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I was one of the first who went to Suomenlinna as we had to put up some signs which would guide everybody(meaning the Guinness Team,the planning team, the participants, and some weird tourists) to the sauna. The sauna is a military sauna and the biggest wood-heated sauna in the world.It was very cold and at some point I was sure my hands would fall off. Anyways, we survived and thanks to Lieutenant Commander XXX XXXX (i forgot his name…but I remember it was veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long) we could go into the sauna building early and warm up. 3 hours later almost everybody was there and we started registering the people and were followed around by cameras(photo and film). It was kinda hard cuz I was helping registering,copying passports(accompanied by good looking military police) and as I was also participating in the event by playing Miss Germany I had to do some “acting” for Guinness. Some of us had to line up and go into the sauna and show our t-shirts(which showed our native country) and scream/yell the name of our country. Do you know how hard it is to “yell” your home country in a way which does not sound stupid?

participantswho can find me?(that one’s easy actually lol)

Well the real event started at 1pm. I almost missed it because I was busy doing other stuff and did not notice everybody was already on their way into the sauna…I made it though and had the honor to stand upstairs very close to the ceiling where the heat was worst. The Guinness Commitee closed the door and then our record-breaking attempt started. We all had to stay in the sauna for 5 minutes. The accordion player(who was actually just supposed to play during the registration) came in as well for some entertainment. It was very funny and cool as everybody was clapping, singing and shouting. At some point we all chanted “we want beer,we want beer!”…I don’t even like beer but ah,whatever ;). Almost at the end of those 5 minutes I noticed i left my earrings in my ears and they started to get very hot and kinda burned the skin on my neck…ouuuuuuuch!


can you see me? I am at the very top…kinda in the middle.

After the 5 minutes the Guinness team came in and announced that we had 76 different nationalities in the sauna and broke the old record of 57(losers!!! muahahah lol)! Oh boy you should have heard us…we were loud!That’s the sound of world record winners ;). 14454_169980993639_745278639_2825482_281252_n

we are the champions!

So the 5 minutes were over but the entire TV team came in now and filmed us and handing over the certificate to our teacher. I am not sure how long we stayed in there…but i was getting seriously hot up there and was very glad when I could leave the sauna. We were all so happy!!


12956_170208598789_580133789_2857357_5408471_nGerard accepting the certificate

certificatesMiss Russia & Miss Germany 😉

José,Fleur & I…all sweaty but awesome 😉

And we even won another record!! Two students of the team broke the record of the “fastest human wheelbarrow in 40 meters” another triumph!!

human wheelbarrow


I don’t remember what time we left Suomenlinna but I was one of the last as we had to clean up afterwards.We all met up in O Malley’s, Helsinkis’s oldest pub. We got some free booze and food there and had a little ceremony where I got another certificate(for planning and organizing the whole sauna shit).

O malleys

Paul,Fleur,Simone & I @ O Malley’s

I went home after that to shower,change and get ready for after-party number 2.

We all went to “Fabric” and best of all..I had free drink tickets. Actually, every participant just got one but somehow I ended up with 10 (thank you Fleur lol) so it was a very cheap night 😉

to the champions!cheers!!!

sauna in club?followed by sauna!!!

party hardy

martini timeFleur & I with some weird(=disgusting) Martini which tasted like pure wodka

I wanted to leave early and take my last bus at 1.30am but somehow I changed my mind and was home at 4 this morning. Sweet! So I slept until 2:30pm and then I noticed how much stuff I actually have to do today. And because I like to distract myself from doing chores I spent a big part of the day skyping family and friends.

Now it is 1am…and I have to get up again in 3,5 hours. I am leaving for a studytrip to Russia with my marketing course. I’m a bit scared but quite excited. I hope I’m gonna have internet there so I can keep u up to date with blogs. If not, see you in about a week! Good night!!

P.S. I’m awesome.Thank you.

Ok before I go back to hibernation a little update:

I planned on having a nice cozy,alcohol- and party-free,quiet weekend at home but of course that did not work out. Some evil friends convinced me to go to Tiger with them. I love that club(and those evils knew it!) and this time they even had red carpets there…as if they knew i was coming ;).

No seriously, I was shocked cuz I was so sure I would not get in as I was wearing jeans and sneakers…but I got through face control yaay!

The actual reason for the red carpet was that Mick Jagger‘s daughter Jade hosted a Jezebel party there and also promoted her Belvedere Jagger Dagger. It was pretty fun!

Jenni and I

Now the new week has started and I am already stressed out as hell! I’ve lotsa stuff to do because I’m going to Russia next week and need to take care of things before I leave and there’s also the World Sauna Challenge this Saturday. It’s a project from my university and I am a member of the planning team.

We’ll try to break the world record this Sat.! We will try to get as many different nationalities into 1 sauna as possible. The current record is 57. We have 82 nationalities registered so let’s hope all of them are coming!! (or at least 58 😉 ). If everything goes as planned I’m gonna represent Germany in the sauna.

Some people of the Guinness World Record Commitee are coming and will film everything. They will “use” us for the GWR Day 2009 which is gonna be on Nov.12th. So stay tuned cuz u might see me on TV all sweaty and creepy looking because I am not getting enough sleep these dayzzzZZ…

P.S. thanks to Liz for that fun skype-call yesterday! Was so good to see and hear you again! hugsies to the killerdog! love and miss you!