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My summer 2011 was indeed very special. Besides enjoying the nice weather with great company, I was fortunate enough to attend three fairytale weddings in three countries and meet lotsa friends again I haven’t seen for a while.

1st: Alina & Mikko – 05 Aug 2011

Location: Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland

The day was just perfect for a wedding, which was held on Suomenlinna – one of Helsinki’s islands. The sun was shining and everybody was happy and excited. Oh, and there was a dresscode as well: Boys – Ocean’s Eleven; Girls – Sex and the City.

The priest was quite funny and even sang during the ceremony. Two of Alina’s friends sang Ronan Keating’s “When you say nothing at all” in church and I guess 80% of the female guests cried during the song. (I was one of them, of course). It was soo beautiful!

The party afterwards was fun! The venue had a medieval touch but it was still very romantic with all the candles, flowers and accessories. The wedding dance was very traditional but right before the newlyweds wanted to kiss, the bride was kidnapped. After a while the bride returned in her party dress and it was relieving to see that almost all of the girls,who did not wear flats, took of their shoes for the wild party dancing. So I had some barefoot friends 😉

just married

© Tuukka Ervasti Photography


party time!

© Tuukka Ervasti Photography

view from the ferry back to Helsinki city

2nd: Anastasia & Moritz – 27 Aug 2011

Location: from Maarssen to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Unlike in Finland, the weather in the Netherlands was horrible but I don’t think anybody cared that day. After we all met up at the Tulip Inn in Amsterdam we all were taken to Maarssen where our boat was parked. Yes, our boat. The entire wedding took place on a boat. Quite new experience for me. After the ceremony the boat took off going along the canal all the way to Amsterdam. This took a few hours and we surely knew how to use that time 😉 The wedding dance was very surprising.It started very traditional but then it changed to David Guetta & Rihanna’s “Who’s that chick” and the bride and groom showed off a hilarious choreography. And after that the party got even wilder!

getting ready in the hotel

just married on the boat

some footy entertainment

The fun table with our lucky balloons

lucky balloons up in the sky

party animals

the newlyweds


3rd: Anja & Micha – 03 Sep 2011

Location: Waren & Klink, Germany

Here the sun was shining again. For a change, this wedding took place in my hometown in Germany. The ceremony was lotsa fun but also quite emotional. The priest was very cool and the gospel singer made everyone shiver and every girl cry. After the ceremony we all walked to Waren’s harbor to get on a boat which took us to Klink, a little village outside Waren. The party took place in Klink’s castle. At this wedding the wedding dance was also very special. It started off traditionally but then it switched to the Sugarhill Gang’s “Apache (Jump On It)” made famous by the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air over to MJ’s “Thriller” and many more. I laughed so so much!

Oh happy day ♫♪

on the way from Waren to Klink

love is in the air

some traditional German wedding game

almost like in old High School days

Klink’s castle

“Apache (Jump On It)”

some more games

I loved seeing my friends getting married and the countless blisters on me feet were totally worth it 😉

After living in Finland for 4 years, I moved back to Germany last week.It was such a weird feeling and I actually shed one or two tears on the plane. I know I am such a crybaby. I have been pretty emotional during the last few weeks as well as I had to start  saying goodbye to my beloved friends. I had a great 4 years living in the land of snow and vodka and my friends made my last Finnish summer very special…and very Finnish 😉

me and Henna (who moved away from Helsinki) got a sweet farewell t-shirt from a friend

i ❤ my friends!

On my flight to Frankfurt I even met an old friend on the plane which was kinda funny but then the turbulences started and took all the fun away…at once. The flight back to Berlin was more fun (as much fun you can get when you’re scared of flying).  I did not expect so many people to greet me at the airport. And also my mom decorated the house with a big “welcome back” banner. Very cute! But soon it’s time to move again…(more details about that later!)

unpacking all my stuff from Finland.Moving countries is no fun, I’m telling you!

Tuesday evening. We all met up for dinner until somebody came up with the magic question: “what should we do this weekend?”. After discussing this subject for a while, we had a perfect plan: “Let’s go to Koli!”  Sure thing. So we booked a cottage and started our roadtrip there on Saturday around 5am. It was quite a trip…and of course we made a lot of stops for the smokers and people with tiny bladders amongst us.

I got a nice seat in the economy class of the car. Lotsa leg room! (The bad side when you’re friends are giants)…

aaahh i seriously did not know what to do with so much leg room 😉

eventually I entertained myself (and other people in the car)

After I-don’t-know-how-many-hours in the car, we finally arrived at our lovely cottage in Koli. It was quite a big house. And we even had a nice little pet, that unfortunately had passed away and nobody has removed it from the patio. Seeing a dead bird on your patio does not really put you in vacation mood. But eventually we learnt how to ignore it. A little hint:booze kinda helps 😉

our cottage

After a bit of relaxing we finally started our tour through the national park (and hills) of Koli. It was actually pretty awesome. It was really what you expect of Finland.


nice view!

it got a bit cloudy later on

hiking professionals!

