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After turning my apartment into a battlefield with having clothes everywhere but in the suitcase, I eventually finished packing (for those of you who don’t know it yet: I hate packing and I’m so bad at it!). Jesse picked me up and I spent the night at his and Enrico’s place. We did a little “How I Met Your Mother Marathon” and then we went to sleep for a few hours. Well, they did…I could not sleep. I was too freaked out I would not hear the alarm clock and miss my flight. At 4:30am Enrico took me to the airport where the little adventure started. The line of the check in was soooo long that(freaking out!!) we tried the self-check in. But the machine did not accept my passport (aaahhh point where I freaked out the second time!). But there was a nice Lufthansa guy who had a little talk woth some of his colleagues and let me do my check-in at the business class desk. There was no line there so Jule was happy but then that Lady suddenly asked me for the address where I would be staying in Dallas.

Jule: “I don’t know the address. “

Lady:”Well, we need it otherwise you cannot check in. I’m sorry”

Jule.” Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

So I texted Lizzie with shaking hands and within 1 minute(wow!!)she sent me her address! I was so relieved!! Well after the check-in I tried to look for some food. I was so hungry. Unfortunately I was at a terminal in Helsinki-Vantaa airport where I haven’t been before…They did not have a lot of stores there.  They sold a bottle of water for unbelievable 2,50€!! In the duty-free store at the other terminal they sell it for 1€. So I spent over 6€ for a fucking sandwich and a bottle of water. GRRR. And I actually wanted to get a package of Fazer chocolates for Lizzie but they didn’t have them at that terminal. And I only would have had 25 minutes to get them from the other terminal which would not have been enough.


tickets to Dallas

The flight from Helsinki-Frankfurt went ok. My stomach gave me some trouble again and we had quite some turbulences…so the usual :S. I also tried to sleep but the minute I actually fell asleep the guy next to me woke me up again so I would not miss the food. It was nice of him but I was so tired and I think I gave him the evil eyes (and nobody really wants to get the evil eyes from Jule…).  The guy was very nice though.  When I arrived in Frankfurt I bought Lizzie some good old German chocolate…it’s way better than Fazer anyways (sorry Finland!).

The flight to Dallas was loooong (almost 11 hours) but I made it. I spent most of the time watching movies and talking to the nice woman sitting next to me.

CIMG3512view from the plane

When I arrived at Dallas airport I had to go through 4 airport checks and the last one involved a guy going through all of my bags and taking out all of my stuff and asking me stupid questions! Whatever I finally made it out there and Lizzie & Dave were picking me up from the airport. OMG it felt so good to see them again! Can’t wait for the upcoming week! But now I’m going to bed…after 43 hours of no sleep. Talk to you later zzZZzzz

My mom and grandpa took me to the airport on Friday. My stomach felt a bit better than the day before but that changed as soon as we arrived at the airport. I checked in my suitcase which was way too heavy as always(why do girl clothes always have to be so heavy?!?!??? lol) and then I had a little while until I had to go through security. I was talking with my mom and grandpa and we kinda forgot the time I should have gone through security at 1:40pm the latest…but it was already 13:50…so I kinda had to “hurry up” saying goodbye. I think that was not that bad because otherwise it would have been too emotional again.

Sooooo I lined up for security…and there was that big Chinese family with 3 little kids(and 1 baby) in front of me. They were so loud and SLoooW…i was in a HURRY goddammit lol. But there was one thing that made me kinda happy: I was sure that this family won’t be on my plane but on a plane heading back to China or somewhere else…

So finally it was my turn at the security…I had 1 carry on suitcase and 1 purse which i wanted to take into the plane…as always. It took them forever to go through my bags(ok I had a lot of stuff in there but still!).They scanned my purse like 3 times and then when I thought i was done one of the security guys was like “well yeah I need to look into the suitcase”…so I opened it and I had lotsa colorful and bling bling stuff in there(what else?! lol)…oh and Pumpernickel(I loooove that bread and I cannot find it in Helsinki so I always take some with me when I go back). After making a joke about my bling bling he was like “Pumpernickel?!?! You are that healthy?”…Well,thank you! I know I don’t look like a healthy person but sometimes I really do eat healthy stuff…sounds weird I know! So after explaining him  that I really do eat that vouluntarily his colleague mentioned that they have to check my laptop and I have to come with them. So I got all of my stuff and they walked me to that high-tech room which was like 20 m away from the security scanners. I was so pissed cuz I was sad and tired and LATE! Don’t ask me why but one of the security guys suddenly started a conversation about the different kind of Pumpernickel…   …   …   ….ehhh ya…that’s exactly what I thought too!

So they double-checked my laptop and after some more annoying small talk I could leave the security area and rushed to my gate. The people were already standing in line for boarding but there were so many so I ran into the magazine store to buy the new Cosmo.  When I was done i could board the plane…and guess who sat 3 rows in front of me??? That Chinese family and their very annoying and loud kids!!! How lucky can one be?!


When I arrived in Helsinki I took the bus downtown…and it was so packed…there was hardly room for the luggage and the air in the bus was not very good either…well at least the sun was shining lol. When I was downtown I had to change busses and I was so glad when I finally entered the bus that would take me “home”…after 10 minutes in the bus the driver told us to leave the bus as it was broken so I had to wait for another one (and I was in a hurry…AGAIN!!!) After waiting for 15 minutes the replacement bus came and that one really took me home! So after getting rid of my way too heavy suitcases I freshened up and left again to meet 2 friends for Helsinki’s “Night of the Living Arts”. I have never been there before and i think the last time I’ve seen Helsinki City that crowded was Vappu lol.

CIMG2818pretty huh?

Sorry that was a very long post…i hope it makes up for the time I was away 😉