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Welcome to Gießen

Posted: September 25, 2011 in fun, me, Party, student life
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Because Karma’s a bitch and the Deutsche Bahn does not know how operate without any delays,  I missed ALL of my train connnections and therefore my entire schedule was messed up and I had to make several detours until I finally arrived in Gießen; my new place of residence for at least one year.

I was pretty exhausted when I arrived at my new appartment. I’m living together with 2 other girls in one of the prettiest streets of Gießen…at least that’s what I’ve been told. I did not have that much time to check out the city yet but from what I’ve seen so far I can say that I will definitely survive the next year.And I think I might even have fun doing that 😉

We already had my first party and I totally forgot how cheap alcohol and going out in Germany is.Fatal mistake. And also having a Döner kebab for breakfast does not make it any better. Good golly did I feel sick yesterday. I guess I have to get used to that feeling again. Being a student (again) really is not as easy as it sounds! 😉

fresh flowers in the kitchen

mhh cheesecake and iced chocolate

me and an old friend and former Lufthansa colleague

my wonderful housemates and I

and again…this time a bit more drunk.

My summer 2011 was indeed very special. Besides enjoying the nice weather with great company, I was fortunate enough to attend three fairytale weddings in three countries and meet lotsa friends again I haven’t seen for a while.

1st: Alina & Mikko – 05 Aug 2011

Location: Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland

The day was just perfect for a wedding, which was held on Suomenlinna – one of Helsinki’s islands. The sun was shining and everybody was happy and excited. Oh, and there was a dresscode as well: Boys – Ocean’s Eleven; Girls – Sex and the City.

The priest was quite funny and even sang during the ceremony. Two of Alina’s friends sang Ronan Keating’s “When you say nothing at all” in church and I guess 80% of the female guests cried during the song. (I was one of them, of course). It was soo beautiful!

The party afterwards was fun! The venue had a medieval touch but it was still very romantic with all the candles, flowers and accessories. The wedding dance was very traditional but right before the newlyweds wanted to kiss, the bride was kidnapped. After a while the bride returned in her party dress and it was relieving to see that almost all of the girls,who did not wear flats, took of their shoes for the wild party dancing. So I had some barefoot friends 😉

just married

© Tuukka Ervasti Photography


party time!

© Tuukka Ervasti Photography

view from the ferry back to Helsinki city

2nd: Anastasia & Moritz – 27 Aug 2011

Location: from Maarssen to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Unlike in Finland, the weather in the Netherlands was horrible but I don’t think anybody cared that day. After we all met up at the Tulip Inn in Amsterdam we all were taken to Maarssen where our boat was parked. Yes, our boat. The entire wedding took place on a boat. Quite new experience for me. After the ceremony the boat took off going along the canal all the way to Amsterdam. This took a few hours and we surely knew how to use that time 😉 The wedding dance was very surprising.It started very traditional but then it changed to David Guetta & Rihanna’s “Who’s that chick” and the bride and groom showed off a hilarious choreography. And after that the party got even wilder!

getting ready in the hotel

just married on the boat

some footy entertainment

The fun table with our lucky balloons

lucky balloons up in the sky

party animals

the newlyweds


3rd: Anja & Micha – 03 Sep 2011

Location: Waren & Klink, Germany

Here the sun was shining again. For a change, this wedding took place in my hometown in Germany. The ceremony was lotsa fun but also quite emotional. The priest was very cool and the gospel singer made everyone shiver and every girl cry. After the ceremony we all walked to Waren’s harbor to get on a boat which took us to Klink, a little village outside Waren. The party took place in Klink’s castle. At this wedding the wedding dance was also very special. It started off traditionally but then it switched to the Sugarhill Gang’s “Apache (Jump On It)” made famous by the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air over to MJ’s “Thriller” and many more. I laughed so so much!

