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As already announced in the previous blog I went to the Casino on Friday night. Had a great time and I am happy to announce that I did not spend any money for gambling! But let the pictures tell more:

Cheek performing


After the shows we walked around the casino a bit and then suddenly a guy came up and gave us free gamble tickets which we used for the slot machines first.

of course I chose a machine that matched my style:Kitty Glitter 😉

and that Kitty Glitter ate my ticket.

I had absolutely no idea how those machnes work and after consulting the guy next to me I was not any smarter. He basically said that you just push the buttons and hope you’re lucky and win something. Well isn’t that awesome? And I always thought there would be some logic behind those things…

Ok next we went to play roulette…and did not win anything either and the same luck for the Fortune Wheel. It was a nice experience though!Might go there again with the hope of gambling with free gambling tickets again 😉

I kinda kept a secret from you guys for almost a week now. Actually i wanted to tell you earlier but I was quite busy and when I had the chance to tell you I forgot about it again 😉

Sooo…what’s the big secret? Haha…Jule is gonna do some time-travelling in December just in time for Jenni’s birthday!

Where I’m going? Well, I will go about 8-9 years back in time…the time where a specific band ruled my and certainly a few other people’s world. What band I’m talking about? See picture below 😉


If I were 16, I would totally freak out right now…but I’m not,so I’ll just say “YAY”

I can’t believe I finally get to see them! I did not even know they were still doing music together!

Another thing: I was always certain that one Backstreet Boy was gay…my clue was always Howie. But guess what I found out the other day??He is not so gay after all!He is married(to a woman) and has a kid!  I can’t believe he has fooled me aaaaall those years…pah!!! So which one of them is gay now?? 😉