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Berlin. It was a regular Saturday except that I was in town and on a serious mission: shopping! I was so excited!!! I actually found quite a lot of good things. Except for the new purse which I’ve already had completely designed and made up in my mind a few weeks ago. Turns out no store actually knew what I want (read: need!!!) and my hunt for the perfect purse ended quite unsuccessfully.

In one of the shopping malls there was a stage built up with lotsa (weird) people waiting, singing, pushing, fighting (…) in front of it. At first I was a bit curious if the stage was put there for me (I mean…duuhh!!! lol) or for somebody else.

It turned out the (apparently very famous) German singer Helene Fischer was promoting her new DVD and gave autographs. To be honest, I have never heard of her before and when they started playing her music (way too loud) I knew why. Not my cup of tea.At all.

We were wondering why the city and stores were so crowded that day until we actually noticed that the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) was going on and that it made too many (ugly) people crawl out of their holes.

Later that night we decided to stroll around Potsdamer Platz which is one of my favorite areas in Berlin. We noticed the huge amount of nice and shiny BMW’s lining up in front of a building (edit: the back doors of a very nice hotel) and stopped for a second. There were lotsa fancy dressed people (which I did not know) getting into the cars. I got bored pretty fast and wanted to leave but a friend convinced me to stay just a little longer. Then I saw a woman in a beautiful dress (at first I thought it was a wedding dress)…the woman looked familiar (and so damn pretty!)but I could not really place her until my friend helped me out: “Diane Kruger“. She stepped into one of the cars and was taken to the Berlinale Award Show which was held in the theater right next doors. Oh well, hello carbon footprint!!! Whatever…at least she (and some other celebrities) looked beautiful while polluting the air unnecessarily. That’s all what counts these days 😉

There were so many people at the theater. People of all kinds. Young people, old people, ugly and unimportant people, beautiful and important people and ugly and important people and last but not least: awesome people like us 😉

haha my picture with Diane Kruger lol

We walked over to the theater and waited at the red carpet for a while. It was funny to see what kinda dresses people actually wear at a red carpet event…and then our friend Diane came along. She was giving interviews and was probably freezing her ass off in that outfit. I guess she was relieved when she could go inside the warm theater.We tried to get a nice shot of her when she was passing by but she was a bit too fast…

on her way into the warm theater

Sun, Fun, Bling and Glitter…what else do I need on a Saturday???

being a little touristy on our way to pick up the tickets for the show

Brandenburg Gate

being myself

Friedrichstadtpalast…Europe’s biggest and most modern show palace and the biggest theater stage of the world!!!

foyer of the Friedrichstadpalast

on our seats

it was sold out!And we even saw the German designer Wolfgang Joop in the audience!

curtain call

late night impressions of the TV Tower

Had a great time yesterday. Did not really understand the story of the show though…but I didn’t really care because it included naked guys, bling, awesome costumes, breath-taking acrobatics and unbelievable choreographies!!!

Also thanks to Jess for not hurting me during my retarded moments.


sooo much has happened(again). After working for one week, I packed my bags again for my last trips. This time it was time to practice my mother tongue and visit some friends in Germany…

The first stop was in Frankfurt(Oder) where I visited Jess and enjoyed a late bday cake (my diet’s going very well btw)

midnight snack

reunion picture…

Frankfurt and behind the river in the back you can already see Poland

The next day it was time for a hare and hounds game with the Thomas Klotz FC in Berlin…fun but exhausting!

the entire group(minus me) after we found our “surprise”

I went to Frankfurt again in the evening and had some cocktails with Jess. The next day, Jess showed me her new “city” and we walked to Poland (true story!!!)

still in Germany in that picture…

…and already in Poland in that one. The bridge behind me leads to Germany(Frankfurt) again.

Later that day, I went to Berlin again and drove to Hamburg with Annika and Beate. In the evening, it was time to party hardy…it was so much fun to party again, even though I felt horrible the next day and lost my voice now….