Oh happy day ♫♪

on the way from Waren to Klink

love is in the air

some traditional German wedding game

almost like in old High School days

Klink’s castle

“Apache (Jump On It)”

some more games

I loved seeing my friends getting married and the countless blisters on me feet were totally worth it 😉

Easter Moments

Posted: April 25, 2011 in food, friends, fun
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Here we go…again:

I kinda dragged some of my friends to that awesome sushi place I’ve been posting about in my last 2 blogs. It was actually perfect timing because our waitress seemed to be a bit hungover and gave us starters for free so we would not be so mad at her for bad service.She also forgot to charge us for our bottle of wine. Don’t care if it was rude or not…we just paid our bill without asking if she has forgotten about the wine. Tough luck 😉

We enjoyed some laughs (and cider) outside

went out for dinner & celebrated Jesse’s bday

view from the club

on the roof top of the club

shot time 🙂

I seriously don’t know why I am so red in this picture…I guess the shots made the devil in me come out for a wild swirl 😉

can you see the (dirty) snow in the background?

Can’t believe Easter is over already. Having 4 days off in a row has never felt so great. I’m back to saving the world again tomorrow. 😉

Good Times.

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Party
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I kinda feel ashamed to post these pictures now as the previous post was all about how busy I am writing my thesis.

Well, but everyone deserves a break, right? I planned on just showing up at a friends birthday party on Saturday and leaving early again but then an army of jello shots joined the club and messed up all of my plans. So here it goes…


party people.

rock ‘n’ roll…i guess.

statement of the night.

The morning after was not very appreciated. But eventually I managed to work on my thesis again.

I was a bit more efficient today though. I went to my old workplace to say “hi” and have lunch with some former colleagues. Was very nice to see everybody again and I got to talk to my former boss and I am happy to announce that I am gonna join the Lufthansa family again in March!! Will probably work there during the whole summer but at least I got something nice to do until I (hopefully) start my master studies next fall. Wahoo!

sooo much has happened(again). After working for one week, I packed my bags again for my last trips. This time it was time to practice my mother tongue and visit some friends in Germany…

The first stop was in Frankfurt(Oder) where I visited Jess and enjoyed a late bday cake (my diet’s going very well btw)

midnight snack

reunion picture…

Frankfurt and behind the river in the back you can already see Poland

The next day it was time for a hare and hounds game with the Thomas Klotz FC in Berlin…fun but exhausting!

the entire group(minus me) after we found our “surprise”

I went to Frankfurt again in the evening and had some cocktails with Jess. The next day, Jess showed me her new “city” and we walked to Poland (true story!!!)

still in Germany in that picture…

…and already in Poland in that one. The bridge behind me leads to Germany(Frankfurt) again.

Later that day, I went to Berlin again and drove to Hamburg with Annika and Beate. In the evening, it was time to party hardy…it was so much fun to party again, even though I felt horrible the next day and lost my voice now….

Beate, Licio and I

Once we all recovered, we checked out the zoo in Hamburg which is famous for keeping its animals free…no cages! So there were times where the animals ran right across your feet. (damgerous animals were held in seperate areas where they cannot escape…but still…no cages!)

Annika, Beate and I

Jule feeding an elephant 🙂

In the evening I met Simone and we all enjoyed the so-called “water games” in one of Hamburg’s parks…

Simone and I..

I had an awesome time and it felt really good to see all those people again! Unfortunately, real life starts again now. So it’s just working and writing my thesis….but I cant wait for the next adventure 🙂

a sad goodbye

Posted: June 12, 2010 in friends, Party, sad
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One of my best friends left Finland on Tuesday 😦 He went back to Mexico to become a doctor. He is the most intense party animal I know and therefore, I cannot really picture him saving lifes but rather destroying them by making people drink.

Anyhow, we all went out together last Saturday for one last time and it was so intense. Luckily, he trained my liver so well that even though I drank(read: was forced to drink) the most disgusting shots ever, I felt completely fine and was hardly tipsy.

Thank you for making my liver so strong!!

