partying again………………………………………………………hmm after the summer 😉

Last weekend we all celebrated my friend Isa’s birthday. I don’t see my friends that often anymore as I’m not taking any classes this semester so seeing everybody felt sooooo good. We had a great time and decided to go out more often even if there is no birthday to celebrate….hello liver-damage 😉

We ♥ to party

But this weekend was not all happy happy because I had to say “goodbye” to a person that has become a good friend during the last few weeks. She was interning at Lufthansa Cargo before me and taught me everything I should know. Well, at least that’s what she was supposed to do. We found ourselves singing old cartoon theme songs or talking to each other in various dialects very often which might have left a nice impression on some colleagues. 😉

Monique and I…and a piece of Louis Vuitton in the back

She flew back to Germany today as her internship is over but I can’t wait for the reunion and I am already practicing new cartoon theme songs which I will start singing right the minute I see her next time…hex hex ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫

Finally!! I saw it!! OH MY GOD!! This is the best movie ever! Ok it’s not a real “movie” but still…you know what I mean.


It was amazing to see the rehearsals for the concert…this concert would have been the best show ever performed by a human on this planet! The choreographies were amazing, the video sequences unbelievable, the technical and special effects just wow and the dancers hot!! ;)…They put so much sweat into the show!!! The videos they did for “Thriller” and “Smooth Criminal” which would have been shown on big screens:INCREDIBLE!!!

“Smooth Criminal”

I also liked how the viewer could actually get a better picture of MJ himself. This footage was never meant to be seen by anyone as Michael just wanted to have it for his personal library. So you could actually see the real Michael.

He is funny!! And so … different from what I thought. I never thought that he would have a say in his show but man, he said what he didn’t like right away!I always thought he would be that shy guy who only talked when his management allowed him to.Boy was I wrong! I think it’s very sad that the world only got to know MJ better AFTER he died!

rehearsals “you make me feel”

After the movie a friend and I had a little debate if MJ is really dead or if he just faked it. He is somehow convinced MJ is not dead…but I don’t know. He would not do that to his children and family although is death was and still is a bit mysterious. I’ve always loved MJ and as a kid I was even in love with him (hey, that was loooooong ago…some 14 years or so or even longer)…anyways it’s so sad we lost such a great person and musican. He redefined music and dance and he was one of the few who knew what real entertainment is about!! R.I.P.

Drill “They Don’t Care About Us”

Finally I get to tell you about Posh Spice & Dave Beckham‘s beautiful wedding!

Jane (Lizzies cousin) picked us up in the morning as we had a pedicure/manicure appointment at 10. It was my very first pedicure ever(i know, boooo me!) and I was kinda scared because I’m very ticklish on my feet. But the second I sat down in that awesome massage chair all worries were forgotten and I found myself being in trance. I surely loved that chair! The pedicure went well and everybody survived and at 12 we were off to Lizzie’s make up appointment.

pedicureliz with make up

the big pimping 😉

When we were done with all that (around 1pm) we got all our stuff from the apartment and drove to the wedding location where I saw my room/suite for the first time. Just one word: WOW! It costs $450 a night and has 2 patios with an amazing view, 1 big jacuzzi, a big bed and lotsa room for other stuff(like partying). Big THANK YOU again to Liz & Dave for letting me stay there!! I surely felt like a (very drunk) princess!! I got rid of all of my luggage and then I went over to the bridal suite as all of the girls got ready there. (The guys got ready in my suite and I’d like to thank them for not trashing it and stacking it with lotsa alcohol…which came in handy later that night lol).

I couldn’t wait for Carl to come as he brought us our first meal of the day: a gigantic smoothie!!! After that everybody got their hair done and got ready for the photoshoot. This was very exciting as in Germany the bride and groom are not supposed to see each other in their outfits before the ceremony but here Dave and Liz saw each other before their ceremony…perfectly styled. MAGIC MOMENT!!! The photoshoot was fun too but it was kinda hard to look nice and smile for every single picture.

wedding party

the entire wedding party

The photographer was amazing! But I had to get used to the fact that she followed us around almost the entire day and took pictures of us doing ANYTHING…so u never knew when she would hit that evil button on her camera (paparazzi alert!!! lol can’t wait to see the pictures though lol).It was getting dark and the string quartet arrived. They played Beatles tunes only! I loved it!!!! We were all “hiding” in Lizzie’s room and wanted to listen to the strings so badly (and we could not really leave the room cuz we did not want anybody to see the bride) so we decided to open the window which was harder than expected as we did not open it but took it out of the frame…oopsie!

window almost fixed againcan’t see much but we kinda took it out of its frame

Anyways the ceremony started a little after 7pm and I am so proud of myself that I did not roll down the stairs on my way to the front!(yaayy me!!). When the entire wedding party stood up front the strings started playing  “all you need is love” and then she came…Liz looked like a fairy and I had a such hard time not to cry!!!! The ceremony was beautiful and so full of love!!! I did not even care that my toes went numb in my shoes and I could hardly stand anymore.

