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Tonight’s the legendary “Back 2 Business Party”! I can’t wait! As I’m not going home after my course ends today I had to take all of my “party gear” with me to uni this morning so I can head straight to Jenni’s place and get ready for the big event. So my school bag is so packed and fucking heavy today!(It’s just not easy to decide what to wear so I had to take a “few” more options with me haha)

spot the wodka ;)

You can’t see it on the picture but that purse is actually HUGE…

If you didn’t know what’s inside the bag you would actually think I’m a good school girl/geek haha

I think that bottle would come in quite handy in my next class which I really don’t feel like attending…*yaaawn*

Today was the day.The new semester started.And for me it started pretty early…my alarm clock rang at 6am sharp and I did not really feel like getting up (especially not after 3 hours of sleep lol). I don’t know how I managed it but I was in school on time and very happy when I saw Isa and Alina again…after 3 months! The time flew and the course was over…and then I had 7 hours until my next course would start. 😉

I tried to be very effective during those hours(I think the nice weather kinda influenced me ;)) and went food shopping(finally!),cooked sth nice (yum!)and then in the afternoon Jenni came over and we started our FFS campaign. FFS? Fit For Summer 2010! We planned that campaign like a year ago but never started it so I was so impressed we actually started it ;)! We went into the woods behind my apartment and checked out some places/tracks we could use for jogging or similar healthy stuff lol.

I was amazed how pretty it is behind my apartment! I’ve been living here for 2 years already but never really managed to check out the nice nature around it.


pretty motivated…lets see how long that’s gonna last 😉

So now we agreed that we gonna meet for walks or jogging trips several times a week so we are gonna lose some of those pounds we gained from too much partying and hangover-food ;). How mch time do you give me before I quit?