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Thank God it’s over! Don’t get me wrong I really love Christmas.I love spending time with my family and all that. I also like food (which can’t be overseen) but the food and the eating culture during Christmas time is too much…even for me! 3 or more meals a day is at least 2 meals too many!I am so thankful for the invention of leggings – or in my case…SHINY PANTS (thank you ginatricot! I’m addicted to those!!!) – as they are so stretchy and comfy…even if you ate 3 pigs!

I actually wanted to show you our Christmas roast but I forgot to take a picture…so I googled it and this is what came up as one of the results:

very interesting Christmas food 😉

This is not the traditional German Christmas roast but definately yummy 😉 hehe.

I hope all of you had a great Christmas! Can’t believe that there’s just a few days left of that awesome year! Enjoy those days and speak soon!

my sister and I. I don’t get to see her as often as I would like to…

What a week! Besides working a lot and having exams and presentations I’ve been awesomely busy with birhtday partys, xmas parties and “regular” parties. I had lotsa fun as always.

On Wednesday we went bowling. Usually i don’t really like bowling and i suck at it…BIG TIME! But it was lotsa fun and the more drinks I had the less pins I knocked over. I don’t remember how many people we were but it was quite a lot. After the bowling match we went to eat together which was followed by going out. Loads of fun,alcohol and laughter! It was actually a kinda sad event as well as it was the last time we all went out togther. Some people will go back to their home country, some will go on exchange and some won’t be in school anymore and do their internship next year.BOOOOOOOOO i know! Anyways..some pictures to spice it up a little

i think i just redefined fashion!

i thought kissing the ball would bring luck…

Fleur,Jacqueline,Foziya et moi


I started the day by waking up early-ish to have breakfast with some friends and then we went to the “colorful church” because we wanted to go inside. It was snowing again and the snow melted right away so there was a lot of water on the streets. By the time we arrived at the church I had a lake in my boots. I had so much water in there that you could already hear it moving in there…sounds funny but it was fucking cold. Anyways, it was very pretty inside the church but I expected it to be more spectacular. It was just one big room.

church from inside

We had to hurry a bit as we had to be back at the hotel in time for the visit at the brewery. We took the metro to some weird place in St. Petersburg with lotsa snow and from there we were picked up by a bus. It was actually the first time this week where we were on time but of course the bs was not there so we had outside for like 30 minutes. That does not sound a lot but it feels like eternity when it is fucking cold. The guys used the opportunity to have another one of their famous snowball fights where they accidentally hit some cars which caused their alarm to go on. Nice sound…really! Eventually the bus came and it took us to the “baltica” brewery…Russia’s most famous brewery. It was actually kinda interesting…just the smell was bad! The best part was the “tasting”. All of us got to taste over 12 different beers.(I stopped counting after that one) Oh boy that was fun. I don’t even like beer but it was for free and I thought I’d use that opportunity 😉

beer number 5 was actually pretty good!the Asian one(blue bottle)tasted like detergent and made me wanna throw up

back in the metro station…with the present we got from the brewery

After that we had our fancy 4 course Russian dinner in some mansion. We experienced some more of that amazing Russian “service” all the foreigners get here.

1st course

1st course: weird salad

2nd course: soup called Borscht or sth like that

3rd course: Stroganoff

4th course: Blini(pancake)

The food was not that good. Not for that price at least. And I am not sure if it is supposed to be like that or if Russian food is supposed to be almost cold in general…cuz that was not the first time we had that…whatever. At least we had fun.

Back in the hotel some of us chilled out in the Hotel Bar and then finally we (aka me and 2 friends) ordered the limousine for tomorrow. It’s actually gonna be the biggest limousine in St.Petersburg: a Hummer. We’re gonna be 18 people and the limo is gonna take us through the city for 2 hours. Unfortunately we had to pay right away so it was lotsa fun(aka NOT) to knock on everybody’s door at 1 am to collect the money(650 rubles…which is like 15€…pretty cheap i think).

Anyways…I’m going to Russian dreamland now as I have to wake up again in not 6, not 5 but 4 hours again for our self-made sightseeing tour. And it better not snow otherwise there’s gonna be at least 1 mad German with wet feet in town!

