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Especially if it involves too much stuff, too many too heavy suitcases, too long train rides and too many train connections. Let’s see if I get to do productive things during those 7 hours. Like having a Two and a Half Men marathon. Or annoying the other people on the train by singing Kumba-Ya with my angel’s voice.


After being back in Helsinki for over a week already, I’ve fully adapted to the weather and I’m back in winter mood now Translation:I’m suffering from chronic tiredness. Could also just be my awesomeness that’s wearing me out 😉

I’m back with the Lufthansa family again and loving every (stressful) moment of it. Living quite a busy and hectic life at the moment but that’s how I roll. Below please find one of the songs that keeps me going and awesome 😉

♪♫♪♫ tweet tweet ♪♫♪♫

A few questions that popped up while I was flying back to Helsinki, Finland today…

  • Why do people aways want to be the first ones entering the plane? It’s not like the first person on the plane gets a free flight…(or am I missing out on something??)
  • Why do the most annoying , smelly and fattest people always have to sit next to ME on planes? And why are those people always incapable of reading the correct seat number on their boarding pass and blaming me for sitting on a wrong seat??
  • Why do people sitting in front of me, always have to test if their seat really leans back…like 100 times…within 20 minutes?
  • Why do (most) Finnish passengers always buy and drink alcohol on planes? I am not talking about just one beer or glass of wine…
  • Why are most Russian girls so rude and think they are the prettiest creatures on earth? Just to let them know:  slutty ≠ pretty!!
  • Why do crying and crabby children always have to sit either behind or in front of me?
  • Why do people still clap after the pilot has landed the plane? Does a cleaner get applause after s/he swiped the floor or vacuum cleaned?

Last but not least – the most important question:

  • Why haven’t I won the lottery yet??

I could not think of any better song to end this blog entry…“tell me whyyyyy???…”


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The ice is melting, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and I really believe spring is on its way! Spent my day off enjoying the beautiful weather yesterday…


Sunny weather always puts me in a good mood (except when I’m hungover ;-)) and makes me wanna go shopping,have a drink (or four) on an outdoor terrace, gossip and party…and I always have that (very old) song in my head. And once you click on the video below, you will too. You’re welcome. 🙂

Hope everyone rang in the new year with a big bang and lotsa glitter and did not have to go to work the next day like me.Completely hungover.Not funny.At all.

party-liquor with quite interesting names (hump & fuck)

Of course it would not be a new year without thoughtful new year’s resolutions. So here we go:

  • I will win the lottery
  • I will give up chocolates totally. 100%. Completely. Honestly….
  • I won’t drop my camera.Ever.Like this year.I hope.
  • I will try not to drop my phone.When sober.
  • I will spend less than one hour a day on the Internet. This, of course, will be hard to estimate since I’m not a clock watcher.
  • I will read less books. A little learning is a dangerous thing. Too much of it can really wreck your head.
  • I will drink less alcohol. Last year I drank enough alcohol to have kept the Titanic afloat. True Story.
  • I will learn what the hell “new year’s resolution” means.

Happy 2011 everyone!

I’ve been living in complete chaos during the last few weeks: books, papers, studying, lotsa reading, notes, pens, lotsa energy drinks, no sleep, no make up, no fun, nervous breakdowns, lotsa sweat, frustration and panic attacks…I lived in a mess and I looked like a mess. BUT since last week, everything’s over: I survived my first academic degree!!!! Who would have thought blondie could make it??! lol

Even though everything is over now, no more exams, no more presentations, no more papers…I still don’t feel relieved yet. Weird. Hopefully the relief will come once I got my BBA certificate.

my first book: 70 pages of pure awesomeness.


This is proof that there actually are competent marketers out there. I absolutely LOVE this ad! It’s probably one of the best I have ever seen! It is so different from what is already out there…so real, honest and emotional!

Maybe I like it so much because I can totally relate to what is going on there as I spend lotsa time at airports myself…so ATTENTION my dear enemies, friends, family & fans: next time I come to one of my 3 homes, I wanna be greeted at the airport like that 😉