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My summer 2011 was indeed very special. Besides enjoying the nice weather with great company, I was fortunate enough to attend three fairytale weddings in three countries and meet lotsa friends again I haven’t seen for a while.

1st: Alina & Mikko – 05 Aug 2011

Location: Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland

The day was just perfect for a wedding, which was held on Suomenlinna – one of Helsinki’s islands. The sun was shining and everybody was happy and excited. Oh, and there was a dresscode as well: Boys – Ocean’s Eleven; Girls – Sex and the City.

The priest was quite funny and even sang during the ceremony. Two of Alina’s friends sang Ronan Keating’s “When you say nothing at all” in church and I guess 80% of the female guests cried during the song. (I was one of them, of course). It was soo beautiful!

The party afterwards was fun! The venue had a medieval touch but it was still very romantic with all the candles, flowers and accessories. The wedding dance was very traditional but right before the newlyweds wanted to kiss, the bride was kidnapped. After a while the bride returned in her party dress and it was relieving to see that almost all of the girls,who did not wear flats, took of their shoes for the wild party dancing. So I had some barefoot friends 😉

just married

© Tuukka Ervasti Photography


party time!

© Tuukka Ervasti Photography

view from the ferry back to Helsinki city

2nd: Anastasia & Moritz – 27 Aug 2011

Location: from Maarssen to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Unlike in Finland, the weather in the Netherlands was horrible but I don’t think anybody cared that day. After we all met up at the Tulip Inn in Amsterdam we all were taken to Maarssen where our boat was parked. Yes, our boat. The entire wedding took place on a boat. Quite new experience for me. After the ceremony the boat took off going along the canal all the way to Amsterdam. This took a few hours and we surely knew how to use that time 😉 The wedding dance was very surprising.It started very traditional but then it changed to David Guetta & Rihanna’s “Who’s that chick” and the bride and groom showed off a hilarious choreography. And after that the party got even wilder!

getting ready in the hotel

just married on the boat

some footy entertainment

The fun table with our lucky balloons

lucky balloons up in the sky

party animals

the newlyweds


3rd: Anja & Micha – 03 Sep 2011

Location: Waren & Klink, Germany

Here the sun was shining again. For a change, this wedding took place in my hometown in Germany. The ceremony was lotsa fun but also quite emotional. The priest was very cool and the gospel singer made everyone shiver and every girl cry. After the ceremony we all walked to Waren’s harbor to get on a boat which took us to Klink, a little village outside Waren. The party took place in Klink’s castle. At this wedding the wedding dance was also very special. It started off traditionally but then it switched to the Sugarhill Gang’s “Apache (Jump On It)” made famous by the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air over to MJ’s “Thriller” and many more. I laughed so so much!

Oh happy day ♫♪

on the way from Waren to Klink

love is in the air

some traditional German wedding game

almost like in old High School days

Klink’s castle

“Apache (Jump On It)”

some more games

I loved seeing my friends getting married and the countless blisters on me feet were totally worth it 😉

First trip of the year…

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I was off work last week and used the time to visit some friends in Hamburg…what a fun week!

Simone and I aka “Team Awesome”


the Chile House

view from the “20up” Bar of Hamburg’s Empire Hotel

view from the “20up” Bar of Hamburg’s Empire Hotel

new year – new look 😉

my 2 favorite Olgas and I


Elbe Tunnel


good times


Day off (for real)

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And it felt so gooooood! I met up with a good friend I haven’t seen in over a year. We went “shopping” (if you can call it like that in a town like Waren), went to eat and met up with another friend and enjoyed some coffee at the harbor. The weather wasn’t that nice…but doesn’t it always rain when you’re on a day off???

view from the café

Steffi and I

that’s what you get from shoe shopping 😉

And now I’m back to thesis writing because I do not have any other hobbies 😉

I am in Germany since yesterday. The entire country is suffering from the worldcup fever. I love it! There were so many people dressed in Germany soccer jerseys and with the german flag across their faces running around everywhere yesterday. (Germany played and lost against Spain last night…boo Spain lol).

It is just so amazing to see how proudly people carry the German flag here. I have never seen so many Germany flags. I missed the entire spirit when the world cup was held in Germany in 2006 as I was living in the States.(Boo me, i know lol)

So I was surely suprised that even the people in Waren (my hometown in Germany) hauled up their flags. There are flags on cars,shops, buildings…everywhere…just unbelievable! I am proud to be German!

