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Tuesday evening. We all met up for dinner until somebody came up with the magic question: “what should we do this weekend?”. After discussing this subject for a while, we had a perfect plan: “Let’s go to Koli!”  Sure thing. So we booked a cottage and started our roadtrip there on Saturday around 5am. It was quite a trip…and of course we made a lot of stops for the smokers and people with tiny bladders amongst us.

I got a nice seat in the economy class of the car. Lotsa leg room! (The bad side when you’re friends are giants)…

aaahh i seriously did not know what to do with so much leg room 😉

eventually I entertained myself (and other people in the car)

After I-don’t-know-how-many-hours in the car, we finally arrived at our lovely cottage in Koli. It was quite a big house. And we even had a nice little pet, that unfortunately had passed away and nobody has removed it from the patio. Seeing a dead bird on your patio does not really put you in vacation mood. But eventually we learnt how to ignore it. A little hint:booze kinda helps 😉

our cottage

After a bit of relaxing we finally started our tour through the national park (and hills) of Koli. It was actually pretty awesome. It was really what you expect of Finland.


nice view!

it got a bit cloudy later on

hiking professionals!

After we were done with the hiking,we drove back to our cottage and checked out the area around it. We had a lake close by…and a boat.

When we were sitting in the boat, I was about to freak out as the distance between the water surface and the boat was like 10 cm only…maybe even less. I felt like “Titanic” is gonna happen all over again.Just minus the iceberg (although it’s Finland, you can never be too sure about those things 😉 )and I had my scary and whiny moments every 5 minutes. And that was exaclty why my friends have not told me that we’ve had a hole in the boat until we were safely back at the shore. Aaww gotta love my friends!


After the shock was gone, we had a nice bbq and started our legendary drinking games…can it get any more Finnish?? 😉

playing “The Umbrella”

“Drink two”

We actually combined 2 drinking games. “The umbrella” and one of Apple’s drinking games where you have to virtually turn a fortune wheel and if you got lucky, you could take a break or the pesron next to you had to drink….

It did not really get dark at night which was pretty cool.

approx. at 1 am

In the middle of the “night” we decided to walk around the area a bit and get eaten alive by mosquitos. Finnish mosquitos are real beasts btw! While we were wandering around I saw this sign:

no words.

so peaceful

Eventually, we all went to bed and had to get up a few hours later in order to start hour 6-7 hour journey towards Helsinki. It was an amazing but pretty exhausting weekend. I am just not sure what was more exhausting…the lack of sleep or the itching of the mosquito bites…


Hola! Long time no blog. I have been very busy strolling through the streets and unfortunately, I ended up seeing one disaster after another. Something must be in the air this year. Something that keeps people from having a sense of fashion or owning a mirror. Please see below for some of the best street models I’ve seen stomping down the public runway and making my eyes bleed.

Number 1: Miss I’m-too-old-school-for-cool.

Number 2: Miss Could-this-shirt-be-any-tighter

from the side

from the back

I don’t want to be rude but: Seriously? Don’t those people have any friends or mirrors who tell them that they look absolutely ridiculous? I mean of course everybody expresses their own style through fashion but this is actually murder of fashion and an insult to all the people that have an eye for it.

Number 3: The Teletubbies-say-Eh-Oh-romper suit

Nobody should be allowed to wear that as long as they don’t have a TV in their belly, an antenna on their head and go by the name of “Tinky Winky”.

If you are up for a great laugh, go and check out this homepage. I mean this says it all: “I’m wearing a self-made dress as a scarf. It was inspired by seaweed in Iceland.” Wtf??!

Here you got the perfect evidence that too much alcohol destroys Helsinki’s sense of fashion.