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Easter Moments

Posted: April 25, 2011 in food, friends, fun
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Here we go…again:

I kinda dragged some of my friends to that awesome sushi place I’ve been posting about in my last 2 blogs. It was actually perfect timing because our waitress seemed to be a bit hungover and gave us starters for free so we would not be so mad at her for bad service.She also forgot to charge us for our bottle of wine. Don’t care if it was rude or not…we just paid our bill without asking if she has forgotten about the wine. Tough luck 😉

We enjoyed some laughs (and cider) outside

went out for dinner & celebrated Jesse’s bday

view from the club

on the roof top of the club

shot time 🙂

I seriously don’t know why I am so red in this picture…I guess the shots made the devil in me come out for a wild swirl 😉

can you see the (dirty) snow in the background?

Can’t believe Easter is over already. Having 4 days off in a row has never felt so great. I’m back to saving the world again tomorrow. 😉

I ♥ weekends.

Posted: April 17, 2011 in friends
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Especially if I get to spend it with great company, awesome sushi, delicious wine, lovely sunshine, a good movie, candy and some more wine.

We “attempted” to watch Woody Allen’s “You will meet a tall dark stranger” but somehow we ended up talking a teensy bit too much and might have lost track of the plot a bit…but that made the whole thing even better! We decided that we’re gonna do more of those chilled out movie nights as we are all getting older and those nights are actually pretty relaxing and it feels great  and relieving that you (for once) don’t wake up with the usual major “Finnish hangover” the next day 😉

I had a birthday on Thursday. This usually happens to me once a year. But this year I could enjoy fame that lasted for full three days. There was a little surprise party for me at work on Wednesday already. A colleague tricked me into going into the office kitchen to get something but when I entered the kitchen I saw all of my colleagues standing there, smiling, yelling…”surpriiiiiiiiiiiiiiise!!!!!!!!” I was a bit confused. At first, I actually thought I missed my own birthday. They decided to celebrate my Highness a day early as a lot of colleagues would not be in the office on “the real day”. It was pretty cute actually. I got a nice card and we had some cookies and traditional finnish bakeries and pastries. Yum!

Thursday came. I did not feel like having a birthday at all. To be honest, I actually forgot it was my birthday but was reminded again by a colleague once I was back in the office. Priceless moment. It was quite a weird day though as I was so busy at work and did not really have time for any birthday thoughts…


I got a lot of fan mail that day…>>><<<…I sincerely love my friends…fans…I mean my fans!!! 😉

Friday came. Went out for some delicious sushi and wine with some friends. The place is the best in Helsinki and we were pretty lucky we got seats as they do not take reservations.

cheers to me and my awesome friends!! 😉

alaska maki

We spent quite an amount of money at the restaurant but awesome people need awesome food that costs an awesome amount of money 😉

I’m gonna spend the rest of my birthday weekend in bed. I am sick. I have tried to deny it during the last few days but I guess being a quarter of a century old now leaves its marks…slowly but surely 😉

Have a great weekend everybody!

Last weekend we all celebrated my friend Isa’s birthday. I don’t see my friends that often anymore as I’m not taking any classes this semester so seeing everybody felt sooooo good. We had a great time and decided to go out more often even if there is no birthday to celebrate….hello liver-damage 😉

We ♥ to party

But this weekend was not all happy happy because I had to say “goodbye” to a person that has become a good friend during the last few weeks. She was interning at Lufthansa Cargo before me and taught me everything I should know. Well, at least that’s what she was supposed to do. We found ourselves singing old cartoon theme songs or talking to each other in various dialects very often which might have left a nice impression on some colleagues. 😉

Monique and I…and a piece of Louis Vuitton in the back

She flew back to Germany today as her internship is over but I can’t wait for the reunion and I am already practicing new cartoon theme songs which I will start singing right the minute I see her next time…hex hex ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫

weekend joy

Posted: February 2, 2010 in friends, fun, Helsinki, Party
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I just love weekends! Don’t you? I love sleeping in (for once) and meeting up with friends. Last Saturday we welcomed my friend Henna back to Finland with a girls night out. She was an erasmus student in Madrid for 5 months and she loved it. I’m happy she had such a great time but I’m happier that we have our “happy face” back where she belongs. 🙂

Isa, Henna & Tiina

Sille, me, Isa & Henna

before stepping into the club

We went to Aussie Bar -a famous night bar/club in Helsinki- and danced the night away. Eventually the club closed and there was a little snow storm waiting for us outside. As there is no nightbus that stops close to my place i always have to walk for about 3km from the last stop the nightbus does. It was actually quite nice to walk in the snow as it looked so beautiful. But it took me twice as long as usual because it was hard to get through the snow.

looking for ur car?

enjoying my nightwalk

pretty isnt it?

