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I’ve been living in complete chaos during the last few weeks: books, papers, studying, lotsa reading, notes, pens, lotsa energy drinks, no sleep, no make up, no fun, nervous breakdowns, lotsa sweat, frustration and panic attacks…I lived in a mess and I looked like a mess. BUT since last week, everything’s over: I survived my first academic degree!!!! Who would have thought blondie could make it??! lol

Even though everything is over now, no more exams, no more presentations, no more papers…I still don’t feel relieved yet. Weird. Hopefully the relief will come once I got my BBA certificate.

my first book: 70 pages of pure awesomeness.

Organisation is the last refuge of a tired mind.

After having lotsa reunions last week and partying (a bit too much) it was time to get back to thesis writing this week. Trying to get back into the topic is harder than expected but I can already see some light at the end of the tunnel – just hoping it’s not the train. I’m a bit under pressure at the moment though as I’m having a little writer’s block but really have to get a certain part done before next week.

On the other hand, I wisely used the time of my writer’s block by booking hotel and tickets for the upcoming roadtrip to the Netherlands and I also made some last arrangements for next week’s trip to one of my old beloved hometowns: Chicago.

Oh oh, I think some awesomeness is about to happen in my brain…better get back to business then.

I took a week off from work so I have enough time to work on my thesis and this is what I found in one of my books the other day:

It was good timing as,once again, I was freaking out again that I won’t finish my work on time and go off topic and yadayadayadayaaa

It is a postcard and on the back it says how King George VI of the UK tried to motivate his people to carry on during WW II by distributing posters of the exact same layout.

Even though it was meant to motivate soldiers, it kinda motivated me to carry on reading my endless amount of books,journals and articles and keep on typing,typing,typing. I also think it is a great marketing strategy to put those postcards into academic books and then referring to the web page(which has actually kinda cool stuff):