Big hello (or maybe even good night/good morning) from Russia. I am in St.Petersburg now. I am on a study trip with my marketing course until Sunday night. It’s 3:51 am and I am kinda tired but I still wanna tell you a few things about my first impressions. Monday morning we took a train at 7am from Helsinki to St.Petersburg. The train ride was actually fun but quite exhausting. We arrived at 2:15pm Russian time. We had the rest of the day to ourselves. To be honest I don’t really remember what we did. We checked into our hotel and I think we tried to find some store to buy food/water. You can’t really drink tab water in Russia and brushing your teeth with that water might not be a good idea either.

looks pretty healthy though doesn’t it?

I think after we figured out that our hotel is actually located in a shopping mall we were kinda ok lol. We went to eat at some “pizza&Pasta” place which promised an English menu. It is really hard to find anything in English here. The restaurant sucked…but what do I know? lol. We spent the night at some friend’s hotel room…having a little party….pretty quiet one for Finnish standards but hotel security came at some point and let us know that we should better shut up. As all of us were(and still are) kinda scared of the Russians we kinda obeyed lol.

Today we went to some fancy university to have some lecture about Russian Business culture and we got to meet some nice Russian students. In general I can say that Russians are so damn unfriendly and they don’t (or they don’t want to) speak English. Their impoliteness really pisses me off. They don’t even look you in the eye and kinda treat you like shit. If I would not be so scared of them (they look really grumpy though!) I would actually go up to them and give them one of my awesome lectures and evil eyes!

We went to eat at some Russian place which I didn’t like. There are 2 reasons for that: 1st The food was crap, 2nd They treat you like shit. After that some of us went to the famous “colorful cathedral” as we like to say. It was so pretty. But as it was snowing the entire day, some of us thought it would be fun to have a little snow ball fight there. And they were right…it was fun…but cold! At some point I was convinced I had some kind of a swimming pool in my boots.

We spent the night at some other friend’s hotel room and played some drinking game which fucked up some of us pretty badly.(not me…seriously! Although there would have been enough reasons for that!I’m sure there’s gonna be some material on facebook pretty soon…)

Tomorrow or better said later we have to meet at 1pm to go to the American chamber of commerce and then the Ford company here…I think. But some of us(incl. me) thought it would be cool to meet p at 7.20 am, have breakfast and do some sightseeing before we have the meetings. At the moment I don’t feel very comfortable doing that. I just came back from the aforementioned party and I should get p again in 3 hours the latest…let’s see how it works out! I’ll try to keep you up to date. !

P.S people here are weird.girls look like prostitutes and guys are just…ugly. 😉

1. It’s Showtime

Some of you might know that I love musicals, shows and theater so I was quite excited to see some shows again this summer. Finland is not a big musical country so I always have to wait until I’m back in Germany again to enjoy some shows…

This summer I got to see:

Ganz oder gar nicht/The Fully Monty & Non(n)sense

Der Schuh des Manitu & The Producers

and Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


I love getting to know new places and the feeling I have when I’m stepping out of a plane, train or car in another country is just incredible. I know that probably sounds weird but I enjoy discovering the highlights and secrets of a new city.


Rotterdam was the final destination of my summer 2009

3.Friends & Family

I always love it when I see my friends and family outside of Finland again. I remember last summer I was travelling through Germany almost the entire summer to visit my friends…unfortunately this year I don’ have the time to do that 😦 So I did not get to see as many friends as I wanted to…Hamburg,Berlin, Düsseldorf…I miss you!!


4.Barbecues in the garden

I loooove “barbecue-ing”! What’s better than grilled chicken, potato salad, ice cold drinks and great company on a hot summer night?


5.Back to the roots

Although I love (living in) big cities I also enjoy going back to my roots: the life in a small town with lots of nature…Waren/Müritz… This summer I got it all 🙂


mhhh strawberries!!

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I loooove them!! What is better than freshly picked strawberries and self made vanilla pudding?? RIGHT!! Eating freshly picked strawberries with home made vanilla pudding!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha(ok maybe not funny for you guys but I just had my very own moment over here so please excuse my weird sense of humor! lol)

Doesn’t it look delicious? I hope I made you jealous?! Please say yes so my ego feels confirmed and happy 😀

Should I eat another bowl?? I mean its just strawberries…they’re healthy!!…and vanilla pudding is made with lotsa milk…and milk is healthy too right? Soooo…