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As my friend Henna is going to Madrid for a while to study she gave a little farewell party last Saturday. Yep, yep…another party that surely involved alcohol. Henna prepared some nice (and healthy)food and sangria (yum!) and we all enjoyed a great evening with laughter,songs,surprises and lotsa drinks 😉


Eventually we left for a club…and ended up in DTM. The line in front of the club was HUGE…and it was raining.Therefore I had a hard time waiting…my hair,helloooo?!?! So I just decided to walk past the line and the outdoor bouncers with a smile without paying the entrance fee of 8€. When I was inside I noticed that hot bouncer next to the cash desk thingy…he almost made me wanna go there and pay…just to get a stupid “Hello Kitty” stamp on my hand. But I could resist!!! But I couldn’t resist taking a picture of him…wasn’t that easy to take one without him noticing….

first trysecond try

he reminds me of somebody…just don’t know who it could be

yes I am alive…again 😉

As I told you earlier  i went to the Back 2 Business party. I went to Jenni’s place to get ready and to do some pre-drinking which worked out pretty well lol. Actually I wanted to be there really early as it started at 9pm and I knoew lotsa my friends would go early as they are tutors. Well, that did not work out ;). I am not sure when we arrived at the club but I think it was sometime between 11:30 and 12. Most of my friends were gone already so I was exceptionally happy when I saw familiar faces. Had a great time!! The band that played was pretty cool too and made us sing along and dance and go wild 😉

you might wanna turn down the volume in case u watch that 😉

I don’t remember what time we left but we took a cab to a friend’s place and had a little after party there.I’m not sure whose idea it was(not mine though lol) but we stormed into Cody’s roommate’s(who was sleeping) room, jumped on his bed and made weird noises…that was so mean but funny haha! He hated us for the rest of the night(or actually morning) but i can live with that 😉

I’m not sure what time I went to bed…but I made it to school the next morning(well I had class at 12 so it wasn’t thaaaaaat bad…I’ve done much worse lol). I kinda felt horrible that day and worst of all we had to give an unexpected presentation…nice, thank you! Could not have chosen a better day…!! So I went just up there with an unbeatable  “kiss-my-ass” attitude” and just did what had to be done 😉

And I was sure that I will NEVER drink again…and guess how long that lasted? 😉