1. It’s Showtime

Some of you might know that I love musicals, shows and theater so I was quite excited to see some shows again this summer. Finland is not a big musical country so I always have to wait until I’m back in Germany again to enjoy some shows…

This summer I got to see:

Ganz oder gar nicht/The Fully Monty & Non(n)sense

Der Schuh des Manitu & The Producers

and Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


I love getting to know new places and the feeling I have when I’m stepping out of a plane, train or car in another country is just incredible. I know that probably sounds weird but I enjoy discovering the highlights and secrets of a new city.


Rotterdam was the final destination of my summer 2009

3.Friends & Family

I always love it when I see my friends and family outside of Finland again. I remember last summer I was travelling through Germany almost the entire summer to visit my friends…unfortunately this year I don’ have the time to do that 😦 So I did not get to see as many friends as I wanted to…Hamburg,Berlin, Düsseldorf…I miss you!!


4.Barbecues in the garden

I loooove “barbecue-ing”! What’s better than grilled chicken, potato salad, ice cold drinks and great company on a hot summer night?


5.Back to the roots

Although I love (living in) big cities I also enjoy going back to my roots: the life in a small town with lots of nature…Waren/Müritz… This summer I got it all 🙂


Jule is travelling again!! First stop: BERLIN!!! I took the train tonight or better said last night…and I paid 4€ for the trip!!! Usually it would be 20€ (or even more if you are not well informed..but I am one of the smart ones ;)). It’s a shared ticket and 5 persons can use it together…so I just started talking to ppl at the train station with success! I found 4 other guys who wanted to go to Berlin as well and joined me (and my ticket).

Eventually (after 1hour and 45 min) I arrived in Berlin and was welcomed by a smiling Jess. But I missed the flowers, marching band and red carpet…what happened??Where were those things?

Anyways…the plan tonight was to go to bed early…did not work out!!! STILL AWAKE!!

Tomorrow’s gonna be a looong day!!! Shopping (still need to buy a few things for Holland),meeting friends and going to see another Show/Musical! But I’m not telling you which one yet. I might do that tomorrow or so…

Last time Jess & I were reunited we forgot to take pictures…so to prevent the same thing from happening again we thought we might start taking pictures already!

Very pretty huh? Don’t ask how we came up with the motif!?? But that style’s gonna be hot…or not???  😉


Posted: June 9, 2009 in Helsinki
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05.05.2009 – Helsinki

The day finally came!! Vappu is the crazy May 1st celebration the Finns do over here. It actually starts on April 30th. People meet at Esplanadi (a park) and have drinks and just enjoy themselves. All the Finns that graduated from High School wear their white graduation hat (reminds me of a captain’s hat) and the university student put on their overalls and march trough the city while partying! It’s hard to describe…you have to BE there!! On May 1st everybody meets in Kaivopuisto (a huge park in Helsinki) and has a picnic with barbecue combined with lots of alcohol (of course haha). The very extreme people party through the night, don’t sleep at all and show up in the park in the morning and continue their party. This year was actually the first year where I went to Kaivopuisto (I passed out last year after a too long and wild party haha). It was just amazing to see that many people there. 50.000 people in a park, wearing their graduation hats and overalls and going crazy with their beers/ciders in their hands! And the weather was perfect!! It was actually the first day of the year where you did not need to wear a jacket outside…GREAT!!

Stockholm once again…

Posted: June 9, 2009 in friends, fun, Travel
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17.03.2009 – Helsinki

Some friends and I decided to go on a cruise to Stockholm to celebrate Isa’s birthday and just to have fun…and that we did! I was waiting for the dinner buffet all day long (jajaja foood lol)…but for my defense I have to say that the other girls were looking forward to that one as well so its not just me who’s thinking of food all the time!!

After we stuffed great amounts of food and wine into our system we had a little pre-party at Tiina’s and Henna’s cabin and after a few m ore sparkling wines and ciders we hit the dance floor and the karaoke bar…oh boy…if Bon Jovi heard us sing his “living on a prayer” he would have sued us…or maybe even killed haha. But it was so much fun…but the next morning wasn’t that much fun lol…But still we had a great day in Stockholm…the weather was great and after a nice breakfast at a café we felt better and were ready to shop and drop.

We had to be back on the ship in the evening. And as we spent the entire day shopping we forgot to buy things to eat so when we arrived at the cruiser again we decided to have the (way overpriced) buffet again…and went to party afterwards again. We arrived back in Helsinki the next morning and I had to rush straight to university from the harbor as I had a presentation…I felt like a dead person but I somehow managed the presentation. I’m a pro…haha…NOT!!