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Easter Moments

Posted: April 25, 2011 in food, friends, fun
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Here we go…again:

I kinda dragged some of my friends to that awesome sushi place I’ve been posting about in my last 2 blogs. It was actually perfect timing because our waitress seemed to be a bit hungover and gave us starters for free so we would not be so mad at her for bad service.She also forgot to charge us for our bottle of wine. Don’t care if it was rude or not…we just paid our bill without asking if she has forgotten about the wine. Tough luck 😉

We enjoyed some laughs (and cider) outside

went out for dinner & celebrated Jesse’s bday

view from the club

on the roof top of the club

shot time 🙂

I seriously don’t know why I am so red in this picture…I guess the shots made the devil in me come out for a wild swirl 😉

can you see the (dirty) snow in the background?

Can’t believe Easter is over already. Having 4 days off in a row has never felt so great. I’m back to saving the world again tomorrow. 😉

I ♥ weekends.

Posted: April 17, 2011 in friends
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Especially if I get to spend it with great company, awesome sushi, delicious wine, lovely sunshine, a good movie, candy and some more wine.

We “attempted” to watch Woody Allen’s “You will meet a tall dark stranger” but somehow we ended up talking a teensy bit too much and might have lost track of the plot a bit…but that made the whole thing even better! We decided that we’re gonna do more of those chilled out movie nights as we are all getting older and those nights are actually pretty relaxing and it feels great  and relieving that you (for once) don’t wake up with the usual major “Finnish hangover” the next day 😉

I had a birthday on Thursday. This usually happens to me once a year. But this year I could enjoy fame that lasted for full three days. There was a little surprise party for me at work on Wednesday already. A colleague tricked me into going into the office kitchen to get something but when I entered the kitchen I saw all of my colleagues standing there, smiling, yelling…”surpriiiiiiiiiiiiiiise!!!!!!!!” I was a bit confused. At first, I actually thought I missed my own birthday. They decided to celebrate my Highness a day early as a lot of colleagues would not be in the office on “the real day”. It was pretty cute actually. I got a nice card and we had some cookies and traditional finnish bakeries and pastries. Yum!

Thursday came. I did not feel like having a birthday at all. To be honest, I actually forgot it was my birthday but was reminded again by a colleague once I was back in the office. Priceless moment. It was quite a weird day though as I was so busy at work and did not really have time for any birthday thoughts…


I got a lot of fan mail that day…>>><<<…I sincerely love my friends…fans…I mean my fans!!! 😉

Friday came. Went out for some delicious sushi and wine with some friends. The place is the best in Helsinki and we were pretty lucky we got seats as they do not take reservations.

cheers to me and my awesome friends!! 😉

alaska maki

We spent quite an amount of money at the restaurant but awesome people need awesome food that costs an awesome amount of money 😉

I’m gonna spend the rest of my birthday weekend in bed. I am sick. I have tried to deny it during the last few days but I guess being a quarter of a century old now leaves its marks…slowly but surely 😉

Have a great weekend everybody!

Today was actually a very exciting day. We all visited a laundry chain today…in a very poor area of St.Petersburg. It was very weird to see all those old and ugly houses. I think this is the image everybody has of Russia, though.  A former student of my university opened a laundry service a few years ago which boomed in the St.Petersburg area. It was very exciting to listen to him and his stories but still I managed to fall asleep while sitting in front row. That’s just pure awesomeness!

After that we went back to the center(by metro…always an adventure and actually very dangerous but nobody got robbed or something…thank god!) and checked out the “Church of the Savior on Blood” (colorful church) again and the souvenir market. Matrioshkas are the most Russian thing you can get as a souvenir and they even had one of Michael Jackson. That was so funny.

me in front of the “colorful church”

