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winter mood warning

Posted: October 29, 2009 in countryside, Finland
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I can’t deny it anymore: it’s cold, most of the leaves on the trees are gone and can be found on huge piles on the corner of the streets.The darkness is here, the sun left (for most parts of the day) and the winter is about to stop by for like…7 months or so.

autumn leavesPretty-Autumn-Leaves

The nature might look pretty in the winter…but I don’t! So don’t hate me if:

  • I’m in a bad mood
  • I’m sleepy all day
  • I have huge bags under my eyes
  • I’m pissed because the stupid wind messed up my hair
  • the snow in my eyes ruined my make-up!

Considering all those facts I still hope I qualify to be your friend because people say I’m quite awesome and ridiculously modest!

Now I have to face it: summer’s over 😦 I know some of you might say that summer has been over for a few weeks already but I was ignoring all that! I was refusing to wear long sleeved shirts, a heavy jacket and scarfs and had to pay back with an evil cold.

I hate it when it gets darker and is raining all the time, people are unfriendlyand always tired and stressed (or is that just me??)

But sometimes autumn can actually be kinda pretty:

sky in Tuusulaview from Enrico & Jesse’s house in Tuusula. The sky is always quite colorful over here

autumn treestrees on the way to “Malminkartano huippu”

on the top!exhausted but happy to be on the top

The Malminkartanon huippu is the highest point in Helsinki. 90meters above sea level and it has 426 steps. Ok doesn’t sound like a lot of work but u should try it(and get lost like we did) and then we can have a nice conversation about the experience ;)…

trees trees treeeeeesnever believed 60% of Finland is covered in trees…now I do 😉

logsdon’t know why I took this one. I guess I just tried to be awesome again

Now I am getting slightly used to the autumn weather…but not for long cuz I’m off for Texas next week where its gonna be waaaaaarm :P. Ta-taaa