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I went to check out a new coffee shop in my hometown yesterday. Met up with a friend and we hung out at the place for hours. It was so nice!

so comfy and calm



the view

on our seats…i love this picture. Maybe my cell phone is abetter camera than my regular one 😉

After all the chilling-out, we went to the movies to see Vampires Suck , which was quite ok and is this kind of movie you wanna see when you’re hungover because it is so stupid lol. Anyways, I wanted to see the movie because I’m sick of all the Twilight-Shit. I mean sparkling vampires?Really?? I love sparkly things but THAT is even too much for me! And the hype everybody makes about the actors is just annoying and driving me crazy. I am not on team Jacob, and no, especially not on team Edward. I’m on team Awesome, which is so awesome that it does not even need a justification! True Story.


I finally saw it: the remake of the 1980s movie “Fame” and I’ve been looking forward to see the new version for quite some time. I think the original is amazing!



Note to myself: never go see a movie when jetlagged!!!

I don’t know how long I slept but I think I missed quite a bit. This has never happened to me before! The movie was NOT boring so please go see it cuz it’s great, especially those who are into musical films! And for those who are not into musical films go see it as well because it’s a classic and a part of general education 😉