MJ matrioshka

They also had some of Obama, Angela Merkel and even Osama bin Laden…exactly! Those Russiansare weird! As already mentioned in yesterday’s blog we went to the Hermitage. It was very beautiful! A lot of great and boring paintings. Some were actually quite nice but I think I was more attracted to the nice decorations and styles of the rooms. One was almost completely golden. It almost felt like home there lol. I’m not sure how much time we spent there but I guess it was almost like 3 hours. We had a guide…and I think she hated me because I think she noticed I was taking pictures without a permit…but seriously who is so dumb and buys a stupid permit for 200 rubles just to be able to take pictures? Cool and smart people just take pictures without a permit and if somebody asks then you just pretend you don’t understand them and/or didn’t know you needed a permit. Easy as that! 😉

Fleur & I in front of the Hermitage

view from inside

Hermitage from outside

Afterwards we went to eat at that great Sushi place we found yesterday. So yummy!!!!!!! I think we might go there again very soon lol.

Scandinavian Rolls

my yummy dessert!

Oh and guess what?? I think I saw the only kinda good-looking guy in Russia at the Sushi place tonight! He was not my type but he was kinda cute. Congratulations Russia! He was our waiter and even spoke English. What are the odds?

By the way, we did not do the limousine tour today as we did not have time. We will probably do it on Saturday night. We just hung out at a friend’s hotel room today and got 2 warnings by hotel security for being too loud again. Oopsie! And that security guy looked very scary!

Tomorrow I’ll get up early (or at least I’ll try to) and go inside the “Church of the Savior on Blood” before we all leave for a visit at a brewery. Of course there’s gonna be some free beer…and it better taste good! And after that all of us will have a typical Russian dinner. There’s gonna be 4 courses and I hope it will be very yummy lol. Let’s see if I get the chance to tell you about it tomorrow…just found out that the internet in the café downstairs (or hotel is kinda inside a shopping mall…that’s cool!)is free. But I am not sure if I will have time to go there. You’ll see. Oh and also we heard some gun shots today. We were just hanging out in our rooms and suddenly we heard shots…that was scary!

Jule in Russia:Day 3

Posted: November 11, 2009 in food, friends, fun, Travel, university
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After an amazing amount of 1 hour of sleep and a little talk with Jacqueline we decided that we will postpone our early sightseeing session, go back to bed for another hour and meet up for breakfast. I still did not feel too good after the additional hour so I went back to sleep for 2 more after breakfast before we all had to meet up and went to the American Chamber of Commerce for 2 lectures. It was so funny to observe all the other people during the lecture. Everybody who had participated in our little party the night before was just dead. One of us even fell asleep during the lecture!(and it was not me!)


After the lectures we wanted to go to the Ballet to see “Romeo & Juliet” but it was sold out…too bad. As we could not find the metro back to our hotel we decided to walk back. It was a long and cold walk but it was so nice to see the city at night. Some parts were a bit scary but mostly it was just beautiful despite those grumpy Russians 😉

that’s one of my fave pix from today!

We went to eat at a great Sushi place. Of course nobody spoke English there but we just used our awesome body language and ate like pigs because it was just too yummy.

pure awesomeness: Holland & Germany

yummy sushi

and dessert!!!

unfortunately we had to pay as well 😉

We’ll gonna go back with some more friends there tomorrow because it was awesome! And at the end our waitor even said “bye” to us. That was the only word he said at all that night (at least to us lol).

I am so proud of myself for not going out tonight! I think 85% of us went to some famous club here and I am feeling kinda bad for not going but I think my liver feels happy. I also feel a little sick (I had no voice this morning)and I think it’s good that I had a quiet night with some friends.

Tomorrow we’re gonna do some social and charity work and afterwards we’re going to the Hermitage. I’m kinda excited. Actually I am not that much into art but it’s the biggest art collection in the world and it’s cool to see that! In the evening some of us planned to book a limousine and cruise through the city. I hope it works out!!

Oh yeah, I still have not seen one hot Russian guy. What’s wrong with that city/country???I’ll try to take a picture of some very bad cases here. Just have to make sure they don’t notice as I’m scared they are gonna throw me into prison. And the girls are all so skinny…that’s depressive! But at least they are not as awesome as I am…and they never will be…eat this! 😉