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I’ve been to the doctor’s this week to examine my skin for cancer. My family has quite a cancer history so I thought it would be a good idea to go to that examination.  If you are under 35 you need to pay for that procedure which is ridiculous as also people under 35 might get skin cancer! So I paid 35€ in total and waited for like 40 minutes until it was my turn. While I was waiting in the examination room I was forced to look at all of those terrible pictures and information posters about skin cancer. Dudes, I almost threw up and I was so scared that I even thought of leaving the doctor’s office.

on toe

skin cancer on forehead

These pictures are harmless compared to the ones I had to stare at for 40 minutes. Eventually the doctor came and of course she found something on my skin which needs to get removed soon. AAAAHHHH!!

So I’m gonna have surgery on my foot on monday morning. AAHHHH again!! I did not sign up for this when I came to Germany! I am scared as hell but I know it’s a good thing they found something that early on my skin.

As the doctor said “Cancer proceeds fast,especially if it is on the foot so we should remove it very soon.” So they are gonna remove a mole and some skin around it on my left foot. And because I’m leaving for Finland again a few days after the surgery I can’t get stitches but they will have to close the wound with some strips or whatever which is gonna open up easily and cause more pain. I wish the doctor would have just shut up! I’m gonna survive I know that. I’m just gonna be very grumpy and will need lotsa attention! 😉

Anyways, I advise everybody to go and get their skin checked for cancer…especially people that have 50000000 moles like me. It is by far the most common cancer in the world, accounting for 75% of all cancer diagnoses which is creepy! So please go get your skin checked because the sooner something is found the greater the possibility to heal it!