After we were done with the hiking,we drove back to our cottage and checked out the area around it. We had a lake close by…and a boat.

When we were sitting in the boat, I was about to freak out as the distance between the water surface and the boat was like 10 cm only…maybe even less. I felt like “Titanic” is gonna happen all over again.Just minus the iceberg (although it’s Finland, you can never be too sure about those things 😉 )and I had my scary and whiny moments every 5 minutes. And that was exaclty why my friends have not told me that we’ve had a hole in the boat until we were safely back at the shore. Aaww gotta love my friends!


After the shock was gone, we had a nice bbq and started our legendary drinking games…can it get any more Finnish?? 😉

playing “The Umbrella”

“Drink two”

We actually combined 2 drinking games. “The umbrella” and one of Apple’s drinking games where you have to virtually turn a fortune wheel and if you got lucky, you could take a break or the pesron next to you had to drink….

It did not really get dark at night which was pretty cool.

approx. at 1 am

In the middle of the “night” we decided to walk around the area a bit and get eaten alive by mosquitos. Finnish mosquitos are real beasts btw! While we were wandering around I saw this sign:

no words.

so peaceful

Eventually, we all went to bed and had to get up a few hours later in order to start hour 6-7 hour journey towards Helsinki. It was an amazing but pretty exhausting weekend. I am just not sure what was more exhausting…the lack of sleep or the itching of the mosquito bites…


Some friends and I decided to make a little roadtrip for Juhannus.So we took a car and drove over 600 km up north to the lovely Oulu, where they are originally from. We left Helsinki at 08:30 pm on Thursday night and arrived in Oulu at 3am Friday morning.

our route: Helsinki – Oulu

It was an exhausting ride but the landscape and the fact that it did not get dark (at all!!) made up for it. We even saw 2 mooses on the side of the street when we came closer to Oulu. Little scary but cool.

beautiful colors

the closer we came up  north, the foggier it got on the meadows

Day 1: Henna and I were sun-bathing in her Mom’s backyard and I think I caught a little too much sun. It was unbelievably hot that day! We drove to Mathias’ parents house in the late afternoon for some typical Finnish barbecue, sauna, drinks and mölkky.

me, Henna and Matias’ mom

Day 2: Biking tour through Oulu. Henna showed me the prettiest places of Oulu. The weather was nice and we even went into the (still very cold) sea!!! In the evening we went to Henna’s Dad’s place for sauna, yummy Mexican food, drinks and some games.

“market police”

got surprised by some rain

in Finland people go into the sauna naked. But we thought we’d take some towels for the picture 😉

I turned into a cool biker chick 😉

Matias and I took the Polo a bit too far 😉

Day 3: We did not really do a lot except eating and sauna 😉 And then it was time to hit the road again….

we stopped at a nice lake on our way back

watch out!

Apparently it is spring. This is what spring looks like in Ice Age this year:

yay snow!because we’ve only had snow for the last 6 months!

I really hope it will be gone soon!I sooo wanna see flowers and grass again! But I finally had time to distract myself a bit from the weather,work and uni and made a little trip to Wonderland this week!!

My personal Superhero 😉

I loooooooved it! Johnny Depp in 3D is just priceless! He looked a little scary as the mad hatter but whatever you may think now: I still think he’s hot.


That’s all. Back to work.

Even though I have been living up here in cold Finland for 2,5 years now the winter has never been this cold and we’ve never gotten that much snow. When I’m not freezing and complaining about the temperatures I am actually able to see the the pretty side of the winter:

pictures taken at work today

a look out of the office window

Yep yep I’m finally back in Suomi aka Funland.  When I was at the airport my carry on luggage was only checked once…usually they check it at least 3 times because I always have so much stuff in my bags that apparently look very dangerous. I was kinda happy though…never been through security this fast. I actually had a good feeling about this flight for once. But then it was delayed and I had to spend more time at the boring aiport. Didn’t know the reason for the delay until we were on the plane. We actually had to change gates so I kinda got an idea what could have happened…and I was right: The original plane was broken. So glad the pilot noticed the disfunction BEFORE we took off! So we had to go onto another plane and all of the luggage had to be taken from the broken plane to the new one. Of course this took a while. But as I had a window seat I could check if they lost my suitcase already or not and I was relieved when I saw my (way too heavy) suitcase on the trolley.

well,hello luggage! Glad you’re coming with me.

I was relieved when I landed in Helsinki. It felt kinda good to be “home” again.

