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After living in Finland for 4 years, I moved back to Germany last week.It was such a weird feeling and I actually shed one or two tears on the plane. I know I am such a crybaby. I have been pretty emotional during the last few weeks as well as I had to start  saying goodbye to my beloved friends. I had a great 4 years living in the land of snow and vodka and my friends made my last Finnish summer very special…and very Finnish 😉

me and Henna (who moved away from Helsinki) got a sweet farewell t-shirt from a friend

i ❤ my friends!

On my flight to Frankfurt I even met an old friend on the plane which was kinda funny but then the turbulences started and took all the fun away…at once. The flight back to Berlin was more fun (as much fun you can get when you’re scared of flying).  I did not expect so many people to greet me at the airport. And also my mom decorated the house with a big “welcome back” banner. Very cute! But soon it’s time to move again…(more details about that later!)

unpacking all my stuff from Finland.Moving countries is no fun, I’m telling you!

Got the first major snow in Helsinki last week. I was kinda shocked when I woke up to a white Helsinki one morning. Wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry…the last winter was so harsh and now it’s back already*boohooo*! But then, when I looked out of my kitchen window on Sunday I forgot all about the frequently wet feet, frozen limbs, frozen eyelashes and frozen hair…meeehh let’s be honest…that is so last season 😉

Even though it is flippin’ cold, I do have to admit that I kinda like this weather…nature looks sooo pretty!!

The snow combined with all of the pretty and sparkly Christmas decorations in the city center is just sooo beautiful*bling bling*. I don’t have a picture from the outdoor decorations but only from indoors (it’s a bit more tempting to shop in a warm mall then in a snowstorm outside lol) but I’ll make sure to take a few pictures of the beautifully decorated Helsinki. I love this city! (the city, not the language…never mix up those two things!)

Also, I might have some good news for you at the end of this week…so stay tuned and wish me luck 😉

And because I’m in the spirit of things…

always loved that one!



Been on a little cruise to Stockholm over the weekend. I absolutely love that city!!! It takes about 17 hours to get to Stockholm from Helsinki (by boat). We left at 5pm on Friday and arrived Stockholm at 9.30 am Swedish time. You have a few hours to explore Stockholm until you leave for Helsinki again in the evening.

I have been to Stockholm several times already…but never in the summer….and never without a hangover. So this time was very special… 😉

Here are a few pictures…

still in Helsinki

somewhere on the Baltic Sea on the way to Sweden

Stockholm…a bit inclined

the Globe

did the SkyView on top of the Globe

the crew up on the Globe

refreshing Smothies @ TGI Friday’s

dinner on the cruise ship

one of the very cool shows of Up Leon on the cruise ship.

the Promenade of our ship

Suomenlinna…one of the countless islands of Helsinki

What a day! There were some happenings going on in Helsinki today. The “Olivia” magazine had a big tent where people could get some free goodies.

So after we were done eating free cake, joghurt, drinking some new Schweppes and getting the Beckhams new fragnances, we watched a fashion show. It was a show for handbags and nice to look at.I didnt like the purses that much though. There was way too much Bling missing for my taste 😉

handbag fashion show

Fintelligens was next on our plan. The radio station YleX had their summer concert and Fintelligens were one of the performers. I just love their song “mikä boogie“.


Because getting free stuff,walking around and seeing a concert in heels is exhausting, we decided to go to a terrace and have some wine. Was a good idea!! Even the sun came out later on.

enjoying some sun before it disappeared again

As already announced in my last blog, the temperatures dropped again…and it is COLD!!! The one week of summer was nice while it lasted ;)…and maybe (if everybody is nice) it will come out again next week 🙂

Next on plan is watching the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST!! Soo excited for it! Definately gonna blog about it tomorrow!

Bling on! xoxo

Summer’s here…

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…and I love it! More than 2 weeks ago, it was still snowing and now it is so warm here. Unfortunately, it is supposed to get a bit colder again next week *boohoo* but maybe I can find a way to persuade the weatherfairy to change her mind 😉

one of my favorite places in Helsinki

Yesterday, we went to Lauttasaari; an island and neighborhood of Western Helsinki:

Baltic Sea

had a little picnic in a park by the beach

The best of all, it has been warmer in Finland than in some other parts of Europe at the moment. HA, EAT THIS Non-Scandinavia!!! 😉

Keep on blinging this weekend! I know I will.

As already announced in the previous blog I went to the Casino on Friday night. Had a great time and I am happy to announce that I did not spend any money for gambling! But let the pictures tell more:

Cheek performing


After the shows we walked around the casino a bit and then suddenly a guy came up and gave us free gamble tickets which we used for the slot machines first.

of course I chose a machine that matched my style:Kitty Glitter 😉

and that Kitty Glitter ate my ticket.