The long-awaited Eurovision Song Contest was on again last night. It was held in Oslo,Norway, this year as Norway won last year’s show. Oslo did an amazing job and produced an amazing show!

After 2 semi-finals, a total of 25 countries qualified for the big final. In case you missed it, here are the basics you have to know(click on the country to open the song on youtube):

1. Azerbaijan: nice song….but the choreography??wtf?!!If I got it right, they hired Beyoncé’s choreographer for that…but I think they got ripped off 😉

2. Spain: the background dancers distracted from the song…but maybe that was a good thing.Also, a fan joined and jumped on stage and wanted to be part of the show 😉

3. Norway: nice ballad!WOW!(but the voice could have been stronger…was kinda pitchy in the beginning)

4. Moldova: first up-tempo song.nothing special.the costume of the girl reminded me of a cockatoo 😉

5. Cyprus: ballad again…was ok but nothing special

6. Bosnia & Herzegovina: some “rocky” song about thunder and lightning…blah.

7. Belgium: LOVED IT!…just a guy and his guitar but incredible voice.AWESOME!

8. Serbia: OMG that dude or girl or whatever he/she/it was?Seriously???No words.

9. Belarus: absolutely LOVED the dresses of the girls(minus the fact that they turned into butterflies in the end)…BLING BLING!!But the song?…blah.

10. Ireland: LAME!The girl looked liked Shrek’s wife…and do not mix red hair and a purple dress…no one has ever won wearing purple!

11. Greece: half-naked dudes singing a terrible song.sorry i just had to laugh all the was funny to look at but terrible to listen to.NEXT!

12. UK: nice staging…but that’s all.Guy has a nice voice..but they should have given him a different song.

13. Georgia: another ballad.nothing special…they overdid it a little with the dancers.

14. Turkey: sounded very “non-turkish”…a rock-performance

15. Albania: catchy but nothing special

16. Iceland: first they give us a banking crisis, then volcanic ash and now they sent another big red volcano singing “je ne sais quoi”(eng:i dont know a thing)…i bet she did not know a thing of why she sang in French?!?!

17. Ukraine: holy shit.some parts sounded off tune…but I think the girl wanted it to sound like that. the song was called “sweet people”…but it sounded kinda sour to me…awful.

18. France: Allez Olla Olé! LOVED IT!!! I think it is also the French World Cup song. Good party song and was one of my personal faves…but what was that dance??

19. Romania: an up-tempo song. nice beat but the voice of the woman was just she was wearing some shiny suit…but it could have been shinier…so no points for you Romania!

20. Russia: Sorry if I’m rude but: Booooooooo! That’s all.

21. Armenia: pretty girl, liked the beat…but singing about apricots? Really?I dont think so.

22. Germany: LEGENDARY…even though her movements on stage looked like she really had to pee. But I guess that was her style…and Europe must have liked it ;)…one of my fave performances!

23. Portugal: not my taste.loved the dress though…I think the girl was trying to seduce the camera guy.

24. Israel: well… good looks and a nice ring on your finger do not help making an awful song sound nice. Sorry dude.

25. Denmark: well, lotsa my friends liked it but i didnt. The guy scared me.And what was wrong with his hair?So 80s!

They had an amazing flashmob during the voting…All of the people in the arena danced. They also showed people all over Europe dancing the choreography.AWESOME!!!

might be a bit long but def. worth it!

I was sooo excited when they announced the results…i was basically dying at some points(“points” really is the right word!)

Aaaand the winner is:

GERMANY with unbelievable 246 points!!!

So next years Eurovision will be held in Germany!! So so happy! Germany’s Lena was a bit(or a bit more) confused about the fact she won. And from today, entire Europe is singing this song:

The final performance of Lena “satellite”

Today was the big day: surgery! I was so scared and nervous that I could hardly sleep last night. When I stepped into the surgery room I felt so weird and kind of helpless. Everything in there scared me. I don’t like surgeries. I haven’t had many in my life yet(thank god!) and the only one I can remember 100% was a tooth surgery…a very bad one…actually 2 very bad ones. Geez, I do have a hard life 😉

Ok, let’s get back on track now:

So I was in the room and was told to lay down but then I saw 2 (huge) syringes. And I was asking the nurse if they would use those evil needles on me…and she said yes!!! I was so shocked. Then the nurse left the room and I seriously had tears in my eyes. I HATE needles! I started to feel dizzy and finally laid down on the operating table because I felt like passing out. Fortunately I didn’t….or maybe unfortunately!