After the ceremony we went to have a few drinks and some finger food! I was starving and could not wait! And of course the first piece of food I touched that day dropped right onto my dress. And there I stood…with innocent eyes,pouty lips and a grease stain on my dress. It really is not easy being me!

Then it was dinner time where I ate like a pig and afterwards I could not really move in my dress anymore…but at least my hair looked good ;).

And what is a wedding without a tragedy?? The cake did not come!! We kinda had a feeling there would be a problem with the cake before the ceremony so we made up a plan B (sorry Liz we could not tell you at this time lol). We had arranged a plastic wedding cake (for the picture) and then 2 regular yummie cakes to eat. Nobody really cared much I think. The pictures still looked good and the cake was yum yum! The best man and man of honor gave toasts which almost made my cry again…but then whenever I felt a tear would come up I started sipping on my champagne lol.(bad idea!!)

After the food was gone the party started. I loved the DJ…Motown music only! Wahoooo!! Was not very easy to dance in my heels so at one point I just took them off. We kept on dancing, drinking and laughing.And then the bride threw her boquet. And guess in whose direction it flew? Nooo not Britney Spears…she wasn’t even invited!!(I wonder why lol)..but to answer the question: in mine!! Great so now u know that I’m the next to marry. I already have somebody in mind…(Juliane Sanchez…sounds hot right??…or Juliane Nowitzki…naa that one not so much..I dont think he’s hot but I’ve promised some people free Mavericks tickets…lol)

At some point the bar closed so we hung out in the garden before we continued the after-party in my room. I wish we didn’t though! Or at least I wish there would have been less alcohol and more water! I’ll let some pictures explain the rest. Just add a LOT more wine, shampoo, noise, singing, laughter, a little adventure on the roof and latter, and a broken glass:

dreamteamDreamteam: Liz,Carl & I

roofpartya little trip to the roof 😉

hardcore gang

tha gang that stayed to the last minute

jump on the bedat some point I felt like testing the bed 😉 (but why exactly?)

foam party 1 foam party 2

don’t ask! it was not me but i thought it was funny and joined 😉

I went to bed around 7 that morning and was woken up again at 9am by roomservice bringing my breakfast. It was a nice breakfast but I was still so drunk I could not eat a lot. I felt a bit better after a hot shower and some time in the jacuzzi.

When Liz came over that morning I wanted to show her some pics of the wedding/party and I was scared of how little I remembered. Thank god there are cameras who remind you of the things you actually don’t want to see/hear again! But I have to admit that I had an amazing time!!!!!!

It was so hard to say “goodbye” to Liz and dave at the airport and I have to admit that I had one or even two tears in my eyes. The newlyweds left for their honeymoon to Hawaii and I left for Helsinki again :(. The time at the airport was horrible! I was followed and stared at by 2 weirdo friends which were not even hot! And then I was so drunk/hungover/tired that I ran against a door in the airport toilets which gave me a nice bump on my forehead!(and it still hurts like hell!!!) And then to top it all off I had the worst flight ever! The guy next to me ordered alcohol all the time which caused me to almost throw up on his head! And then we had the worst turbulences ever! I really thought I’m gonna die!!! I’ve never seen that before there was even water coming out of the toilets on the plane!! And then when I arrived in Frankfurt I had only 20 minutes to change the plane and almost missed it because of stupid airport security!

Thank you Lufthansa for that breathtaking event! And thank you Watsons for making that week one of the best in my life and introducing me to so many great people!! I love and miss you and can’t wait for the reunion!!!!! UTZ NEIN!!

Dave had an appointment at the hairdresser this morning so Liz and I decided to check out some stores at the strip mall close by…we were not very successful though as most of the stores sucked…so we just went to Starbucks to get some caffeine and sugar and to CVS to get some make up.

starbuckssugar in the morning

Later on we drove downtown and went to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas. It used to be an old warehouse for books and is the place where John F.Kennedy’s assassinator hid and shot the president on Nov.22nd 1963. It was so interesting to learn more about John F. Kennedy and the course of his assassination but it was kinda sad as well.

place of assassinationthe window to the right on the second last floor was the place where the assassinator hid

place where kennedy was shotthe white mark on the street is the spot where J.F.Kennedy was shot in the car

After going through downtown for a while we went to eat at that amazing Mexican restaurant whose name I forgot. The food was amazing and I caught a little sunburn as we were eating outside on the patio. It was very beautiful though!

Have I told you that some parts of Dallas make you feel you are actually in Mexico? A lot of things are in Spanish here and the way some buildings are designed just seems a little Mexican to me(although I have never been to Mexico).

We went shopping as well…and as Halloween is coming up we had to go into a Halloween store(of course) and guess what I found there?? The best Halloween costume ever!!

halloween costumeKillerponcho!!!

For those of you who don’t know yet: I am a big Ugly Betty fan and the outfit she is wearing in that costume just cracks me up every time I see it (for several reasons). Hahaha I just love the costume! But I didnt buy it(yet) cuz I am not really sure if I would even use it.

best scene ever!