Saturday was party and reunion day. It felt so good to see my friends again! Should have drank a bit less but well, you can’t have everything can you? 😉

my lovely girls: Tiina, me, Sille and Isa

Some of you know that already but I started my internship on Monday. I will be working at Lufthansa Cargo. I was so excited and nervous when i arrived there on Monday. I got kinda scared because they immediately sent me into some meeting and i just sat there…trying to look somewhat smart and pretending to understand all the stuff they were talking about. I think I understood ilke 7% of the things they talked about and I’m very proud of those 7% haha.

After that I went to lunch with some colleagues who turn out to be really cool and nice. And then I was sent to the city center to get some headshots taken for my airport ID. So quite an easy and short day 🙂

Today was a little different…I met the intern who I’m gonna replace later. She’s so nice and we talked so much that we got kinda disctracted from the tasks we planned to do…ahh whatever…I still learnt a lot today.Mostly about planes (even though I won’t get in touch with them that often.)

I’m scared of flying and have huge respect for planes and stuff but I still think they are impressive! And then…guess who parked right in front of our office window without any warning??

We waved but I guess Finnair is not friendly to its competitor…although they like parking right in front of their office…how rude ;)… The plane looks further away than it actually was. Felt kinda weird to have a plane parking outside your office…should get used to that though…especially when there’s a hot pilot sitting in there teehee 🙂

winter mood warning

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I can’t deny it anymore: it’s cold, most of the leaves on the trees are gone and can be found on huge piles on the corner of the streets.The darkness is here, the sun left (for most parts of the day) and the winter is about to stop by for like…7 months or so.

autumn leavesPretty-Autumn-Leaves

The nature might look pretty in the winter…but I don’t! So don’t hate me if:

  • I’m in a bad mood
  • I’m sleepy all day
  • I have huge bags under my eyes
  • I’m pissed because the stupid wind messed up my hair
  • the snow in my eyes ruined my make-up!

Considering all those facts I still hope I qualify to be your friend because people say I’m quite awesome and ridiculously modest!

Now I have to face it: summer’s over 😦 I know some of you might say that summer has been over for a few weeks already but I was ignoring all that! I was refusing to wear long sleeved shirts, a heavy jacket and scarfs and had to pay back with an evil cold.

I hate it when it gets darker and is raining all the time, people are unfriendlyand always tired and stressed (or is that just me??)

But sometimes autumn can actually be kinda pretty:

sky in Tuusulaview from Enrico & Jesse’s house in Tuusula. The sky is always quite colorful over here

autumn treestrees on the way to “Malminkartano huippu”

on the top!exhausted but happy to be on the top

The Malminkartanon huippu is the highest point in Helsinki. 90meters above sea level and it has 426 steps. Ok doesn’t sound like a lot of work but u should try it(and get lost like we did) and then we can have a nice conversation about the experience ;)…

trees trees treeeeeesnever believed 60% of Finland is covered in trees…now I do 😉

logsdon’t know why I took this one. I guess I just tried to be awesome again

Now I am getting slightly used to the autumn weather…but not for long cuz I’m off for Texas next week where its gonna be waaaaaarm :P. Ta-taaa

Last weekend I did quite a spontanous roadtrip with 2 friends. Our destination was Turku which is about 1hour and 45 minutes west of Helsinki and located on the westcoast of Finland. I’ve been there once before.Well, just the harbor as I made a cruise to Stockholm from there…so I was quite excited to actually see more of Finland’s former capital than last time. The weather was quite nice(for Finnish standards lol) so we decided to have some ice cream. We found that little ice cream stand on the corner of some street and were kinda shocked when we paid…fucking 2,50€ for 1(!!!) scoop of ice cream! And it wasn’t even original Italian ice cream or Ben&Jerry’s. Fuckers!

CIMG3109yummy but def. not worth the price!

After calming down we went along the river Aurajoki which looked like a mix of Delfshaven in Rotterdam and Helsinki’s Ruoholahti 😉 There were lotsa boats which served as little bars/cafés. Very cute!

CIMG3168little Mermaid of Turku 😉

After having a cider/beer we continued our walk along the river and guess what I saw?? The “Black Pearl” (known from “Pirates of the Caribbean“)!!! Unfortunately, Captain Jack Sparrow wasn’t there as he had some business to take care of aka getting some more rum so the party could continue 😀

Black Pearl lolnice eh? 😉

Anyways, we continued our sightseeing tour and checked out the famous Suomen Joutsen and the medieval castle where I discovered something unbelievable…

door to Narniathe door to Narnia!!!!

It was locked though…so I couldn’t open it to check out what’s behind there. So we can just guess…the lion?the witch?the wardrobe??? 😉