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I actually thought I would never make it to the airport in time as we were stuck in traffic for over an hour. I was getting slightly nervous but I made it to check in very last minute. I said goodbye to my Mom and Grandpa and then I was off to my new adventure: Scotland.

I met my friend Sophie at London Heathrow. We were on the same flight to Edinburgh and she is also one of my flatmates. Once we arrived in Edinburgh’s city center we decided to get a taxi to our new place and were greeted by our Italian flatmate who offered to carry our luggage all the way up to the top floor. What a gent 😉


this is our new place from outside 🙂


wine and our fave TV show “I am a celeb – get me out of here”

As I am a theatre addict I was obliged to go out check out one of my new fave theatres in Edinburgh on our first day in the city. I already ordered tickets to go see a show there last year. My fave show of all times is touring the UK and will stop in Edinburgh in March. It is all about fun songs, awesomeness and bling bling…of course I had to get tickets in advance 😉


Left: posing with my fave musical actor(who will be singing and dancing in heels and garter belts in Edinburgh soon!) Right: posing with my fave musical Priscilla. 


Edinburgh Old Town in the back

We noticed quite early that Scottish people have a slight tendency to pronounce their words a bit..let’s call it “different”. So communicating with real Scotsman is always a pleasure haha!


view from the Scott Monument


view from Scott Monument


Sophie and me with our first Scottish friend 😉

Talking about friends…I will be studying with 6 of my other crazy friends from Germany in Edinburgh. We are all doing a double degree at the Edinburgh Napier University.


free donuts for all of us 🙂

2013-01-22 16.17.53

more Edinburgh

2013-01-22 20.31.01

Sophie and me in the theatre

We went to see our first theatre show last night. It was called New Jersey Nights and was all about the music of the Four Seasons which I absolutely love! It was a great show and we laughed so much! We were all dancing, singing and clapping in the end!

2013-01-22 21.19.50

the boys singing “who loves you”

Our friend Kathi arrived last night so we met up today and went up Calton Hill. We had a beautiful view!


up on Calton Hill

I can’t wait to explore more of the city! Uni starts tomorrow and once we get our schedule I can start planning trips. So excited! 🙂


Wowzers! These last few months have been super busy: work, study, work, study, presentations, work, study, sleep,work,work,work,study.

Few pictures that capture this month and a short story aboout a nice encounter with somebody awesome…

another fair in Frankfurt…kaching! 😉

The company I was working for at the fair this month was pretty cool. They even invited us for a fancy dinner and a nice party afterwards. Next day at work was no fun but who cares. You only live once 😉

sipping champagne in the VIP lounge

“Skinny Jeans” performing

Once the fair was over, I switched clothes and started mixing smoothies again 😉

working at the smoothie bar

Another job: being a test passenger for the new terminal at Frankfurt airport.

working at the airport

When I’m not working I spend my time in the library trying to write my thesis…86 days to go!!

master thesis

Back from the library: getting ready for a birthday party.

hipster bags

One of our friends had a birthday. She is a little hipster with lotsa hipster friends. We decided to “dress up” a little to fit in and took 10 minutes of our precious time to design some nice hipster bags 😉

♥ friends ♥

hangover cure!!!!

We found this new drink that promises to erase your hangover. I really have to say it worked!!!

obligatory pizza in bed on the “day after”

Just came back from the doctor’s as I had to get my blood checked. I’m not a big fan of needles but guess who took samples of my blood today? BARNEY STINSON!!! Ok, not the real one but his brunette doppelgänger. I seriously had trouble “concentrating” and I had to smile the entire time even though there was a needle in my arm! I almost high-fived him when I said goodbye. Awkward!! Can’t wait to go on a second “date” with him 😉

thesis writing at home

Now I changed into my pjs to make thesis writing a bit more “comfortable” before I have to go to work in a few hours. Working at the soccer stadium today as there is some big game and they need somebody to spread some awesomeness throughout the arena.True story!

Bachelorette of Awesomeness

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..well, kinda at least 😉

I finally got the official documents of my first degree. So step one of my world domination plan is successfully accomplished. Watch out world – I’m on the loose!

I’ve been living in complete chaos during the last few weeks: books, papers, studying, lotsa reading, notes, pens, lotsa energy drinks, no sleep, no make up, no fun, nervous breakdowns, lotsa sweat, frustration and panic attacks…I lived in a mess and I looked like a mess. BUT since last week, everything’s over: I survived my first academic degree!!!! Who would have thought blondie could make it??! lol

Even though everything is over now, no more exams, no more presentations, no more papers…I still don’t feel relieved yet. Weird. Hopefully the relief will come once I got my BBA certificate.

my first book: 70 pages of pure awesomeness.

Organisation is the last refuge of a tired mind.

After having lotsa reunions last week and partying (a bit too much) it was time to get back to thesis writing this week. Trying to get back into the topic is harder than expected but I can already see some light at the end of the tunnel – just hoping it’s not the train. I’m a bit under pressure at the moment though as I’m having a little writer’s block but really have to get a certain part done before next week.

On the other hand, I wisely used the time of my writer’s block by booking hotel and tickets for the upcoming roadtrip to the Netherlands and I also made some last arrangements for next week’s trip to one of my old beloved hometowns: Chicago.

Oh oh, I think some awesomeness is about to happen in my brain…better get back to business then.

I took a week off from work so I have enough time to work on my thesis and this is what I found in one of my books the other day:

It was good timing as,once again, I was freaking out again that I won’t finish my work on time and go off topic and yadayadayadayaaa

It is a postcard and on the back it says how King George VI of the UK tried to motivate his people to carry on during WW II by distributing posters of the exact same layout.

Even though it was meant to motivate soldiers, it kinda motivated me to carry on reading my endless amount of books,journals and articles and keep on typing,typing,typing. I also think it is a great marketing strategy to put those postcards into academic books and then referring to the web page(which has actually kinda cool stuff):

Going out drinking during the week might not be a good idea anymore. I felt horrible this morning. I don’t remember the last time I’ve been that tired. Even though I love my job,work was no fun today!

Besides that, my Academic Writing course started today. It is supposed to help me write my thesis. We just talked about stuff I already knew so it was exceptionally boring. Or maybe i am just too smart 😉  Apparently, this girl(it is not me!seriously!) enjoyed class as well today:

SPOTTED! Somebody is fully enjoying the class.

So glad that Easter is coming and I get to have a few days off. But no time for parties. I’m gonna spend the lovely holidays reading marketing books and writing my thesis. Awesome. That’s all.