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I took the bus to work like everyday. When I got off the bus I had to walk a little to get to the office. When I was walking today I passed 2 policemen and a car. Nothing special….you think??!?! Suddenly one of the policemen started talking(in Finnish) and he did not stop anymore…I turned around and noticed that he was actually talking to me(and Monique who I bumped into on the way). I looked at Monique…she had the same question mark in her face like me. So we were just like “what?!?!!” and then the policemen noticed that his 5 minute speech in Finnish was useless and he repeated everything in English:”you need to hurry now.There is a car coming this way soon. Hurry.Run.RUN!!FAST!!!”

Duuuuuuuuuuuude!!Don’t do that to Jule in the morning!!! So we ran…but the closer we got to the office building the more policemen we saw. And then they all shouted “run!out of the way!run!” and gave us hand signals to run even faster.  At that point we were just wondering if a) we were starring in a new episode of 24 or b) Obama was coming.

As soon as we were in the office we found out that the huge amount of policemen and cars was due to the Baltic Sea Action Summit which was held in Helsinki today. So a lot of important politicians came.  The Lufthansa Cargo office is right next to the VIP terminal so whenever there are important people coming to Finland I’m at the right spot. But politicians?! Please!!! Do politicians really need that much attention? I vote for NO!

Russia sent its prime minister Wladimir Putin. I don’t know why but the Russians actually came on 3 different planes!!! And one of them was HUGE!!!

save the environment?! Fuck that I’m Russian!

welcome beloved carbon footprint!

When I left the office I could see a lot of police already…again.But this time I was not yelled at. But when I was in the center I saw the mess those politicians had caused…streets were just blocked and traffic lights were turned off so they would not be bothered when they would leave for the airport under convoy again…

Why do they need a convoy?Why do they need 20 cars to follow them?Why do they all need private jets? They all came to Helsinki in order to make commitments to save the Baltic Sea but do they know that they are making everything even worse with their 100 private jets and 200 cars which VIPs apparently need??!Think about it!