I had absolutely no idea how those machnes work and after consulting the guy next to me I was not any smarter. He basically said that you just push the buttons and hope you’re lucky and win something. Well isn’t that awesome? And I always thought there would be some logic behind those things…

Ok next we went to play roulette…and did not win anything either and the same luck for the Fortune Wheel. It was a nice experience though!Might go there again with the hope of gambling with free gambling tickets again 😉

That’s where I’m gonna go tomorrow:

…not to gamble though (I hope!) but to see a concert and hang out with some friends(I think Al Cohol is coming as well). Just hope it’s not gonna get too intense as I need a clear head and continue working on my thesis this weekend.Wish me luck!

Ta ta for now.

I took the bus to work like everyday. When I got off the bus I had to walk a little to get to the office. When I was walking today I passed 2 policemen and a car. Nothing special….you think??!?! Suddenly one of the policemen started talking(in Finnish) and he did not stop anymore…I turned around and noticed that he was actually talking to me(and Monique who I bumped into on the way). I looked at Monique…she had the same question mark in her face like me. So we were just like “what?!?!!” and then the policemen noticed that his 5 minute speech in Finnish was useless and he repeated everything in English:”you need to hurry now.There is a car coming this way soon. Hurry.Run.RUN!!FAST!!!”

Duuuuuuuuuuuude!!Don’t do that to Jule in the morning!!! So we ran…but the closer we got to the office building the more policemen we saw. And then they all shouted “run!out of the way!run!” and gave us hand signals to run even faster.  At that point we were just wondering if a) we were starring in a new episode of 24 or b) Obama was coming.

As soon as we were in the office we found out that the huge amount of policemen and cars was due to the Baltic Sea Action Summit which was held in Helsinki today. So a lot of important politicians came.  The Lufthansa Cargo office is right next to the VIP terminal so whenever there are important people coming to Finland I’m at the right spot. But politicians?! Please!!! Do politicians really need that much attention? I vote for NO!

Russia sent its prime minister Wladimir Putin. I don’t know why but the Russians actually came on 3 different planes!!! And one of them was HUGE!!!

save the environment?! Fuck that I’m Russian!

welcome beloved carbon footprint!

When I left the office I could see a lot of police already…again.But this time I was not yelled at. But when I was in the center I saw the mess those politicians had caused…streets were just blocked and traffic lights were turned off so they would not be bothered when they would leave for the airport under convoy again…

Why do they need a convoy?Why do they need 20 cars to follow them?Why do they all need private jets? They all came to Helsinki in order to make commitments to save the Baltic Sea but do they know that they are making everything even worse with their 100 private jets and 200 cars which VIPs apparently need??!Think about it!

Even though I have been living up here in cold Finland for 2,5 years now the winter has never been this cold and we’ve never gotten that much snow. When I’m not freezing and complaining about the temperatures I am actually able to see the the pretty side of the winter:

pictures taken at work today

a look out of the office window

Yep yep I’m finally back in Suomi aka Funland.  When I was at the airport my carry on luggage was only checked once…usually they check it at least 3 times because I always have so much stuff in my bags that apparently look very dangerous. I was kinda happy though…never been through security this fast. I actually had a good feeling about this flight for once. But then it was delayed and I had to spend more time at the boring aiport. Didn’t know the reason for the delay until we were on the plane. We actually had to change gates so I kinda got an idea what could have happened…and I was right: The original plane was broken. So glad the pilot noticed the disfunction BEFORE we took off! So we had to go onto another plane and all of the luggage had to be taken from the broken plane to the new one. Of course this took a while. But as I had a window seat I could check if they lost my suitcase already or not and I was relieved when I saw my (way too heavy) suitcase on the trolley.

well,hello luggage! Glad you’re coming with me.

I was relieved when I landed in Helsinki. It felt kinda good to be “home” again.

Saturday was party and reunion day. It felt so good to see my friends again! Should have drank a bit less but well, you can’t have everything can you? 😉

my lovely girls: Tiina, me, Sille and Isa

Some of you know that already but I started my internship on Monday. I will be working at Lufthansa Cargo. I was so excited and nervous when i arrived there on Monday. I got kinda scared because they immediately sent me into some meeting and i just sat there…trying to look somewhat smart and pretending to understand all the stuff they were talking about. I think I understood ilke 7% of the things they talked about and I’m very proud of those 7% haha.

After that I went to lunch with some colleagues who turn out to be really cool and nice. And then I was sent to the city center to get some headshots taken for my airport ID. So quite an easy and short day 🙂

Today was a little different…I met the intern who I’m gonna replace later. She’s so nice and we talked so much that we got kinda disctracted from the tasks we planned to do…ahh whatever…I still learnt a lot today.Mostly about planes (even though I won’t get in touch with them that often.)

I’m scared of flying and have huge respect for planes and stuff but I still think they are impressive! And then…guess who parked right in front of our office window without any warning??

We waved but I guess Finnair is not friendly to its competitor…although they like parking right in front of their office…how rude ;)… The plane looks further away than it actually was. Felt kinda weird to have a plane parking outside your office…should get used to that though…especially when there’s a hot pilot sitting in there teehee 🙂