So now he is gone and it is awfully quiet and drama-less in Helsinki. The only good thing about it is that now I might have time to actually do other things like partying again………………………………………………………hmm after the summer 😉

Although St.Paddy’s day is only today I already had a little party on Saturday. One of my friends turned his apartment into a miniature version of Ireland and peppered it with original Irish tunes, nice booze and good company.

with a green bling bling mask!!

Fat Frog shots

a part of the crowd

in da club

It was a very nice and very green night. There should be more days where you dress up in certain colors. I think I might invent a Bling Bling day…or week…or maybe even year!Perfect! That’s all.

Last weekend we all celebrated my friend Isa’s birthday. I don’t see my friends that often anymore as I’m not taking any classes this semester so seeing everybody felt sooooo good. We had a great time and decided to go out more often even if there is no birthday to celebrate….hello liver-damage 😉

We ♥ to party

But this weekend was not all happy happy because I had to say “goodbye” to a person that has become a good friend during the last few weeks. She was interning at Lufthansa Cargo before me and taught me everything I should know. Well, at least that’s what she was supposed to do. We found ourselves singing old cartoon theme songs or talking to each other in various dialects very often which might have left a nice impression on some colleagues. 😉

Monique and I…and a piece of Louis Vuitton in the back

She flew back to Germany today as her internship is over but I can’t wait for the reunion and I am already practicing new cartoon theme songs which I will start singing right the minute I see her next time…hex hex ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫

weekend joy

Posted: February 2, 2010 in friends, fun, Helsinki, Party
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I just love weekends! Don’t you? I love sleeping in (for once) and meeting up with friends. Last Saturday we welcomed my friend Henna back to Finland with a girls night out. She was an erasmus student in Madrid for 5 months and she loved it. I’m happy she had such a great time but I’m happier that we have our “happy face” back where she belongs. 🙂

Isa, Henna & Tiina

Sille, me, Isa & Henna

before stepping into the club

We went to Aussie Bar -a famous night bar/club in Helsinki- and danced the night away. Eventually the club closed and there was a little snow storm waiting for us outside. As there is no nightbus that stops close to my place i always have to walk for about 3km from the last stop the nightbus does. It was actually quite nice to walk in the snow as it looked so beautiful. But it took me twice as long as usual because it was hard to get through the snow.

looking for ur car?

enjoying my nightwalk

pretty isnt it?

Ok before I go back to hibernation a little update:

I planned on having a nice cozy,alcohol- and party-free,quiet weekend at home but of course that did not work out. Some evil friends convinced me to go to Tiger with them. I love that club(and those evils knew it!) and this time they even had red carpets there…as if they knew i was coming ;).

No seriously, I was shocked cuz I was so sure I would not get in as I was wearing jeans and sneakers…but I got through face control yaay!

The actual reason for the red carpet was that Mick Jagger‘s daughter Jade hosted a Jezebel party there and also promoted her Belvedere Jagger Dagger. It was pretty fun!

Jenni and I

Now the new week has started and I am already stressed out as hell! I’ve lotsa stuff to do because I’m going to Russia next week and need to take care of things before I leave and there’s also the World Sauna Challenge this Saturday. It’s a project from my university and I am a member of the planning team.

We’ll try to break the world record this Sat.! We will try to get as many different nationalities into 1 sauna as possible. The current record is 57. We have 82 nationalities registered so let’s hope all of them are coming!! (or at least 58 😉 ). If everything goes as planned I’m gonna represent Germany in the sauna.

Some people of the Guinness World Record Commitee are coming and will film everything. They will “use” us for the GWR Day 2009 which is gonna be on Nov.12th. So stay tuned cuz u might see me on TV all sweaty and creepy looking because I am not getting enough sleep these dayzzzZZ…

P.S. thanks to Liz for that fun skype-call yesterday! Was so good to see and hear you again! hugsies to the killerdog! love and miss you!