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This is proof that there actually are competent marketers out there. I absolutely LOVE this ad! It’s probably one of the best I have ever seen! It is so different from what is already out there…so real, honest and emotional!

Maybe I like it so much because I can totally relate to what is going on there as I spend lotsa time at airports myself…so ATTENTION my dear enemies, friends, family & fans: next time I come to one of my 3 homes, I wanna be greeted at the airport like that 😉



What else is there to do on a lovely Sunday which happens to be Valentine’s Day or Ystävänpäivä (=”Friends Day”as we call it here in Finland)?

I am desperately looking for a topic for my bachelor thesis. I’d like to start writing my thesis asap because I really feel like graduating and starting the “real life”. It’s not that I don’t enjoy my life as a student but earning  “real money” and starting to live at a place/in a country where I know I’m gonna stay for a while sounds tempting. :).

I want my topic to be related to marketing; most likely to promotion/advertising. I would prefer the topic to be consumer related so I want to see everything through the perspective of the buyer and not the business. I’m going through books in order to get ideas but finding a good topic (which I don’t start doubting after one day) is harder than expected. If you have good ideas LET ME KNOW! This entire hunt for the right topic is driving me nuts and giving me headaches! I guess blondie is just not used to think about serious stuff anymore…

Later today I’m gonna skype with a beloved friend who I haven’t really talked to properly since the summer of 2007. I’m excited!