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After living in Finland for 4 years, I moved back to Germany last week.It was such a weird feeling and I actually shed one or two tears on the plane. I know I am such a crybaby. I have been pretty emotional during the last few weeks as well as I had to start  saying goodbye to my beloved friends. I had a great 4 years living in the land of snow and vodka and my friends made my last Finnish summer very special…and very Finnish 😉

me and Henna (who moved away from Helsinki) got a sweet farewell t-shirt from a friend

i ❤ my friends!

On my flight to Frankfurt I even met an old friend on the plane which was kinda funny but then the turbulences started and took all the fun away…at once. The flight back to Berlin was more fun (as much fun you can get when you’re scared of flying).  I did not expect so many people to greet me at the airport. And also my mom decorated the house with a big “welcome back” banner. Very cute! But soon it’s time to move again…(more details about that later!)

unpacking all my stuff from Finland.Moving countries is no fun, I’m telling you!

a sad goodbye

Posted: June 12, 2010 in friends, Party, sad
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One of my best friends left Finland on Tuesday 😦 He went back to Mexico to become a doctor. He is the most intense party animal I know and therefore, I cannot really picture him saving lifes but rather destroying them by making people drink.

Anyhow, we all went out together last Saturday for one last time and it was so intense. Luckily, he trained my liver so well that even though I drank(read: was forced to drink) the most disgusting shots ever, I felt completely fine and was hardly tipsy.

Thank you for making my liver so strong!!

So now he is gone and it is awfully quiet and drama-less in Helsinki. The only good thing about it is that now I might have time to actually do other things like partying again………………………………………………………hmm after the summer 😉

Last weekend we all celebrated my friend Isa’s birthday. I don’t see my friends that often anymore as I’m not taking any classes this semester so seeing everybody felt sooooo good. We had a great time and decided to go out more often even if there is no birthday to celebrate….hello liver-damage 😉

We ♥ to party

But this weekend was not all happy happy because I had to say “goodbye” to a person that has become a good friend during the last few weeks. She was interning at Lufthansa Cargo before me and taught me everything I should know. Well, at least that’s what she was supposed to do. We found ourselves singing old cartoon theme songs or talking to each other in various dialects very often which might have left a nice impression on some colleagues. 😉

Monique and I…and a piece of Louis Vuitton in the back

She flew back to Germany today as her internship is over but I can’t wait for the reunion and I am already practicing new cartoon theme songs which I will start singing right the minute I see her next time…hex hex ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