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Wowzers! These last few months have been super busy: work, study, work, study, presentations, work, study, sleep,work,work,work,study.

Few pictures that capture this month and a short story aboout a nice encounter with somebody awesome…

another fair in Frankfurt…kaching! 😉

The company I was working for at the fair this month was pretty cool. They even invited us for a fancy dinner and a nice party afterwards. Next day at work was no fun but who cares. You only live once 😉

sipping champagne in the VIP lounge

“Skinny Jeans” performing

Once the fair was over, I switched clothes and started mixing smoothies again 😉

working at the smoothie bar

Another job: being a test passenger for the new terminal at Frankfurt airport.

working at the airport

When I’m not working I spend my time in the library trying to write my thesis…86 days to go!!

master thesis

Back from the library: getting ready for a birthday party.

hipster bags

One of our friends had a birthday. She is a little hipster with lotsa hipster friends. We decided to “dress up” a little to fit in and took 10 minutes of our precious time to design some nice hipster bags 😉

♥ friends ♥

hangover cure!!!!

We found this new drink that promises to erase your hangover. I really have to say it worked!!!

obligatory pizza in bed on the “day after”

Just came back from the doctor’s as I had to get my blood checked. I’m not a big fan of needles but guess who took samples of my blood today? BARNEY STINSON!!! Ok, not the real one but his brunette doppelgänger. I seriously had trouble “concentrating” and I had to smile the entire time even though there was a needle in my arm! I almost high-fived him when I said goodbye. Awkward!! Can’t wait to go on a second “date” with him 😉

thesis writing at home

Now I changed into my pjs to make thesis writing a bit more “comfortable” before I have to go to work in a few hours. Working at the soccer stadium today as there is some big game and they need somebody to spread some awesomeness throughout the arena.True story!


I had a birthday on Thursday. This usually happens to me once a year. But this year I could enjoy fame that lasted for full three days. There was a little surprise party for me at work on Wednesday already. A colleague tricked me into going into the office kitchen to get something but when I entered the kitchen I saw all of my colleagues standing there, smiling, yelling…”surpriiiiiiiiiiiiiiise!!!!!!!!” I was a bit confused. At first, I actually thought I missed my own birthday. They decided to celebrate my Highness a day early as a lot of colleagues would not be in the office on “the real day”. It was pretty cute actually. I got a nice card and we had some cookies and traditional finnish bakeries and pastries. Yum!

Thursday came. I did not feel like having a birthday at all. To be honest, I actually forgot it was my birthday but was reminded again by a colleague once I was back in the office. Priceless moment. It was quite a weird day though as I was so busy at work and did not really have time for any birthday thoughts…


I got a lot of fan mail that day…>>><<<…I sincerely love my friends…fans…I mean my fans!!! 😉

Friday came. Went out for some delicious sushi and wine with some friends. The place is the best in Helsinki and we were pretty lucky we got seats as they do not take reservations.

cheers to me and my awesome friends!! 😉

alaska maki

We spent quite an amount of money at the restaurant but awesome people need awesome food that costs an awesome amount of money 😉

I’m gonna spend the rest of my birthday weekend in bed. I am sick. I have tried to deny it during the last few days but I guess being a quarter of a century old now leaves its marks…slowly but surely 😉

Have a great weekend everybody!

After being back in Helsinki for over a week already, I’ve fully adapted to the weather and I’m back in winter mood now Translation:I’m suffering from chronic tiredness. Could also just be my awesomeness that’s wearing me out 😉

I’m back with the Lufthansa family again and loving every (stressful) moment of it. Living quite a busy and hectic life at the moment but that’s how I roll. Below please find one of the songs that keeps me going and awesome 😉

♪♫♪♫ tweet tweet ♪♫♪♫

Day off…

Posted: August 12, 2010 in work

Guess where I spent my day off today??

Unfortunately, I had to take a left turn when I was standing in front of that sign because my day off was cancelled for whatever reason. I am tired, exhausted, MAD!!!! Can’t wait for August 18th, which is supposed to be my next day off. Let’s hope it stays like that! I have so many things on my to-do list and I seriously need time to finish my bachelor thesis!…

The question I keep on asking myself again and again: Why can’t I just be rich?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!

or rather the golden arse?

I am working there again this summer cuz I “kinda” need money. I did not really like the job last year either but this year everything seems even worse. It is not the colleagues (most of them are actually pretty nice) but the customers who drive me crazy.

Everyone who has been to Mc Donalds knows, that there is a big amount of different meals and options you can choose from when ordering. At least that’s what I thought…

me: Hello, how can I help you

customer A: I want the meal *grumpy*

me: which one?

customer A: well, the meal!! is that so hard??? *grumpier*

me: it wouldn’t be so hard if you told me which one you want as we have quite a few options here…


Customer B has paid and everything is on her tray…

customer B: and silverware?

me: excuse me?

customer B: i need silverware. I cannot eat the burger with my hands. I’m gonna get dirty.

She was so mad and angry! If looks could kill then I would have died right after I explained her that it is a fast food restaurant and you eat burgers with your hands. I decided to give her a fork and knife we are actually just allowed to give away if somebody orders a salad…but I didn’t want that bitch to punch me in the face (cuz she looked like that)


customer C: how much is a small coke?

me: 1,10 €

customer C: ok, then I’ll have 3 hamburgers please

I actually think that one’s funny but still…?????


These are just a few examples of the things I have to cope with daily…

…and sometimes I just feel like doing that to the customers!!!

Going out drinking during the week might not be a good idea anymore. I felt horrible this morning. I don’t remember the last time I’ve been that tired. Even though I love my job,work was no fun today!

Besides that, my Academic Writing course started today. It is supposed to help me write my thesis. We just talked about stuff I already knew so it was exceptionally boring. Or maybe i am just too smart 😉  Apparently, this girl(it is not me!seriously!) enjoyed class as well today:

SPOTTED! Somebody is fully enjoying the class.

So glad that Easter is coming and I get to have a few days off. But no time for parties. I’m gonna spend the lovely holidays reading marketing books and writing my thesis. Awesome. That’s all.

Happy Birthday…

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Although it doesn’t really feel like it I think today is my birthday. At least that’s what I hear from other people and my email inbox 🙂

I’m impressed!

As a special treat, I had to get up even earlier than usual this morning as I had a meeting with some people from work. We all went to the new Rantasipi Congress Center which actually looked quite fancy and had some nice yummy breakfast before talking biz 😉

the little lounge in front of our meeting room…invites for a little nap doesn’t it?

After some discussion we had lunch (that sounds like we ate all the time.hmm,maybe we did) and you wanna know the best part? They had cake for dessert!!  They had like 3 different ones but I just tried one because the name of it practically screamed “TRY MEEE!!”

“Pincess Cake”.What a coincidence. Was missing some bling though. 😉

It was soooo good!!!! I haven’t had cake for my birthday since like 5 years. Boy, that’s sad. So sad that I had to get comfort from my friend Al Cohol tonight. He did a good job 😉