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I don’t know how often I’ve already showered but I still have glitter on my body. Or maybe it is just my awesomeness shining through…who knows. All I know is that I’ve seen him, the King of Glam, the Glamfather: Mr. Adam Lambert. True Story

one very happy Jule

The concert was sold out. The show was supposed to start at 9pm(not knowing that the diva himself would be 15 min late) and doors opened at 6pm. We arrived at 5.30pm and our eyes spied way too many teenagers who had been camping out there for 11 hours and longer(and it was fricking cold that day!!!). As I have German genes and a teensy bit of awesomeness in my blood, we lined up at the front while drinking a bottle of wine. It seemed that nobody really cared that we cut the line but they looked at us like we were aliens because we were drinking alcohol (come on we’re in Finland!). But maybe they were just irritated because I did not have cheesy things like “Adam I love you” written all over my arms and face with a permanent marker…I guess I will never find out.

As soon as we finished our wine bottles, the doors opened.I am so glad we had tickets in the “over 18 section” of the venue: no tormenting teenagers, no pushing and shoving. But a nice bar and great view.

The show was awesome but way too short! I wanted to get something from the merchandise stands after the show but those tools only accepted cash…and no debit cards(come on, we’re in Finland!!!!!)…so I could not get a beloved and way overpriced t-shirt. I was feeling grumpy as I did not get the t-shirt and started joking “either Adam shows up at the club later or I will be pissed for the rest of my life”…

Guess who really showed up at the club that night with his glamily?? At first I thought I was seeing a ghost but then the ghost turned out to be a tall and sparkly man with lotsa eye make up aka Mr. Lambert. My eyes almost popped out of my head!!! Awesome feeling, really!

Adam with clubowner Cristal Snow

That night was seriously one of the best in my life and the hangover was definitely worth it. I might even be glambertized for the rest of my life…so watch out friends, I might exchange the wine bottles with permanent markers next time 😉

Feels so good to finally have it in my hands…

my precious

We got tickets in the “over 18” section…so I’m hoping for lotsa booze to help me ignore all the freaking out and screaming of the underaged girls(and guys) at the concert. I can’t let anything distract me from spying on my bling competition…except a few ciders maybe 😉

absolutely love this song

yeeeeees I saw him!!!He was right there…right in front of me. I think I can still smell him when I close my eyes (he smelled good btw lol) 😉

He was wearing more make up than me and his hair was shinier than any of my shiny pants(and those ones are very shiny!). I was just so shocked and star-struck(and maybe a little bit hungover from the vappu-party weekend) and stared at him for a while…and when I came back to life and realized how completely stupid I must look he just started smiling.

Adam Lambert

My camera must have been irritated by all that glam as well because it refused to take a picture. But cute Adam kept on smiling until I got my shot done(and that took a while).

And how did Jule thank him? Normal people would just say “thank you” but apparently that was too hard to say so I went with “Dude, you’re awesome!!” a la Barney Stinson(and for once i just hoped something smart would come out of my mouth). After I said that I felt even more stupid than before. But he just made an undefinable sound (which I hope was the glam version of a regular “ha ha”) followed by “aww thanks honey”…

….and from that moment on I was Lambertified and lived happily ever after.

The End.

P.S. thanks for the eye-make-up inspiration Mr.Lambert. Definitely gonna try that for the next party 😉