Beate, Licio and I

Once we all recovered, we checked out the zoo in Hamburg which is famous for keeping its animals free…no cages! So there were times where the animals ran right across your feet. (damgerous animals were held in seperate areas where they cannot escape…but still…no cages!)

Annika, Beate and I

Jule feeding an elephant 🙂

In the evening I met Simone and we all enjoyed the so-called “water games” in one of Hamburg’s parks…

Simone and I..

I had an awesome time and it felt really good to see all those people again! Unfortunately, real life starts again now. So it’s just working and writing my thesis….but I cant wait for the next adventure 🙂

I am in beautiful Berlin since yesterday. I love that city! Today was a very special day because I got to see 2 good friends from Hamburg again!!! In addition to that I’ve won a competition a few weeks ago (true awesomeness I’m telling you!). I’ve won a musical ticket for the show “der Schuh des Manitu“.(and the big day was today) It’s a remake of a famous German movie of the same name. I’ve already seen the show twice but even the third time was brilliant! A bit different but surely entertaining. 😉

the winner and her ticket

Afterwards I got the chance to take a look behind the scenes and touch the requisites. I like touching things!…Ok this sounds naughty but people who know me better should know how to take it.(if not,whatever!)  And guys, please be proud of me because I did not break anything (it was kinda close though but nobody needs to find out so shhhhhhhh!!!!!). I deeply appologize for the almost-heart-attacks I’ve given to people 😉

me and the person who made it all possible 🙂

It was very interesting and I am very glad that I finally got to see Thomas as Winnetouch(one of the few muscial actors whose work I actually admire). It was hilarious and cute at the same time. Big thanks to Annika and Beate as well! It was AWESOME to see you again. Should do that way more often!!(but as u know “arbeit nervt…bämdebämbäm” lol)

And what would that day have been without those mandatory and awesome pictures I tend to take? 😉

“Olgas” reunited 😉

the amazing 3 “Ayses” stopped by as well 🙂

I love Berlin – always have and always will!!! You can never get bored there…especially not when you have the great friends I have!

In my prior blog I announced that I wanna go shopping and still need to buy a few things for my Holland trip. And I went shopping. But I have to admit that some stores offer the most ridiculous/funniest clothes/styles ever. Some of you know that I love “bling bling”… so that one hat caught my attention immediately…and Jess joined me on that one:

pretty huh?!?!

And look what I found in “KaDeWe” today:

The most expensive water bottle ever: for just 89,90€ (!!) the amazing amount of 0,75 liters of water is yours! Sale of the century or am I wrong???

Another surprise that really touched me: a Michael Jackson memorial at Alexanderplatz. People put down flowers, pictures, letters and candles to honor the dead “King of Pop”.

Of course we put down a candle too and listened to his music which was played there as well. 🙂

Jule is travelling again!! First stop: BERLIN!!! I took the train tonight or better said last night…and I paid 4€ for the trip!!! Usually it would be 20€ (or even more if you are not well informed..but I am one of the smart ones ;)). It’s a shared ticket and 5 persons can use it together…so I just started talking to ppl at the train station with success! I found 4 other guys who wanted to go to Berlin as well and joined me (and my ticket).

Eventually (after 1hour and 45 min) I arrived in Berlin and was welcomed by a smiling Jess. But I missed the flowers, marching band and red carpet…what happened??Where were those things?

Anyways…the plan tonight was to go to bed early…did not work out!!! STILL AWAKE!!

Tomorrow’s gonna be a looong day!!! Shopping (still need to buy a few things for Holland),meeting friends and going to see another Show/Musical! But I’m not telling you which one yet. I might do that tomorrow or so…

Last time Jess & I were reunited we forgot to take pictures…so to prevent the same thing from happening again we thought we might start taking pictures already!

Very pretty huh? Don’t ask how we came up with the motif!?? But that style’s gonna be hot…or not???  😉