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A few questions that popped up while I was flying back to Helsinki, Finland today…

  • Why do people aways want to be the first ones entering the plane? It’s not like the first person on the plane gets a free flight…(or am I missing out on something??)
  • Why do the most annoying , smelly and fattest people always have to sit next to ME on planes? And why are those people always incapable of reading the correct seat number on their boarding pass and blaming me for sitting on a wrong seat??
  • Why do people sitting in front of me, always have to test if their seat really leans back…like 100 times…within 20 minutes?
  • Why do (most) Finnish passengers always buy and drink alcohol on planes? I am not talking about just one beer or glass of wine…
  • Why are most Russian girls so rude and think they are the prettiest creatures on earth? Just to let them know:  slutty ≠ pretty!!
  • Why do crying and crabby children always have to sit either behind or in front of me?
  • Why do people still clap after the pilot has landed the plane? Does a cleaner get applause after s/he swiped the floor or vacuum cleaned?

Last but not least – the most important question:

  • Why haven’t I won the lottery yet??

I could not think of any better song to end this blog entry…“tell me whyyyyy???…”