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After living in Finland for 4 years, I moved back to Germany last week.It was such a weird feeling and I actually shed one or two tears on the plane. I know I am such a crybaby. I have been pretty emotional during the last few weeks as well as I had to start  saying goodbye to my beloved friends. I had a great 4 years living in the land of snow and vodka and my friends made my last Finnish summer very special…and very Finnish 😉

me and Henna (who moved away from Helsinki) got a sweet farewell t-shirt from a friend

i ❤ my friends!

On my flight to Frankfurt I even met an old friend on the plane which was kinda funny but then the turbulences started and took all the fun away…at once. The flight back to Berlin was more fun (as much fun you can get when you’re scared of flying).  I did not expect so many people to greet me at the airport. And also my mom decorated the house with a big “welcome back” banner. Very cute! But soon it’s time to move again…(more details about that later!)

unpacking all my stuff from Finland.Moving countries is no fun, I’m telling you!

As my friend Henna is going to Madrid for a while to study she gave a little farewell party last Saturday. Yep, yep…another party that surely involved alcohol. Henna prepared some nice (and healthy)food and sangria (yum!) and we all enjoyed a great evening with laughter,songs,surprises and lotsa drinks 😉


Eventually we left for a club…and ended up in DTM. The line in front of the club was HUGE…and it was raining.Therefore I had a hard time waiting…my hair,helloooo?!?! So I just decided to walk past the line and the outdoor bouncers with a smile without paying the entrance fee of 8€. When I was inside I noticed that hot bouncer next to the cash desk thingy…he almost made me wanna go there and pay…just to get a stupid “Hello Kitty” stamp on my hand. But I could resist!!! But I couldn’t resist taking a picture of him…wasn’t that easy to take one without him noticing….

first trysecond try

he reminds me of somebody…just don’t know who it could be