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or rather the golden arse?

I am working there again this summer cuz I “kinda” need money. I did not really like the job last year either but this year everything seems even worse. It is not the colleagues (most of them are actually pretty nice) but the customers who drive me crazy.

Everyone who has been to Mc Donalds knows, that there is a big amount of different meals and options you can choose from when ordering. At least that’s what I thought…

me: Hello, how can I help you

customer A: I want the meal *grumpy*

me: which one?

customer A: well, the meal!! is that so hard??? *grumpier*

me: it wouldn’t be so hard if you told me which one you want as we have quite a few options here…


Customer B has paid and everything is on her tray…

customer B: and silverware?

me: excuse me?

customer B: i need silverware. I cannot eat the burger with my hands. I’m gonna get dirty.

She was so mad and angry! If looks could kill then I would have died right after I explained her that it is a fast food restaurant and you eat burgers with your hands. I decided to give her a fork and knife we are actually just allowed to give away if somebody orders a salad…but I didn’t want that bitch to punch me in the face (cuz she looked like that)


customer C: how much is a small coke?

me: 1,10 €

customer C: ok, then I’ll have 3 hamburgers please

I actually think that one’s funny but still…?????


These are just a few examples of the things I have to cope with daily…

…and sometimes I just feel like doing that to the customers!!!

Some of you already know what glorious job I have this summer…if not…don’t worry cuz here is a spectacular picture I took last night/this morning after my shift:

lovely eh?

I can tell you working at Mc Donalds really are no peanuts! Never would have thought that!!! And it’s unbelievable how rude customers can be sometimes! I really have a hard time not being too direct and speak my mind!!

I don’t like the job a lot but it’s nice money and who doesn’t need money? I could already book the flight to Lizzies wedding in Dallas,TX from my first salary!! I am so happy that it finally worked out!