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I think I already told you that I am going to see the Backstreet Boys in one of my blogs. Well, last Wednesday the day finally came. We went to see them for Jenni’s birthday. To be honest at the beginning I didn’t feel like going because I was just so tired and exhausted from work and school but I am glad that I went!

When we arrived at the “Hartwall Areena” there were already so many people standing there. But the real shock actually was that they were all like 16 years or even younger. I mean why did those kids even come? They were hardly born when BSB had their breakthrough. And of course those teenies were way too loud and just very very irritating.(and if i say something like that, it is really bad!)

But after some cider I felt more relaxed 😉

Getting into the arena was horrible. Pushing,screaming,yelling,singing and some more pushing. Seriously I’m too old for this shit! Next time I’m going to a boyband concert I’m definately getting seats!

Anyways, the concert started with “backstreet’s back” and everybody sang along.I was shocked when they were standing in front of me…they looked so…old. Especially AJ…almost creepy. But he was funny and actually took pictures of the audience and said we should go check them at their myspace and tag ourselves. I’m too stupid to find those. Whatever!

I was struck though!Why? Because they were wearing BLING BLING outfits!!!! i almost ran up the stage to get them 😉

bling bling Brian

bling bling Howie

They sang a lot of their old songs. And then a few from their new album. I had their new album…at least that’s what I thought. I was missing a few songs and of course they sang those ones ;). And I have to admit they were pretty good. I never liked their new album but now with those “additional” songs it’s actually ok.


Then kinda at the end my personal favorite came: “Larger than Life”. They were dressed like robots and I just loved the choreography. I have always loved that one!

They even had the White Stripe’s “7 Nation Army” at the end and started rapping haha.

I think the highlight was “I want it that way”…one of the songs I always destroy at karaoke. I think the audience actually sang most of it ;-)Those dudes really have a nice job…they don’t even need to sing at their very own concerts!

We already noticed in the beginning of the concert that the “Hunks” (Finnish Chippendales lol) were in the front row. Yummy guys but unfortunately not very naked 😉 But still I got that chance to take a picture with one of them after the show.

Jule and the “hunk”

And now…when I look at the picture I don’t even think the guy is hot. The other hunk in the back is way hotter. Should have gotten a picture taken with him.Well, next time then…I guess 😉

I’d like to finish this blog by mentioning that this concert was actually one of the best I have seen in a long time! Even though they are kinda old now…they still got it!!! They’re icons and I am glad I finally got so see them.

Now I just need to see the Spice Girls(or at least some of them) and then I am done with travelling back to my teenage years 😉

I kinda kept a secret from you guys for almost a week now. Actually i wanted to tell you earlier but I was quite busy and when I had the chance to tell you I forgot about it again 😉

Sooo…what’s the big secret? Haha…Jule is gonna do some time-travelling in December just in time for Jenni’s birthday!

Where I’m going? Well, I will go about 8-9 years back in time…the time where a specific band ruled my and certainly a few other people’s world. What band I’m talking about? See picture below 😉


If I were 16, I would totally freak out right now…but I’m not,so I’ll just say “YAY”

I can’t believe I finally get to see them! I did not even know they were still doing music together!

Another thing: I was always certain that one Backstreet Boy was gay…my clue was always Howie. But guess what I found out the other day??He is not so gay after all!He is married(to a woman) and has a kid!  I can’t believe he has fooled me aaaaall those years…pah!!! So which one of them is gay now?? 😉