Then the doctor came and started some small talk. I don’t even remember what she said I was so busy not to start crying and panicking. And then I saw her reaching out for one of those syringes.

And she seriously put those two gigantic things into Jule’s teeny tiny little foot with a SMILE!!. It hurt  and burnt LIKE HELL. And then those 2 evil persons started talking about scalpels and sawbs*faint alert!!*…I don’t remember how long my trip to hell lasted but I was surely glad when it was over!

I had to stay at the doctor’s for a while after the surgery and they gave me painkillers.(probably the nicest thing they’ve done to me today!).

I felt a bit weird when I left the doctor’s (the meds might have started working) but I had to pull it together as I still had to drive back home again. But that was easier said than done. (We’ve had quite some snow chaos and storms here during the last few days and it is not easy to get around especially in a car. But I had to use it today to get to my lovely appointment in hell)

Anyways, on the way back I got stuck in the snow. Of course it had to happen to me TODAY! It was not easy to drive with the pain in my foot and then I had to use my feet to get the fricking snow out of the way. My joy was priceless!

Thank God I parked next to the train station and there was some worker from the “Deutsche Bahn”(German Railways) coming my way after 10 minutes of hard work. He helped me out of there and I was good to go again after another 10 minutes.

I was glad when I was home and could relax…and go to sleep because the meds made me very tired. For this reason…

the holy foot

some annoying snow on our patio

looks nice though doesn’t it?

1. It’s Showtime

Some of you might know that I love musicals, shows and theater so I was quite excited to see some shows again this summer. Finland is not a big musical country so I always have to wait until I’m back in Germany again to enjoy some shows…

This summer I got to see:

Ganz oder gar nicht/The Fully Monty & Non(n)sense

Der Schuh des Manitu & The Producers

and Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


I love getting to know new places and the feeling I have when I’m stepping out of a plane, train or car in another country is just incredible. I know that probably sounds weird but I enjoy discovering the highlights and secrets of a new city.


Rotterdam was the final destination of my summer 2009

3.Friends & Family

I always love it when I see my friends and family outside of Finland again. I remember last summer I was travelling through Germany almost the entire summer to visit my friends…unfortunately this year I don’ have the time to do that 😦 So I did not get to see as many friends as I wanted to…Hamburg,Berlin, Düsseldorf…I miss you!!


4.Barbecues in the garden

I loooove “barbecue-ing”! What’s better than grilled chicken, potato salad, ice cold drinks and great company on a hot summer night?


5.Back to the roots

Although I love (living in) big cities I also enjoy going back to my roots: the life in a small town with lots of nature…Waren/Müritz… This summer I got it all 🙂


I went to Rostock yesterday to meet up with my cousin from England. She was there visiting some family and I took the chance to see her again. Last time I saw her was over 2 years ago (not counting a super short meeting I had with her on Monday). She was there with her daughter Cody(4) and son Lucca(1 month)…it was soooo great to see them again!!!

Don’t know when I will get the next chance to meet them as we’re hardly in the same country. I hope it’s vey soon though 🙂

But when I was on my way back home i noticed something terrible: I LOST MY iPOD!!!!! WAAAHH!!! I don’t know how and when it could have happened…but GRRRR!! I was so pissed yesterday…and still am! Now I’m on the hunt for a new one! And those precious things are still kinda expensive (at least for someone who needs money for so many things atm)…but I need to get a new one…I can’t survuve without one..can you?

Lucca and me

Today after work I visited my sister and got to see her new place. She moved to a village a while ago already. It’s kinda far away from my parents’ place but so nice! Haven’t been out in the “country” for soooo long…almost forgot how pretty the nature is there!!

the beach in Lalendorf

pretty corn fields

don’t know why but I really like this picture! 😉

the sunset…and my Mom on the right 🙂

Hello world!

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Yes, I finally did it! I decided to transfer my blog to “”.

I added my last few blogs here and I will try to connect this whole thing to my homepage. Everything’s still a bit confusing over here but oh well…I’ll get it…at some point 😉

For all of you who don’t know: I’m in Germany right now…until mid-August!!! I’m on my summer break from university and trying to earn some money over here for a big trip I wanna do in October: Liz is getting married ( and I am honored to be there!!! Well…I still need some money for the flight but I’m kinda optimistic at the moment…

Talking of weddings…my baby cousin got married last month!! Sooo happy for her!